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WSO2Con EU 2016: Reducing Disruption to the Road Network Through the Cloud


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Transport for London (TfL) manages the principal roads across London and is responsible for coordinating roadworks to minimize the impact of disruption. In effect we have to balance the available road network capacity with the level of roadworks we allow at any given time.

The system used to complete this function is called LondonWorks and as part of a wider intelligent transport program, the opportunity to replace the current solution was taken to provide improved information to the coordination teams as well as to introduce more automation to support the process and improve identification of areas where further investigation should be undertaken. We are collecting more data and information types as well as using real time alerting to give insight to system users in order to support better coordination and monitoring of the roadworks from planning through to delivery. The opportunity has been taken to adopt a cloud first approach to maximize opportunities to use new technologies and minimize costs.

The new solution based on WSO2 Cloud Solutions and ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) will go live later this year. Bringing the business stakeholders closer to the delivery of technology and becoming more agile has changed the relationships of users with technology, resulting in a more usable and integrated solution. Using LondonWorks as a pathfinder for the broader concepts of how to deliver operational technology (OT) over the increasing variety and volume of data available from Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives is leading to the acceleration of the adoption of these technologies.

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WSO2Con EU 2016: Reducing Disruption to the Road Network Through the Cloud

  1. 1. R educing disruption to the R oad Network through the cloud R oland Major IM – E nterprise Architect Transport for London
  2. 2. Growing brings C hallenges
  3. 3. What is needed • The ability to understand the real time demand for time and space • The intelligence to make sure the needs of all cus tomers drives what happens on our roads • New thinking and better information, enabled by technology
  4. 4. TfL Online Workbenches + Tools LondonWorks II Incident Management J unction Optimisation Integration S ervices IoT and S ensors
  5. 5. LondonWorks II Network Impact As s es s ment •The team engages with promoters of major developments, projects and events on TLR N and S R N through appropriate planning and collaboration, coordinate activities in order to minimise disruptions to all road users. Works C oordination & P ermitting •R esponsible for minimising disruption on the TLR N through mitigation, coordination and permitting of works R oadworks Intelligence & E nforcement •Undertaking specialist R oadworks inspections and validating 3rd party intelligence to ascertain compliance with safety, permit conditions, lane rental and overrunning works P erformance, Technology & C harges •R esponsible for monitoring promoters performance taking enforcement action or apply fines for non-compliance when required. The team also provides support for P I technology systems Workflow
  6. 6. C oordinating access to road space – Traffic Orders • 500,000 per annum borough works • alongside events, licenses & other activities
  7. 7. Thank You! #WS O2C onE U S hare your feedback for this session