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Social Media: An Evening with Chris Brogan


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A picture show about the June 21 2010 visit by Chris Brogan to Madison WI. Accelerate Madison presented Chris Brogan at the public presentation and the Social Media Club of Madison hosted the After Party at Pooley's.

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Social Media: An Evening with Chris Brogan

  1. 1. Social Media: An Evening with Chris Brogan June 21, 2010 If you get it, share it!
  2. 2. Press Conference with Chris Brogan
  3. 3. Engaging the audience
  4. 4. What? You don’t believe me?
  5. 5. Ellen Foley, Madison College Paul Zukowski, State Bar of Wisconsin
  6. 6. Marlena Deutsch, Chair of Social Media Club of Madison
  7. 7. Tony Rodriguez, MadCityAds
  8. 8. Tom Buchheim, American Family Insurance American Family Insurance team with Chris (Tom, Chris, Mark Anderson, Troy, Collin)
  9. 9. Maitri Meyer is in the house
  10. 10. AJ Limousine Service brings Chris to the After Party
  11. 11. Our very own Marivic Valencia, VP of Fun
  12. 12. SMC Board members: Janie Winston, Anne Dulmes, Kelly Cuene
  13. 13. Tom Buchheim, Mark Anderson, Troy Janisch and Colm
  14. 14. Brogan After Dark After Party at Pooley’s
  15. 15. Planet Propaganda fellows
  16. 16. Happy Brogan After Party attendees
  17. 17. A happy prize winner
  18. 18. Wendy Soucie and Jan Moen - a few moments with Chris Brogan
  19. 19. Hotdoggers Rachel and Tara
  20. 20. Wienermobile experience
  21. 21. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile – Chariot to the airport