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WSO2Con EU 2016: Integration for a Tight-fisted CFO


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In this session Tomasz will cover many questions regarding reliable integration without having to be rescued by your enterprise’s financial supervision authority for budget and sales. These include

How do you successfully integrate claim insurance systems with legacy enterprise application integration and back office?
How much do you need to invest?
How fast can you start?
How can you keep the sales portal running to keep your seniors happy?

He will explore a success story where the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus was introduced to an insurance company. He then explains how new system integration needs require both market research and product evaluation. He finally explains the benefits of using WSO2 which include its easy learning curve (the abundance of documentation and samples), fast time to market, ability to connect everything, reliable cluster processing and more.

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WSO2Con EU 2016: Integration for a Tight-fisted CFO

  1. 1. Integra(on for a (ght-fisted CFO Tomasz Sienicki IT Front Office Manager Skandia Poland
  2. 2. You cannot get water out of a stone
  3. 3. Agenda •  How to successfully integrate claim insurance system with legacy EAI and back office? •  How much do you need to invest? •  How fast can you start? •  How can you keep sales portal running and make the Authority happy? •  A success story about introducing WSO2 ESB to an insurance company.
  4. 4. About me •  Started in 1996 with telco Customer Service server •  Built first insurance customer portal in Poland in 2001 •  Developed CRM, broker portal, financial BI •  Ran an interna(onal Customer Service BPMN project •  Created system architecture •  Introduced EAI and reliable WSO2 integra(on •  Performed data center migra(on •  Recently in integra(on, portals, mobile applica(ons and supervision regulatory changes
  5. 5. The need The Neighbours
  6. 6. Business problem •  New claim system needs integra(on •  EAI does not support modern protocols (WS, JMS) •  You have no budget (you already have an integra(on) •  Make an evalua(on •  Take care of the problem and find a solu(on •  Meet deadlines
  7. 7. The idea Inven(ve Dobromir
  8. 8. Solu(on •  Minimal effort •  Keep logic in EAI •  Create an ESB layer –  Web Services –  JMS •  Mediate and transform
  9. 9. Compe((on Rex Dog
  10. 10. Evalua(on •  Open source ESB •  Zero programming •  Ease of use / learning curve •  Reliability and throughput •  Enterprise Integra(on Pa^erns (common language) •  More than just connec(ng (integrated products) •  Mule •  JBoss •  FuseSource •  WSO2
  11. 11. Sign off Magic pencil
  12. 12. Decision: WSO2 •  Open source commercially supported –  Support if needed •  One pla`orm many products –  Consistent installa(on / administra(on –  Possibili(es to extend •  Billion transac(ons (eBay) –  Poten(al to grow
  13. 13. The try Kidnapping Balthazar
  14. 14. Proof of concept •  Documenta(on •  Examples •  First proxy •  Working proof aber a few days
  15. 15. Doubts Marabou Cipher Secret
  16. 16. Doubts & answers •  It doesn’t meet my expecta(ons –  It’s be^er to have specialised products •  It doesn’t serve business logic –  It connects everything together •  There is no real database support –  There are many different WSO2 products
  17. 17. Success Bolek & Lolek
  18. 18. Benefits •  Trust in WSO2 •  Introduced DSS •  Trained two more people •  Move all integra(on to WSO2 •  Introduced electronic payments •  WSO2 integra(on of first choice –  Web Services for external par(es –  REST / JSON for internal flexibility
  19. 19. Higher level Kajko & Kokosz
  20. 20. Reliable integra(on back bone •  Load balance •  Reliability •  Redundancy •  Every product clustered •  Zero message loss •  RedHat, Apache HTTP, nginx, HAProxy
  21. 21. The highest level Nitwit Goat
  22. 22. Saving sales portal •  Regulatory recommenda(ons •  DMZ closure •  Sales portal endangered •  Proven communica(on tunnel •  Quick proof of concept •  New gateway product line
  23. 23. Future Barnaby
  24. 24. Plans for tomorrow •  Test new products –  BAM, CEP, BPS •  Migrate processes –  Decommission the old EAI •  Secure the solu(on •  Publish a public API –  New portal –  Mobile applica(ons
  25. 25. Q&A Meet me: h^ps:// Which toon is not Polish?
  26. 26. Thank You! #WSO2ConEU Share your feedback for this session