Think BIG, Spend Small A Look at how WSO2 Can Help Scale Up with Less Cost


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Think BIG, Spend Small A Look at how WSO2 Can Help Scale Up with Less Cost

  1. 1. "Think BIG, Spend Small”A look at how WSO2 can help scale up with less cost" Udayanga Wickramasinghe Software Engineer WSO2 ESB March 2012
  2. 2. WSO2• Founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, Web Services Technologies & Standards and Open Source• Producing entire middleware platform 100% open source under Apache license• Business model is to sell comprehensive support & maintenance for our products• Venture funded by Intel Capital and Quest Software.• Global corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka• 150+ employees and growing.
  3. 3. Overview• On the topic• Demo1 – Using P2 with ESB• Demo 2 – Enabling Monitoring features for ESB• Demo 3 – Integrating GREG with ESB• Case studies
  4. 4. Scaling Up….. “ability of a system to accommodate increasing number of components into the system ”• Variety of scalability concerns  Functional scalability  Administrative Scalability  Geographic scalability  Load scalability
  5. 5. Scaling Up with SOA….. “ability of a system to accommodate increasing number of components into the system ”Growing concerns • Maintain the usability of the system • Maintain Acceptable Performance • Handle Management complexity • Manage Costs/Budget
  6. 6. How ESB Can Help..? Component Model / Integration Config driven Modular platform Performance Scaling Governance Applications/Servi Lifecycle ces/Legacy Maanagement Cloud Montoring
  7. 7. Introducing WSO2 ESB...• Based on WSO2 Carbon (Modular Middleware) and Apache Synapse• Designed to be asynchronous o Based on Synapse core with non blocking I/O• Open source with commercial support o Apache Software License v2.0• Rich collection of built-in features supporting any integration scenario or EIP• Customizable by adding/removing features
  8. 8. Component model• Configuration Driven components • Zero code • XML based (ie:- mediation artifacts, endpoints , services…)• P2 feature manager • Based on Eclipse P2 • Completely Modular Middleware • Pluggable common core services: • Registry, Key Management, Identity Management, Clustering, Monitoring/JMX, Transports, etc • Customized products (ie:- ESB +)
  9. 9. Component model
  10. 10. Component model
  11. 11. Component model
  12. 12. Demo - P2 Install BAM feature• Install BAM mediation feature (BAM Data Agent) • Enable BAM statistics for mediation • Enable BAM statistics for events
  13. 13. Platform Integration• Seamless ability to integrate with WSO2 Stack of products
  14. 14. Platform Integration
  15. 15. Demo - Platform Integration - BAM + ESB BAM Events + Meta Data SimpleStockQ + Stats Proxy Service + BAM Data Agent BAM Reciever + Analyzer + Presenter
  16. 16. Governance• Central Governance • Artifacts/code/metadata • OOB governance support for ESB • Life Cycle Management • Move from dev  test  prod• Carbon Applications • Capp based Artifact Deployment • XML/code/config deployment • Based on Carbon Studio
  17. 17. Governance• Artifact/code/metadata Management• Developers working on trunk• Release Managers • Decides Life cycle phase • Move between repos• Deployment Lifecycle modes • Registry based • Capp based
  18. 18. Demo - GREG integration with ESB Gov Artifacts Dev Governance sync Registry Test sync Prod Dev ESB Prod ESB Instance Instance
  19. 19. Case Studies – Cloud Deployment
  20. 20. Case Studies – Service Firewall Pattern
  21. 21. Case Studies – One Way Messaging Gateway
  22. 22. Case Studies – SAP Gateway
  23. 23. Case Studies – API Solutions Gateway
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Selected Customers
  26. 26. WSO2 engagement model• QuickStart• Development Support• Development Services• Production Support• Turnkey Solutions • WSO2 Mobile Services Solution • WSO2 FIX Gateway Solution • WSO2 SAP Gateway Solution
  27. 27. Thank You.