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WSO2Con US 2013 - Keynote: Developing Enterprise Apps In the Cloud


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WSO2Con US 2013 - Keynote: Developing Enterprise Apps In the Cloud

  1. 1. Developing Enterprise Apps in the Cloud Tyler Jewell, CEO
  2. 2. Premise Agile Enterprise Minimal Function Fixed Iterative Work Always Produce Working SW Respond to Change Quickly Assume Constant Change MEETS Composable Enterprise Elastic Infrastructure Component, Service-Based Apps API-First Publishing Model Unified Master Data, User, Process Model Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  3. 3. The Agile Problem Agile practices increase the fragility of development environments. Developer Desktop 4 1 Origin: Main Code Repository PUSH Local Clone CODE Local Build 2 COMPILE PACKAGE TEST 3 Local Runtime Continuous Integration DEBUG 5 Sync / How? Smoke Test Acceptance Staging Devops starts after code leaves the workspace. Config
  4. 4. THE FRAGILITY PROBLEM Production Staging Development ROC: 1 / Release ROC: 1 / Commit ROC: # Commits * # Machines The very nature of agile increases development environment fragility.
  5. 5. THE NEED Development DEVOPS Production Extend devops into production and back into development.
  6. 6. Who Are Your Admins? Developer Devops Operations Proj. Mgmt. CI IDE Desktop Code Mgmt. Server-Based Tooling Release Production
  7. 7. LinkedIn Study: “Devs spend 13 hrs / wk administering desktop.” 13 HOURS WASTED DEVELOPER PROBLEMS TEAM PROBLEMS Installation Cost Merge Cost Starvation Cost Human Cost Maintenance Cost
  8. 8. Can the IDE Be DevOps’d? Configuration Workspace SEPARATE Step 1: Treat developer configuration as managed files.
  9. 9. Auto-Creation Config Workspace Config IDE Builder Runner Project Code Step 2: Engine to create, clone, and merge workspaces and config.
  10. 10. Control the Workspace Policies Set R/W permissions Allocate HW Restrict code copying Measure access Enforce team standards Step 3: Apply policies, CPU, RAM, and access across workspaces.
  12. 12. DevOps Your Workspace Workspace per Code Commit Workspace per Developer  It’s the developer’s desktop, managed in the cloud  Configure before the developer starts a project Workspace per Project  Quarantine critical assets like keys & code  Share libraries and assets  Simplify project management Workspace per Organization
  13. 13. USE CASES COMMUTER HACKATHONS Chromebooks Prototyping Vacationers API / SDK Evangelism Group Coding NEW CODE BASE INTRODUCTION Interns on Projects SEPARATION OF DUTIES Developers New to a Project Environments for support, docs, and QA Promote to Primary Workbench On-demand environments for front-end devs PRIMARY WORKBENCH CONTROL IP DRIFT Multi-Computer Workspaces Restrict download of code clones Offshore Access Monitor offshore teams Eclipse Alternative
  14. 14. The Codenvy APPROACH Browser IDE & Virtualized Workspaces Editor Cloud Code Asst. Cloud Builder Cloud Debugger Cloud Secure, Scalable Project & Plug-In Platform
  16. 16. Increase Efficiency Code, build, test, deploy, clone, or share with the push of a button. If you had an IDE Cloud… Control Create quarantined workspaces, restrict access, and set policies to enforce coding best practices. Customize Integrate partners and build new developer tooling around your processes.
