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WSO2Con EU 2016: Understanding the WSO2 API Management Platform


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In this session, we depict the key challenges of deploying an API management solution and how WSO2’s API Management platform can address them by supporting API provisioning, security and analytics. We also describe the various deployment options – on-premise and in the cloud – as well as the key deployment patterns that you need to adopt.

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WSO2Con EU 2016: Understanding the WSO2 API Management Platform

  1. 1. Understanding the WSO2 API Management Pla7orm Nuwan Dias Architect WSO2
  2. 2. What is an API? •  A contract between a consumer and a provider. •  Available over the network/internet. •  Used by other programmers. •  Exposed over a consistent Technology Stack – REST over HTTP(s) – JSON/XML – OAuth
  3. 3. API Pla7orm? Image source:
  4. 4. APributes of an API Pla7orm •  Adapts to surrounding environment. •  Allows building on the pla7orm’s core values to create new value for consumers. •  Is a hub for innovaSon. •  A catalysts for growth.
  5. 5. API Gateway Authentication Authorization Rate Limiting Caching Mediation Routing Feeding the Analytics Engine
  6. 6. API Security •  AuthenScaSon - Valid OAuth 2.0 Token •  AuthorizaSon - OAuth “scope” •  Single Sign On •  Social Logins •  User Account Management
  7. 7. Advanced API Security
  8. 8. Rate LimiSng •  To protect your back-end systems/services •  Defining “quotas” to moneSze your APIs. •  Fair Usage across all ApplicaSon users •  Advanced Policies –  Rate limiSng by Geography, Device Type, etc –  BlacklisSng
  9. 9. Rate LimiSng - Architecture
  10. 10. APIs and the IntegraSon Pla7orm
  11. 11. APIs: Composing Them •  CreaSng a simple API for device specific composiSon •  PaginaSng, Filtering (making things smaller) •  Batching requests, PopulaSng a new Data Structure (making things bigger) •  Inlining References
  12. 12. AnalyScs: Gebng Insights on your API Pla7orm
  13. 13. Centralised Governance Applications APIs Services / Microservices Central Governance Across All Enterprise Assets
  14. 14. WSO2 API Management Pla7orm
  15. 15. Scalable Deployment
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