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[WSO2Con USA 2018] Implementing Standard Software Practices with WSO2


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This slide deck will explore how Tractor Supply Company, with WSO2's help, wrote a coding standard which is now utilized to make sure services are written in a common, well-performing way.

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[WSO2Con USA 2018] Implementing Standard Software Practices with WSO2

  1. 1. Tractor Supply Company Lead Integration Developer Implementing Standard Software Practices with WSO2 David Escandell
  2. 2. ● E-commerce Website ● Order Management System ● Warehouse Management System ● SAP CRM ● SAP Basis Our Environment WSO2 is used to integrate them all
  3. 3. Before: ● WSO2 ESB 4.8.1 ● WSO2 AS/DSS 3.5.1 ● ActiveMQ
  4. 4. Problem: We were unable to track changes and release differences in prod
  5. 5. Problem: We were unable to reliably produce artifacts
  6. 6. Problem: We were unable to reliably test the changes made before moving to prod
  7. 7. Problem: We kept running into build issues.
  8. 8. Problem: ActiveMQ has been less than reliable. • We saw it going down on a regular basis. • We were having to rebuild the KahaDB frequently because of corruption • It was found that there was a bad network switch controlling traffic to and from the ActiveMQ server • It was found that there was a problem with the storage mechanism underlying the ActiveMQ DB. • When these infrastructure issues were fixed, our reliability issues with ActiveMQ went away. • Still, the redundancy architecture of ActiveMQ relies on a shared file system. This is a single point of failure.
  9. 9. Problem: Admin Services not documented.  • In writing the deployment tool, I tried to use admin services where possible. • Other than seeing what admin services were available on the server, there was no way to see documentation of them and their stubs • Relied on fumbling around to use them. Fortunately all the stubs are on
  10. 10. Solution: Created Hudson build jobs
  11. 11. Solution: Added version numbering scheme to CAR files
  12. 12. Solution: Created POM files for use with Maven - addressed correct plugin version numbers
  13. 13. Solution: Created a deployment app
  14. 14. Future plans: ● Replace ActiveMQ ● Replace H2 with Oracle ● Add functionality to the deployment tool.
  15. 15. David Escandell
  16. 16. THANK YOU Slides available at :