  17. 17. IDEs Builder Runner Project Code
  18. 18. IDEs Builder Runner Project Code
  20. 20. CODENVY FACTORIES ONBOARDING OLD WAY Setup Desktop IDE Download Build System Download Runtime Download ISV Plug-In CODENVY WAY Launch Factory Setup ISV Account & Plug-In Download Sample App FAILURE RATE: Unknown FAILURE RATE: Limited ABANDONMENT RATE: Unknown ABANDONMENT RATE: Measured
  21. 21. HOW FACTORIES WORK ISV 1 DEVELOPER - USER CODENVY Publish Sample App{ID} 2 Click! 3 Seconds later… 4 5 Track & Optimize{temp_ws} Code, Build, Test, Share LOVE!!! Provision Workspace A) Allocate temporary workspace B) Create anonymous user C) Setup trackers D) Install helpers E) Load ISV plug-ins & extensions F) Instantiate app from template G) Connect to external services H) Load IDE I) Open project file
  22. 22. PaaS IDEs Builder Runner Project Continuous Integration Code Code Repository
  23. 23. IDElets Custom Workflows Editor, Deployment, Builder, Runner Code, Build, Test Client, Server, GUI, or Logic Deployment Choice WAR or REST Integration Embeddable in Other Products Write native Java-based plug-ins Eclipse-Style API IDEs SDK PaaS Builder Runner Code Continuous Integration Project Code Repository
  24. 24. A hosted cloud IDE with support, SLA and hardware. A Cloud IDE Platform FOR ALL Codenvy Enterprise The best way to code, build, test and deploy, on your servers. Codenvy ISV Drive and measure technology engagement with managed Factories, plug-ins, and IDElets.
  25. 25. CODENVY.COM USERS Built with Codenvy APIs Web Apps Mobile Apps SDKs Used By 100,00 Developers Commercial Organizations Academic Organizations Open Source Projects Classrooms
  27. 27. ENTERPRISE PLATFORM Developers & QA & Architects Phone Computer EVALUATION ENVIRONMENT  API Binding  Simplify Evaluation Programmable WHITE LABELED IDE  Branded IDE  Specialized Setup  APIs  Web Services  Factories OFFSHORE TEAM OVERSIGHT Integrated Development Environment Editor Collaboration Build System Runtimes Frameworks Project Types HA 1 Tenancy Public / Private 2 SDK Plug-In Foundation Codenvy FACILITATE SUPPORT You 3rd Party External Cloud Integrations PAAS  Environment Passing Code Repositories Continuous Integration       Dashboards CLI LDAP Command Control Data Export Hadoop Issue Management ..... Runtime Cluster Build Cluster Build Perf Queue Runtime Perf Queue ENGAGEMENT TRACKING  Measure Onboarding  Measure Engagement  Measure Virality CONTROL IP  Set Permissions  Restrict Code Download HARDWARE IDE Cluster  Pre-Configure IDEs  Measure Activity  Analytics Cloud Management Load Balancing Management PROJECT MGR IT ADMIN  IDE Per Build  QA On Demand USERS DEVOPS ISV DEVOPS IDE Tablet
  28. 28. Upstream Service Composable Service - Master Data Model API First Natively Mobile Any Language Master User Model Downstream Service Master Process Model Composable services are inherently embedded in the enterprise.
  29. 29. Composability Requires synchronized dev + deploy tool & platform Development WHAT Model, create, and test environmentaware services. Consistency and reliability requires automation. NEEDS Deployment Deploy, publish, and manage services in multiple environments. API discovery and integration Deployment to any environment API-first & mobile interface publishing Backward API compatibility Incorporate master data / process / user model API management to define consumption Integrate through & with ESB / BPM Service measurement and scaling
  30. 30. Codenvy Bringing the agile enterprise into development offering efficiency, control and customization. Changing development Together WSO2 AppFactory An enterprise devops platform enabling multiproject teams to collaborate throughout the entire lifecycle. Together Collaborating to create a complete set of development and runtime solutions for Composite Services.
  31. 31. WSO2 & Codenvy bringing cloud development to the enterprise. Launch any WSO2Cloud project in Codenvy workspace. Deliver WSO2Cloud PaaS as Codenvy deployment. Build ESB, BPM, and data mapping Codenvy plug-ins. Develop native composite service construct! WSO2 & Codenvy Enterprise distribution together!
  32. 32. Demo