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WSO2Con EU 2016: Introduction to the All New WSO2 Governance Centre


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WSO2 Governance Registry provides enterprises with end-to-end SOA governance. The latest release of WSO2 Governance Registry (5.2) comes with an enterprise store and publisher with a rich and enhanced user experience. The session will introduce the key features of the new governance center of the WSO2 Governance Registry. It will cover a complete demonstration of handling assets in the publisher, multiple lifecycle support in the publisher, enhanced searching capability (with simple queries), categorization support on one level, and asset discovery and view in the store.

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WSO2Con EU 2016: Introduction to the All New WSO2 Governance Centre

  1. 1. Introduc)on To The All New WSO2 Governance center Sagara Gunathunga Associate Director/Architect WSO2
  2. 2. G-Reg 5.0.0 introduces completely revamped user centric experience through new Governance Center
  3. 3. User Centric Experience Store Publisher REST/SOAP APIs Consumer Publisher Agent
  4. 4. Governance Store
  5. 5. Governance Store Reach and provide modern store experience to your internal and external asset consumers –  Easy asset discovery –  Enterprise scale search –  Great extensibility to provide your own Store experience –  Built-in support for theming and customiza)ons
  6. 6. Governance Store •  Tagging and tag cloud •  No)fica)on support •  Bookmarkable results •  Social Features
  7. 7. Governance Store •  Asset comparison support •  Customiza)on and extensions are based on JS. •  Possible extension –  Payment G/W integra)on –  Subscrip)on management –  OAuth2 key genera)on.
  8. 8. Governance Store - Taxonomy Hierarchical Taxonomy Facet Taxonomy
  9. 9. Governance Store - Taxonomy Hierarchical Taxonomy Facet Taxonomy
  10. 10. Governance Publisher
  11. 11. Governance Publisher •  Designed with simplicity in mind. •  Support for User defined types. –  Introduce your own asset defini)ons as XML descriptor, no compiling no packaging are . Your one-stop back office for asset authoring and governing
  12. 12. Governance Publisher •  Mul)ple Lifecycle support –  Lifecycle based asset management. –  In-built and custom Lifecycle Executers •  No)fica)on –  UI, E-Mail, REST, Custom
  13. 13. Governance Publisher •  User friendly Assert permission model •  Associa)ons E. g - Associa)ng WS-Policy with a SOAP service, will apply policy in the G/W
  14. 14. Governance Publisher •  Asset comparison & Dependency graph •  Auto discovery crea)on of ar)facts –  One-)me and periodically Publisher
  15. 15. Governance REST and SOAP APIs
  16. 16. IntegraFon with Other systems •  REST API –  Just need cURL •  SOAP API
  17. 17. G-Reg 5.0.0 Use Cases
  18. 18. Use Case 1 : Govern API/Service Gateways
  19. 19. Govern API/Service Gateways Publisher REST API Discovery Agent REST Service Manual crea)on HTTP/JSON Discovery API API/Service Gateway Governance Registry Crea)on/deploy Lifecycle Removal/undeploy
  20. 20. Use case 1 : Govern API/Service Gateways Publisher REST API Discovery Agent REST Service Manual crea)on HTTP/JSON Discovery API API/Service Gateway Governance Registry Build / deploy Lifecycle Removal/undeploy
  21. 21. Use Case 2 : Enforce run)me policies
  22. 22. Use case - Enforce runFme policies Service Sec Policy Associa)onHandler Governance Registry Service API/Service Gateway Enforce Security Policy
  23. 23. Use Case 3 : Unified Governance within WSO2 plaZorm
  24. 24. WSO2 AF WSO2 DevS WSO2 AS WSO2 MSS WSO2 API-M WSO2 ESB WSO2 BPS WSO2 APP- M WSO2 G-Reg Unified Governance within WSO2 plaOorm
  25. 25. Use Case 4 : Service Discovery
  26. 26. Service Discovery •  StraighZorward DiscoveryAgents instead of legacy UDDI, WS-Discovery •  Service Discovery need to be redefined to cater Microservices requirements •  Supported two modes. –  Push – Using REST or SOAP API –  Pull – Using DiscoveryAgent •  User-driven one )me discovery •  Run periodically
  27. 27. Service Discovery – Pull Mode Discovery Agent-X Server –X ( ESB, AS, GWs etc.) Pull meta-data REST SOAP X
  28. 28. Service Discovery – Push Mode Server –X ( ESB, AS, GWs etc.) Push service meta-data REST SOAP X REST API
  29. 29. Service Discovery for Microservices Microsservice •  WSO2 MSF4J •  Dropwizard •  SpringBoot Add REST Service REST Service X RESTAPI During Service start-up Add Endpoint Delete Endpoint During Service shutdown EP EP EP Query for Service Endpoints
  30. 30. Microservices Service Discovery PaSerns •  Service Discovery paaerns are supported through REST API. –  Client-side Service Discovery •  Require a Registry aware HTTP or JAX-RS client. –  Server-Side Service Discovery •  WSO2 Gateway can be used.
  31. 31. Product Roadmap •  Unified Governance •  Manger applica)on for Governance Center •  Sta)s)cs and monitoring dashboards –  E.g. •  Policy viola)on •  Number of subscribers •  Mul)-level categoriza)on •  Executors for known integra)on use cases –  E.g •  Jenkins •  Discovery agents for WSO2 and non-WSO2 products. •  Registry redesign based on C5
  32. 32. Thank You! #WSO2ConEU Share your feedback for this session