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WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 Application Server 5.3

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The WSO2 Application Server provides a firm foundation for managing and hosting shared, multi-tenant, enterprise-scale web services and web applications. It brings first-class support for deploying JAX-WS, JAX-RS services and Java EE 6 Web Profile support.

In this webinar Kasun and Kalpa will discuss and present a demo on the new features of WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0. including

Java EE 6 Web Profile support
WebSocket 1.1 API support
Tomcat virtual hosts support
SAML2 single-sign-on support for Web applications
WS-Discovery support for CXF JAX-WS and JAX-RS services
OSGi ServiceLoader mediator specification support via SPI-Fly

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WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 Application Server 5.3

  1. 1. WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0 Product Release Webinar Kalpa Welivitigoda Software Engineer
  2. 2. Agenda o Introduction o What’s new in AS 5.3.0 oKey Features oJavaEE 6 Web Profile Support oTomcat Virtual Host Support oWebSocket 1.1 API Support oSAML2 SSO Support for Web Applications
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Yet Another Application Server ?
  5. 5. WSO2 Application Server o Enterprise ready Web Services and Web Application container o Business friendly Apache 2.0 license & Fully open source o Build on top of the award winning WSO2 Carbon middleware platform o Seamless integration with other WSO2 products
  6. 6. WSO2 Application Server o Simple web application development lifecycle using WSO2 Developer Studio o Powered by Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, Apache CXF and Apache TomEE o WSO2 commercial and community support
  7. 7. Supported Standards JAX-WS 2.2 JAX-RS 2.0 SOAP 1.1/1.2 WSDL 1.1/WSDL 2.0 MTOM, XOP & SwA WS-Addressing WS-Security WS-RM WS- I BP 1.0/1.2 Servlet 3 JSP 2.2 EL 2.2 JSTL 1.2 JNDI JAVA Mail
  8. 8. Seamless Integration with WSO2 SOA Platform
  9. 9. WSO2 Developer Studio based Development
  10. 10. WSO2 Application Server Architecture Apache Axis2 Apache CXF Carbon OSGi Runtime Apache Tomcat Admin Console Web Apps Web Services JAX-WS RM Throttling Security Clustering HTTP/S JMS SMTP UDP TCP JAX-RS Apache TomEE JavaEE Web Apps
  11. 11. What’s new in WSO2 AS 5.3.0?
  12. 12. What’s new in AS 5.3.0? o We are on GitHub!! o Continuous Integration with Jenkins o Released on top of Kernel 4.4.1 o Java 7 and 8 runtimes are supported o Java 6 support dropped o Dropped data services hosting support by default o Key features - o JavaEE 6 Web Profile Support o Tomcat Virtual Host Support o WebSocket 1.1 API Support o SAML2 SSO Support for Web Applications
  13. 13. WSO2 AS is on GitHub!! o All repos are at, o Build the product o clone the repo product-as o build via Maven o Other repos - o carbon-kernel 4.4.x branch o carbon-deployment
  14. 14. Jenkins for Continuous Integration o We have integrated Jenkins for WSO2 repos o Now, you can download latest nightly packs.
  15. 15. JavaEE 6 Web Profile Support
  16. 16. JavaEE 6 Web Profile Support o AS 5.3.0 adds the JavaEE 6 Web Profile support o This is based on Apache TomEE 1.7.2 o Samples are at AS_HOME/samples/JavaEE-TomEE
  17. 17. JavaEE 6 Web Profile Support o Enabling JavaEE runtime - web application <Classloading xmlns=""> <Environments>Javaee</Environments> </Classloading> o TomEE Configuration oDefault TomEE configurations <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomee/tomee.xml oJVM system properties used by TomEE <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomee/
  18. 18. JavaEE samples | demo
  19. 19. Tomcat Virtual Host Support o Super tenant can deploy webapps under different hosts in the same ip o appBase is inside <AS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server
  20. 20. Tomcat Virtual Host Support o Defining virtual hosts for the server oip and hostname mapping in /etc/hosts ohost name and appBase in <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomcat/catalina-server.xml <Host name="" unpackWARs="true" deployOnStartup="false" autoDeploy="false" appBase="${carbon. home}/repository/deployment/server/vhost/"> ……… </Host> o Virtual hosts in a clustered deployment
  21. 21. Webapp deployment with Tomcat virtual host support | demo
  22. 22. o Implemented JSR-356 specification backed by Tomcat 7.0.59. o Websocket allows developers to do bi-directional communication between client and server, compared to one-directional communication in HTTP o Replaces technologies such as AJAX and COMET o Ideal for building real-time, dynamic applications that need constant communication between web browser and server WebSocket 1.1 API Support
  23. 23. Snakes with Websocket | demo
  24. 24. o Minimum overhead to the web app developers o Application Server handles the SSO logic in SAMLSSOValve o Integrated with WSO2 Identity Server SAML2 SSO Support for Web Applications
  25. 25. SAML2 SSO support for web applications | demo
  26. 26. o Product Download o Product Documentation More Information
  27. 27. Questions ?
  28. 28. Thank you !
  29. 29. Contact us !