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WSO2Con USA 2015: Application Services Governance


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API management and SOA governance have converged into the consolidated space of application services governance. The practice provides tools to deliver APIs and SOA together to achieve business success of an enterprise.

Application services governance brings the best of lifecycle management, runtime management and community management together to help leverage services, APIs and applications deployed through these. The focus on runtime capabilities and operations helps to maximize the value of business. Enforcing policies, managing corporate governance, and following best practices is essential to ensure the implementation of automated processes for performance, security and error handling. In this session, we will discuss what application services governance is, and why and how it is used.

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WSO2Con USA 2015: Application Services Governance

  1. 1. Applica'on  Services  Governance   Samisa  Abeysinghe   VP  Delivery   WSO2  
  2. 2. Applica'on  Services  Governance:  What  is  it?   •  API  management  and   SOA  governance   converged  together   •  Deliver  APIs  and  SOA   together     Community   Management   Run'me   Management   Lifecycle   Governance    
  3. 3. Challenges  in  API  and  SOA  space   End  to  End   Planning   Change   Management   Cost   Efficiency   Risk   Management     Root  Cause  &   impact   Analysis    
  4. 4. Overcoming  Challenges     • Ensure  best   prac'ces   • Into   consump'on   trends     • Evaluate  &   keep  track  of   economies  of   usage     • Locate  and   index  services   Service   Management   Monitor   performance   Enforce   standards    Visibility    
  5. 5. Success  Criteria     •  Track  and  get  rid  of  duplica'on     •  Discriminate  internal  vs  external  use     •  Ensure  systema'c  delivery   •  Maximizing  business  value   –  Run'me  capabili'es     –  Opera'ons     •  Enforcement  of  best  prac'ces     •  Automated     –  Error  handling,  security  enforcement,  performance  and  SLA   monitoring      
  6. 6. WSO2  Offerings   WSO2  Governance   Registry  5.x.x   • The  next   genera'on   governance   • Publisher  and   store  integrated   • Enhanced   dependency   tracking     WSO2  API   Manager     • Seamless   integra'on  with   the  rest  of  the   plaTorm     • Applica'ons,  API   and  Services   tracking     WSO2  DAS  3.x.x   • Integrated   run'me   monitoring    
  7. 7. Key  Focus  Areas   Lifecycle   Management   Policy   Enforcement     Visibility  &   Monitoring    
  8. 8. Lifecycle  Management   •  Service  and  API  lifecycles   •  From  development  to  re'rement     Manage   •  Versioning     •  Management     •  Promo'on  and  demo'on     One  stop-­‐shop   UI   •  To  meet  specific   business  needs   Extension  and   customiza'on   mechanisms    
  9. 9. Policy  Enforcement   • Audit   capabili'es   • Encryp'on  and   consistency     • Thro[ling  and   SLA   • Integrated  to   iden'ty  and   access   management     Controlled   access  to  APIs   and  Services   Performance   and  QoS   Compliance     Data  security   and  privacy  
  10. 10. Visibility  and  Monitoring     • Across  APIs,  services  and   applica'ons   • Dependency  analysis     Integrated   View     • Usage  details     • Performance  metrics   • Drill  down  reports     Monitor     • Integra'on  into   analy'cs  and  log   management  tools     Tools  
  11. 11. Summary   •  Bringing  the  best  of  API  and  SOA  worlds   •  Governance  and  management   •  Design,  develop  and  run'me  aspects   •  Lifecycle  management  and  policy  enforcement   •  Visibility  and  monitoring    
  12. 12. Thank  You