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WSO2Con USA 2017: Cloud as a Delivery Channel


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Cloud is more than just a set of virtual machines running in someone else’s datacenter. Cloud is increasingly being the way for enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation. In this session, Dmitry Sotnikov will talk about:
The specifics of WSO2’s cloud-first strategy
WSO2’s public roadmap and the scenarios we are looking to empower in the cloud
Partner role in the cloud world
Success stories of customers that picked cloud delivery for WSO2 technologies

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WSO2Con USA 2017: Cloud as a Delivery Channel

  1. 1. Cloud as a Delivery Channel Dmitry Sotnikov VP – Cloud WSO2
  2. 2. Build internal and external developer ecosystems with an API marketplace. Platform enable your digital business with microservices and micro integrations. Manage identity, security, and privacy across your digital business. Create real-time, intelligent, actionable business insights and data products. Make mobile and IoT devices integral to your digital business. ManagedPublic ManagedPublic ManagedPublic Managed ManagedPublic
  3. 3. API Cloud Has API Cloud Lacks Full latest API Manager Custom reports, custom alerts 12 gateway locations globally Custom key manager Ability to VPN Ability to scale to large call volume Custom store theme and URL API Monetization HA and financially backed 99.9% SLA Included support Full mediation engine Secondary user store for end-users Log access Pay monthly by credit card or yearly by invoice/wire Same level of API access as API-M Can now include ESB (Integration Cloud)
  4. 4. 5 out of 10 largest 2016 customers chose cloud
  5. 5. Prod Non- Prod
  6. 6. 100% Cloud Production Non-Production
  7. 7. Cloud Hosting Production Non-Production
  8. 8. Cloud Playground Production Non-Production
  9. 9. Non-Cloud Production Non-Production
  10. 10. Start in Cloud Production Non-Production
  11. 11. WSO2 Open-Sour ce Enterprise Public Cloud Managed Cloud
  12. 12. Thank You!