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[WSO2 Integration Summit Brazil 2019] WSO2’s Open Everything Strategy


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The industry seems to be moving away from pure open source businesses. WSO2 is going the opposite direction, maintaining a strong commitment to open sourcing our products and open sourcing even more of our IP, building communities, making expertise available to our customers, and bringing transparency to our business culture and operations. This session explains why we believe our strategy of openness is fundamental to the success of WSO2 and our customers.

Watch the recording of the sessions from WSO2 Integration Summit Brazil here -

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[WSO2 Integration Summit Brazil 2019] WSO2’s Open Everything Strategy

  1. 1. WSO2’s Approach to Open Source u Devaka Randeniya, Vice President - Sales, WSO2 INTEGRATION
  2. 2. WSO2 At-A-Glance Employees (300 Engineers) 550+ h in 2018 Subscriptions 53% YoY growth $37M s Colombo, New York, London, Mountain View, São Paulo, Sydney, Berlin Global Presence d Founded 2005, Backed by Cisco and Toba Capital Since 2005 ( 175 New in 2018 500+ Customers z Open Source
  3. 3. WSO2 Open Source Integration Platform API design, creation, reuse, governance, and analytics 20K APIs for 200K Orgs Quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system 6 Trillion Transactions/yr Secure and federated identity for integration 60M identities managed API MANAGER ENTERPRISE INTEGRATOR IDENTITY SERVER
  4. 4. #1 Open Source / Open Core Application Integration Suite Vendor Vendor Revenue (millions) Share WSO2 25.8 37.7% Red Hat 21.1 30.8% Fiorano 12 17.5% Talend 9.6 14.0% Total 68.5 100% “ Application infrastructure and middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business.”
  5. 5. ...the only fully open source solution in our Wave analysis, WSO2 provides good breadth across all evaluation criteria.” Leader in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 “
  6. 6. ...WS02 continues to make improvements in a positive direction moving them from product challenger in 2016 to the product leader category of this current version of the report. Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, 2019 Access Management And Federation “
  7. 7. WSO2 Dashboard ($000s) 2015 2016 2017 2018 Existing Subscription ARR $11,252 $16,397 $24,447 $37,000 ARR Growth 39% 46% 49% 51% Subscription Customers 201 251 324 406 Rule of 40 -39 32 51 45 S&M Spend for $1 Net New ARR $ 3.97 $ 1.78 $ 1.28 $ 1.04 Dollar-based Net Retention Rate 96% 106% 118% 110% Existing Headcount 451 438 471 571
  8. 8. 53% of our business is international. We are in 63+ countries.
  9. 9. Key Customers – Brazil
  10. 10. Key Customers – LatAm
  11. 11. Key Customers – Global
  12. 12. Shared Governance Many eyes on code Open implementations of Open Standards Governance Variety of connectors, authenticators and federation targets Integration with multiple systems and applications Broad Ecosystem of collaborators Community Faster time to market Enhance the product with partners Get the best of the Open Source ecosystem Velocity of Innovation Why Open Source? Open source is more than just open code
  13. 13. WSO2 Relationship Model COMMUNITY (1-N) WSO2 SERVICES SUBSCRIBERS (1-1)
  14. 14. G t O EFFICIENCY WSO2 Leverages open source’s demonstrated efficiency in nurturing innovation, attracting users, encouraging adoption, and engaging global talent. VALUE Enterprises need more than software. Enterprises need expertise, efficiency of deployment and operations, reliability, security, agility, and alignment with business goals. WSO2 services offer these. ECONOMIES OF SCALE Costs of providing services are spread between all customers to keep costs reasonable, while still funding R&D. WSO2’s Open Source Success Formula
  15. 15. 08 Consulting services Training and consulting services. 03 Assistance Assistance with product usage, development, migration, tuning, and best practices.. 06 WSO2 Managed Cloud Dedicated hosting with a customized, dedicated deployment of any combination of WSO2 products. 04 WSO2 Update Access to WSO2 Update service, which provides continuous access to product improvements bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements. 02 Priority support Priority support option with on- or off-site dedicated Technical Account Manager. 01 WSO2 Support 24x7 expert incident-level WSO2 Support with aggressive response and resolution times. 05 WSO2 Cloud Hosting at no extra charge, with a 99.9% uptime SLA and an automatically scaling, instant access, fully managed deployment. 07 Solutions Open Banking, Healthcare, and many more A WSO2 Subscription gives you direct access to world-class experts fluent in the WSO2 platform as well as on enterprise architecture. Our services provide solid architectural and operational guidance, accelerate your development schedule, offer quick response times during critical situations, supply updates, and help maintain the security of your deployment. Critical enterprise projects need enterprise-grade support Subscription
  16. 16. Open Source CIOs must play a critical role in lowering lock-in, increasing consider open source technologies as part of agility WSO2 Subscription You direct access to world-class experts fluent in the WSO2 platform as well as on enterprise architecture. Options Access to unique services: WSO2 Cloud, WSO2 Manage Cloud, Consulting Services Options J WSO2 Subscription J Open Source WSO2 Subscription adds value to WSO2’s open source products. Subscription
  17. 17. k d Open Access Immediate access to Open Source products • Instant download • Tech evaluation • Commence development Free Trial Access to a fully-functional 15-day Free Trial Subscription • Access to updates • Additional distribution formats • Access to consultation and support Subscription Convert Free Trial to a paid WSO2 Subscription • Access to WSO2 Update service • 24x7 expert incident-level WSO2 • Priority support option • Assistance with product usage, development, migration, tuning, and best practices. • WSO2 Cloud hosting and Managed Cloud opitions Customer Adoption Model Subscription
  18. 18. WSO2 Success Metrics #1 6th 50% ++++ Open Source Integration Vendor Largest Open Source Vendor 2018 ARR Growth Cash Flow
  19. 19. Rua Tenerife, 31, 2º piso Vila Olímpia – São Paulo SP
  20. 20. THANK YOU