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WSO2Con EU 2016: Integration in the Home (For Less Than $50), Internet of Things is Everywhere


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Devices are increasingly getting connected to the Internet. Nowadays even some water boilers can be controlled remote and more people are building their own home automation solutions using Arduinos, Particle Photons, iBeacons and more. A lot of these devices come with sensors, that tell us anything from the temperature and brightness to location and water level. This session will show how with a little bit of hardware, and WSO2 middleware we can integrate, monitor and control these solutions as well as collect data from them. Adding the IoT platform and combining the features of various WSO2 products allows us to aggregate and analyze this data, turning our normal homes into smart homes. Learning when to turn the lights on or off, turning off the heat when there is no one in the house and letting us know how long the light has been on with no one in the room are just a few of the capabilities.

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WSO2Con EU 2016: Integration in the Home (For Less Than $50), Internet of Things is Everywhere

  1. 1. Integra(on in the Home (for less than $50), IoT is everywhere. Rutger van Iperen Integra(on Specialist Yenlo
  2. 2. Introduc(on
  3. 3. IoT •  6.4 Billion connected devices by 2020 according to Gartner •  Not what we know, but what don’t we know
  4. 4. Home Automa(on •  Domo(ca / ZWave •  Connected devices (IoT) in the home •  Remote Control (from outside the house) •  Smart house (NEST, TOON)
  5. 5. DiY
  6. 6. Examples of Data •  Weather •  Lights •  Hea(ng / Temperature •  Leaving the house •  Use of appliances
  7. 7. Agregate – Analyse – Decide !
  8. 8. The powers combined – IoT Server
  9. 9. Home smart Hub
  10. 10. Ques(ons / Quiz
  11. 11. Thank You! #WSO2ConEU Honorable Men+on: dr ir Rolf Hut @RolfHut Share your feedback for this session