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Wendy Soucie presents to the Madison Commercial Brokers Group at the American Center in Madison WI. Commercial Brokers and Developers can easily use a business networking tool like LinkedIn to develop better referral connections and drive more opportunity.

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Growing Your Business With LinkedIn | Commercial Brokers Group

  1. 1. Social Media S i l M di Growing Business With LinkedIn Growing Business With LinkedIn Commercial Broker Group June 2, 2010 June 2 2010 25 years + experience  B2B ‐ B2B manufacturing / professional service firms.  f t i / f i l i fi Unique focus ‐ technical products and engineering.   Based in the Midwest with national reach.
  2. 2. Who is “Wendy Soucie?” 48,000  results to  l choose from  Wendy Soucie 2 © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Social Media Business Strategy Goal 16,000 ft 16 000 ft Strategy Tools 3 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Social Media Tool ‐ LinkedIn Business Networking  Site • Online CV • Online address book • Networking • Professional &  interactive • Share content of value
  5. 5. How can LinkedIn help? Extend your geographic  reach Make referrals easier Manage your online  M li reputation Find others, be found and be  Find others be found and be introduced Discover inside connections Discover inside connections Strictly for business and free 5
  6. 6. LinkedIn Details Controlled  Link to your  Link to your connections blog/RSS Feed Address book Address book More business  Prospect book related   applications 6
  7. 7. Consider Sponsored Ads  Members •68M World Wide 68M World Wide •32M U.S. Based Who You Can Target 7 9M B i D ii M k •7.9M Business Decision Makers •5.5M High Tech Managers •1.3M Small Business Owners •4.2M Corporate Executives Target a Specific Audience •By geography By geography •By job function and seniority •By industry and company size •By gender and age •By gender and age
  8. 8. How does the network work
  9. 9. Strategy ‐ Branding Personal – Marketing focused keyword Marketing focused, keyword  enhanced – Applications showcase   portfolio  Company – Company message  standardized – Collects past/current Collects past/current  employees – And now you can follow  y 9 © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. NCP Model – A Methodology Determine Business Goals First Business  Profiles  Profiles Network Search Communicate Applications © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. Step 1 ‐ A GREAT LinkedIn Profile Your Identity on  LinkedIn Match the official  company story Use Firefox Browser U Fi f B You wouldn’t walk into a first meeting  in your swim shorts…  don’t network without a complete profile. MARKETING‐ORIENTED, Focused on  KEYWORDS that attract others 11
  12. 12. Visibility Status Updates Status Updates Info updates Applications
  13. 13. Update Ideas • Link to a newsworthy web posting or news item • Offer a brief piece of advice p p y • Invite people to connect with you on  Twitter/Facebook • A link to article in which YOU/Association were  / quoted • Update contacts on key activities p y • Share some of your volunteer/civic activities © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved 13
  14. 14. Business Applications on LinkedIn c c c © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved 14
  15. 15. Add Slideshare • Create slide set Create slide set  for your brochure • Add application to Add application to  LinkedIn profile • W h Watch copyrights i h © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved 15
  16. 16. Why would I want a network? • Why a Big Network? – More prospects – More INBOUND calls • Why a Smaller Network? – Control communications Control communications – Verify first tier connections © Copyright 2003‐2009 ‐ Integrated  16 Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Invite Others to Your Network Only invite people already on LinkedIn! • Invite Small Groups of Individuals • Invite Individuals • Invite people from the groups you join Tip – Use the LinkedIn Outlook toolbar  to help you identify those already on  to help you identify those already on LinkedIn and promote your profile  © Copyright 2003‐2009 ‐ Integrated  17 Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. Using Groups for Networks Why join • Mini organizations • Most every interest • General or geography based General or geography based  groups Group Statistics • Create/Manage up to 10 groups • JOIN up to 50 JOIN up to 50 • Largest group is almost 200,000  members • 425 000 + Groups 425,000 + Groups
  19. 19. Getting Business Done… Sales Prospecting Sales Prospecting Marketing ‐ Online Business Partnerships Channel Partner Relations Executive Networking Staffing and Recruiting Staffing and Recruiting © Copyright 2003‐2009 ‐ Integrated  19 Alliances ‐ All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. On the sales side… LinkedIn helps… Li k dI h l Hunters  Looking for NEW business Hunters – Looking for NEW business Account Managers – Named/Targeted Accounts Farmers – More business from Existing Accounts Territory Reps ‐ Working a specific Territory Industry Reps ‐ Working a Vertical Market 20
  21. 21. On the Marketing Side… • Join the right LinkedIn  Groups • Th t’ h That’s where the partners  th t and customers are! Commercial Real Estate ‐112 Wisconsin Commercial Real  Estate ‐ 1 Better yet, start your own  LinkedIn Group! 21
  22. 22. What you can do today in LinkedIn • Develop a personal and organizational strategy on  LinkedIn • Complete your LI profile 100% • Invite friends customers suppliers influencers Invite friends, customers, suppliers, influencers,  partners, collaborators to connect • Ask for testimonials • Join relevant groups or start your own • Post topical and newsworthy articles • Ask and answer questions Ask and answer questions • Promote your LinkedIn profile in email, blog, website  and print
  23. 23. Not sure whether to  Not sure whether to invest the time or  invest the time or budget?
  24. 24. Invest 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks • Take 50 of your current customers/prospects Take 50 of your current customers/prospects • Put them into a spreadsheet and look them  up in  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter up in LinkedIn Facebook Twitter • Visit each contact every other day • Just respond to what you see 24 © Copyright 2010 | | ‐ All Rights Reserved
  25. 25. Q & A Your questions? Your questions?
  26. 26. Strategic Alliances • Wendy Soucie Consulting  – • Founder/Principal • Integrated Alliances • Regional Executive Director – WI • End Result Marketing End Result Marketing • Nurture marketing and research • Social Media Academy  • C tifi d S i l M di C Certified Social Media Consultant lt t • Founding Gold Member  and Alumni • Black Diamond Consultant • Xeesm – Social CRM Social CRM  • Business Partner ‐ Wisconsin Photo credits – and Wendy Soucie p y © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  26 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved
  27. 27. We provide:  d Technical Product Expertise Manufacturing experience g p Social media assessments Marketing best practices Thought leadership Thought leadership strategies Social media building blocks Training on tools and strategy Implementation help and coaching I l i h l d hi p Network . Contribute . Participate Social web links: © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All  27 Rights Reserved