WSO2 ESB - An answer to Enterprise Service Integration


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In the modern enterprise, complex business requirements are increasingly satisfied by a combination of new and existing services. Getting the right bits of information at the right place, at the right time, in the right format, and with the right protocol can be a challenge. The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides a simple solution to this integration problem by providing a rich set of integration capabilities for robust, scalable and seamless integration of such services.

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WSO2 ESB - An answer to Enterprise Service Integration

  1. 1. An answer to Enterprise Service Integration Kasun Indrasiri Senior Software Engineer WSO2 ESB January 2012
  2. 2. WSO2• Founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, Web Services Technologies & Standards and Open Source• Producing entire middleware platform 100% open source under Apache license• Business model is to sell comprehensive support & maintenance for our products• Venture funded by Intel Capital• Global corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka• 100+ employees and growing
  3. 3. Outline• SOA & ESB• Introducing WSO2 ESB• Enterprise Service Integration• Healthcare Service Scenario• WSO2 ESB in a nutshell• Implementing Healthcare scenario with WSO2 ESB• Extending the Healthcare scenario• QnA
  4. 4. SOA & ESB• SOA  The underlying structure supporting communication between services• ESB  ESB is considered as the backbone of a robust SOA  It integrates all the internal systems as well as external systems of the enterprise
  5. 5. Introducing WSO2 ESB• Based on WSO2 Carbon (OSGi - Modular Middleware) and Apache Synapse• Designed to be asynchronous – based on Synapse core and non blocking I/O• Rich Collection of built-in features supporting any integration scenario or EIP• Customizable by adding/removing features
  6. 6. Enterprise Service Integration• Complex Business and Technical Requirements• Heterogeneous Services• Legacy Systems
  7. 7. Healthcare Service Scenario
  8. 8. Healthcare Service Scenario • A Smartphone/GPS user • Coordinates of the current location  WGS84 : 30.29128, -97.73858
  9. 9. Healthcare Service Scenario • Nearest Healthcare Facilities
  10. 10. Healthcare Service Scenario
  11. 11. Healthcare Service Scenario • Geo Service (WGS84) • Healthcare Facility Locator Service • Healthcare Information Provider Service
  12. 12. Healthcare Service Scenario
  13. 13. Healthcare Service Scenario - Demo
  14. 14. WSO2 ESB – In a nutshell..• Message and Service Mediation  Managing and transforming messages  Mediating messages coming into a specific proxy service hosted on ESB• Mediators  Simplest functional component.  Performs a predefined action on a given message• Sequences  Sequential arrangement of mediators• Proxy Services  Hosting proxy services inside ESB  Protocol switching and QoS• Endpoints  A logical representation of an actual endpoint, or else a collection of endpoints wrapped within some logic.
  15. 15. Building the solution with WSO2 ESB• Fundamentals of Proxy Services
  16. 16. Healthcare Service Scenario - Implementation
  17. 17. Healthcare Service Scenario – EIPs • Splitter • Aggregator • Message Translator • Content Enricher
  18. 18. Healthcare Service Scenario – EIPs • Wire Tap • Content Based Router • Message Filter • Message Store
  19. 19. Templates• With complex business requirements, ESB config can grow bigger..• Need a way to reuse the configuration• WSO2 ESB 4.0 introduces – Templates• An analogy… classes vs instances
  20. 20. Enhancing Healthcare Scenario with Templates• Splitter : Iterate through the message and sending a portion based on the config.• Using ‘iterate_function’ template to reuse the sequence logic.• Required parameters for iteration is passed when calling the template. (i.e. calltemplate mediator)
  21. 21. Store and Forward• Store and Forward
  22. 22. Store and Forward• Message Store  storage for ESB messages  In-memory, JMS• Message Processors  Consume the messages in message stores and do the processing of them
  23. 23. Store and Forward• Extending the Healthcare Scenario
  24. 24. Heterogeneous service integration• Comprehensive WS Specs and SOAP support• HTTP/S with REST/POX• Adapters for various Industry Standards • Hessian • Financial Information eXchange (FIX) • Health Level 7(HL7)• VFS (File/FTP/SFTP)• JMS• SAP• TCP/UDP• HL7• SMTP• SMS
  25. 25. Summary• WSO2 ESB• Enterprise Service Integration• End to end scenario on Service Integration• Hetrogeneous Service Integration
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. Selected Customers
  28. 28. WSO2 engagement model• QuickStart• Development Support• Development Services• Production Support• Turnkey Solutions • WSO2 Mobile Services Solution • WSO2 FIX Gateway Solution • WSO2 SAP Gateway Solution
  29. 29. Thank You.