Social Media Academy Knowledge Series | NCP Model


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Social Media Academy Knowledge Series | NCP Model

  1. 1. Social Media Academy Knowledge Series  NCP Model Presented by Wendy Soucie, Principal Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC 25 years + experience manufacturing / professional  service firms. Unique focus  technical products and  service firms Unique focus ‐ technical products and engineering.  Based in the Midwest with national reach.
  2. 2. We help manufacturing and service firms p g We start with a strategic approach We start with a strategic approach Business  Goals G l Clarify  Clarify Brand Extend Marketing  Strategy S Tactic Tools: Advertising Public relations Public relations Direct mail Social media, etc. 2 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. The assessment identifies influencers The assessment identifies influencers Facebook Blogs Other  niche sites niche sites YouTube  Twitter  LinkedIn © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. Tool Hierarchy  Tool Hierarchy • Micro  blogging – may be confusing for a small business • Social Networks  – be prepared to share, find like minded  groups • Social Bookmarking – Tagging content, building links  • Social Directory Search Social Directory Search  – good start for small business John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing, Microsoft Live Office • RSS  – Aggregate info listening Aggregate info, listening • Blogging  – Read, listen, comment, then write © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. Professional Services Firm   Professional Services Firm • OBJECTIVE: Drive people to Website,  look as big as they are, face to face  l k bi h f f meetings • STRATEGIES Li t th STRATEGIES: Listen, thought leadership,  ht l d hi track market conversations, trusted  resource  resource • TACTICS: e‐Zines, LinkedIn, LinkedIn  Groups Future: Blog, Facebook‐Fan Page &  g p, groups, Twitter © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. Professional Services  Professional Services ‐ Approach • LinkedIn – get profiles up for firm leaders, LinkedIn  get profiles up for firm leaders,  branded, search optimized, keywords • Competition: 22 companies on LI for similar Competition: 22 companies on LI for similar  services regionally • 1000 companies on LI that fit size for 1000 companies on LI  that fit size for  potential  • Group Examples – 1100 Wisconsin executive Group Examples  1100 Wisconsin executive  groups, with the largest having over 10K  members © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 6
  7. 7. Professional Services ‐ Network Professional Services   LinkedIn devote regular time LinkedIn devote regular time Network: direct connections,  groups, clients, partners  groups clients partners Contribute: Q & A, multimedia Participate: Q & A, group  Participate: Q & A group discussion, news sharing,  Track  growth,  , comments, referral links © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 7
  8. 8. Professional Services  Thought Leadership Professional Services – Thought Leadership • Network: Opportunity for targeted social Network: Opportunity for targeted social  media education  – Box net ezines Howto com Small Business pub, ezines,, Small Business pub. • Contribute: articles, whitepapers • Participate:  Comment on others documents  and presentations. Track referral links, comments, downloads © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 8
  9. 9. Manufacturer  Technical Product Manufacturer – Technical Product • OBJECTIVE: Get found, grow  marketshare, network in – military  marketshare network in military and medical instruments, face to  face meetings • STRATEGIES: Listen, add knowledge,  focus product development area • TACTICS: whitepapers technical TACTICS: whitepapers, technical  papers, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups,  Search Directories , video sharing © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. Manufacturer  Manufacturer ‐ Approach • LinkedIn – Approach Medical  pp Device/Instruments, Military Communications  and Contractors, potential partners • Competition 21 companies on LI for similar Competition: 21 companies on LI for similar  products, 4141 listed within medical device • Group Examples – Group Examples  – Medical Devices 277 groups, largest with 30K  members,  – M di l D i E i Medical Device Engineers 4K, 4K – Military Communications – 14 groups, largest 1.6K – Professional associations © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  10 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Manufacturer ‐ Network Building Manufacturer  Network Building  LinkedIn Network: direct connections,  groups, clients, vendors  groups clients vendors Contribute: Q & A, multimedia Participate: Q & A, group  Participate: Q & A group discussion, news sharing,  technical info sharing g Track  growth,  comments, referral links , © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 11
  12. 12. Manufacturer  Add Knowledge Manufacturer ‐ Add Knowledge • Network: Opportunity for targeted social Network: Opportunity for targeted social  media  – Box net Scrib ezines Howto com, Scrib, ezines, • Contribute: whitepapers, tech papers,  videos, slide presentations videos slide presentations • Participate:  Comment on others documents  and presentations. Track referral links, comments, downloads © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  12 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Contact Wendy Soucie y Engage with me. Enter the conversation.  Engage with your customers. Wendy Soucie, Principal Wendy Soucie Consulting, LLC y g, Applied Social Media for Business 608‐225‐1985 Social web links: Presentation avail on 13 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Why Wendy Soucie Consulting? y y g We provide:  We provide Expertise with technical products Manufacturing experience Manufacturing experience Social media assessments Marketing best practices Thought leadership strategies Social media building blocks Training T i i on tools and strategy l d Implementation help and coaching Network, contribute, participate Network contribute participate © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 14
  15. 15. Disclosure • Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  • Founder/Principal • Integrated Alliances • Regional Executive Director – WI • End Result Marketing  • Social Media Strategist Social Media Strategist Photo credits – Slides 5,9,11 Photo credits Istockphoto com Slides 5 9 11 15 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved