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WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus - Product Overview


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WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is a lightweight, high-performance ESB, which is configuration driven, extensible and scalable to fit enterprise integration needs. It comes with the runtime, tooling, and analytics packed in a single release. The latest version (5.0) includes ESB analytics, mediation debugger, data mapper and support for JMS 2.0 and WebSocket transports.

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WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus - Product Overview

  1. 1. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 5.0.0 Product Overview
  2. 2. Overview 2 ●  Vision   ●  Introduc.on  to  WSO2  ESB   ●  WSO2  Integra.on  Pla:orm   ●  Features  and  benefits   ●  Deployment   ●  Future..  
  3. 3. Vision The heart of enterprise integration
  4. 4. Typical Enterprise Platforms 4
  5. 5. Challenges 5 ●  Heterogeneity:  Disparate  systems,  protocols  and  standards     ●  Variety:  Legacy  systems,  SOAP/REST  services,  Cloud  APIs     ●  Disorganized:  SpagheL  architecture,  poorly  managed     ●  Costly:  Hardly  scalable  and  maintainable     ●  Unquan7fiable:  Difficult  to  measure  throughput  &  produc.vity  
  6. 6. ESB - A Smarter Approach! 6
  7. 7. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 7 ●  High  performance:  The  fastest  open  source  ESB,  lightweight   ●  Comprehensive:     ○  Support  for  REST,  SOAP,  WS-­‐*  standards   ○  Support  for  domain  specific  solu.ons  (SAP,  FIX,  HL7)   ○  150+  Connectors  (Salesforce,  JIRA,  Twi^er,  LDAP,  Facebook  and   more)   ●  Interoperable:  Supports  wider  range  of  integra.on  scenarios   ●  Scalable:  Scalable  and  extensible  architecture    
  8. 8. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 8 ●  Low  footprint:  Lower  processing  power,  memory  and  space   u.liza.on   ●  Easy  to  use:  Configure  and  re-­‐use,  based  on  visual  tooling   ●  Measurable:  Equipped  with  ESB  specific  analy9cs   ●  Cost-­‐effec7ve:  Open  source,  pay  for  instances  only   ●  Complete:  Core  of  the  complete  Integra9on  Pla>orm  
  9. 9. ESB: Part of WSO2 Integration Platform 9 Complete  Integra.on  Pla:orm  
  10. 10. Features Built to enable various integration use cases
  11. 11. Connect with WSO2 ESB 11 ●  Transports:  Support  for  web  (HTTP),  files  (VFS),  e-­‐mail  (POP,   IMAP)  and  more..   ●  Formats/  Protocols:  XML,  JSON,  CSV,  EDI,  SOAP,  REST  and  more..   ●  Domain  specific  apps:  Financial  Services  (FIX),  Healthcare  (HL7)..   ●  COTS:  SAP,  IBM  WebSphere  MQ,  MSMQ  and  more..   ●  Cloud  apps:  Salesforce,  Google  Apps,  Twi^er,  JIRA  and  more..   ●  Custom  extensions:  Handles  proprietary/  non-­‐standard   integra.on  cases    
  12. 12. ESB Connectors 12 ●  ‘Cloud  to  Cloud’  integra.on   ●  ‘Cloud  to  Enterprise’  integra.on   ●  150+  Connectors  from  the  ESB  Connector   Store   ○  Download  for  free  h^ps://   ○  Self-­‐contained  &  independent  from  ESB  code    
  13. 13. Routing 13 ●  Priori7ze  requests:  Serve  high  priority  traffic  first   ●  Rou7ng  capabili7es:  Header  based,  content  based,  rule   based,  priority  based   ●  Acts  as  a  gateway:  For  messages,  services,  APIs  and  as   security  gateway   ●  Expose  exis7ng  applica7ons  and  services:   ○  Service  virtualiza.on   ○  Expose  legacy  systems  as  services   ○  Convert  any  service  into  an  API  
  14. 14. Mediation 14 ●  Basic  Terminology   ○  Mediator:  A  component  that  represents  an  ac.on  (enrich,  split,   aggregate,  send,  log)   ○  Sequence:  A  logical  container  of  a  set  of  arranged   mediators/  ac.ons   ○  Endpoint:  A  representa.on  of  an  external  for  messages    
  15. 15. Mediation flow 15
  16. 16. Basic Mediators 16 Name Description Log Mediator Logs full or part of the message, at various severity levels (Trace, Debug, etc) Sequence Mediator Invokes existing sequence - Sequence name can be static or dynamic Send Mediator Sends a message out, using static information or endpoint definition. Callout Mediator Performs a blocking external service invocation. Switch Mediator Evaluates messages contents against regular expression and invokes the corresponding mediator (switch-case-default) Validate Mediator Validates message or parts of message against XML schema (schema can be local or in registry) Drop Mediator Stops processing of current message Fault Mediator Transforms current message into custom Fault message
  17. 17. Mediation 17 ●  Media7on   ○  Validate,  log,  audit   ○  Database  integra.on   ○  Event  publishing   ●  Extensibility  of  Media.on  Engine   ○  Supports  language   ○  Re-­‐use  Java  code   ○  Can  be  extended  via  custom  mediators  
  18. 18. Model Enterprise Integration Patterns 18  support  for  ALL  Enterprise  Integra9on  PaAerns  (EIP)             WSO2  EIP  Guide:  hAp://       Content  based  router   Publisher-­‐Subscriber    Point-­‐to-­‐Point  Channel   Dead-­‐leZer  channel  Command  message   Guaranteed  delivery  Request-­‐reply   SpliZer  Aggregator  ScaZer-­‐gather   Pipe-­‐and-­‐filters  Message  translator  Event  message   Event  driven  consumer  Durable  subscriber   Content  enricher   Content  filter  
  19. 19. Component Architecture 19
  20. 20. Transformation 20 ●  Data  Mappernew:  Convert  and  transform  data  visually   ○  Transform  from/to  JSON,  XML  and  CSV   ○  Easily  integrate  into  media.on  sequences  as  a  mediator   ○  Apply  opera7ons:     ■  Common   ■  String   ■  Arithme.c   ■  Boolean   ■  Condi.onal   ■  Type  conversion    
  21. 21. 21 Opera9ons  paleAe  includes  common,  arithme9c,  condi9onal  and  other  opera9ons  
  22. 22. Transformation 22 ●  Transform  via  XSLT,  XQuery  or  Smooks   ●  Enrich  via  XPATH   ●  URL/  Headers  Management   Name Description XSLT Mediator Invokes XSLT transformation on current message (v1.0 and v2.0 are supported) XQuery Mediator Invokes XQuery transformation on current message Smooks Mediator Invokes embedded Smooks Engine (v1.5) - Supports binary transformations (EDI, CSV, etc.) Enrich Mediator Enrich message contents using XPATH (replace, append, remove) URL Rewrite Mediator Rewrite protocol / URL contents Header Mediator Set / Remove Headers Payload Factory Override Message Contents / Create Message (XML/JSON)
  23. 23. Performance and Stability 23 ●  Unmatchable  throughput:  TPS  in  1000s  of  concurrent,  non-­‐ blocking  HTTP  transac.ons  per  server   ●  Low  latency:  0.5ms  with  pass-­‐through  non-­‐blocking  IO   transport   ●  On-­‐demand  message  processing:  Streaming  and  op.miza.on   using  message  relay   ●  Long  running  stability:  Low  resource  u.liza.on  &  stability   with  long  running  processes   ●  Caching:  Response  caching,  cache  mediator  
  24. 24. High Performance ESB (5.0 vs 4.9) 24 TPS Comparison Latency Comparison
  25. 25. Governed by Policies (APIs & Proxies) 25                 Create  and  apply  WS-­‐Policies   Apply  policies,  stored  in  the  Registry   Security   ThroZling   Caching  
  26. 26. Security 26 ●  Authen7ca7on:  HTTP  Basic,  UserName  Token,  SSL,  OAuth,   Kerberos,  OpenID,  SAML   ●  User  valida7on:  LDAP  Servers,  Microsoj  Directory,  JDBC   user  stores   ●  Signing  and  encryp7on:  XML  encryp.on,  Digital  Signatures,  WS-­‐ Secure  Conversa.ons   ●  Policy  enforcement:  PEP  for  fine-­‐grained  authoriza.on   (en.tlements)  using  XACML    
  27. 27. Governance 27 ●  Embedded  registry:  Maintained  on  the  local  file  system   ●  Extended  registry:  WSO2  Governance  Registry   ○  Configura7on  registry:  Maintains  product  clusters  specific   configura.on/  assets   ○  Governance  registry:  Maintains  pla:orm  specific  (common)   configura.on/  assets    
  28. 28. WSO2 ESB Tooling improved 28 IDE  Support:  WSO2  Developer  Studio,  based  on  eclipse,  familiar  environment         <screenshot>       Graphical  tool  to  design  ESB  flows   ESB  configura.on  editors    
  29. 29. Developer friendly, easy deployment 29 ●  Configure:  Configure  and  re-­‐use,  no  code!   ○  Shorter  learning  curve   ○  No  Java  knowledge  required   ●  Embed  language  code  in  Javascript,  JRuby,  Groovy   and  more  as  custom  mediators   ●  Standard  tools:  Integrated  with  ANT,  Maven,  SVN  and  other   standard  tools  for  development  and  deployment  
  30. 30. Developer friendly, easy deployment 30 ●  Visual  modeling:  Model  integra.on  logic  visually,  drag  n  drop   ●  More  visibility:  Logging  and  media.on  tracing   ●  Media7on  debuggingnew:     ○  Manage  debug  points   ○  Trace  messages  payloads  throughout  the  media.on  flow   ○  Inspect  (transport/  synapse/  axis2)  at  each  mediator   ○  Update  while  debugging  
  31. 31. Developer friendly, easy deployment 31 New  perspec9ve  for  debugging    
  32. 32. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 32 ●  Comprehensive  ESB  specific  analy.cs  for  monitoring   ●  Drill-­‐down  ability  into  media.on  flows  for  be^er  analysis   ●  Visual  dashboards  for  be^er  interpreta.on   ●  Configurable  .melines  for  scru.nizing  batches  of  past  stats   ●  Customizable  layout  to  order  and  priori.ze  charts   ●  Extensible  to  publish  your  own  customized  sta.s.cs    
  33. 33. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 33 ●  Insigh:ul,  visual  dashboard  on  ESB  processing   ○  Summary  of  requests              
  34. 34. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 34 ●  Key  metrics  in  summary   ○  Total  request  count,  success/failure  rate,  overall  TPS,  overall   message  count,  top  ar.facts  by  request  count          
  35. 35. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 35 ●  Top  ar.facts  by  request  count  available  for:   ○  Proxy  services,  APIs,  endpoints,  sequences,  inbound  endpoints    
  36. 36. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 36 ●  Dashboards  for  each  ar.fact  type  with  drill  down  capability   ○  Summary  of  requests,  message  count,  latency,  message  status,   message  flow,  mediator                    
  37. 37. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 37 ●  Drill-­‐down  into  sta.s.cs  for  be^er  analysis   ○  Trace  messages  throughout  media.on  flows   ○  Iden.fy  bo^lenecks  in  message  flows,  and  errors  in  mediator  easily  
  38. 38. WSO2 ESB Analytics new 38 ●  Dashboard  themes  (dark  and  light)   ●  Configurable  .melines  (hourly,  daily,  monthly,  yearly,   custom  date  range)   ●  Extensions  to  write  your  own  analy.cs  
  39. 39. Data as a Service 39 ●  WSO2  DSS:  Perfect  companion  to  ESB,  used  by  most  ESB  customers   ●  Expose:  Data  sources  as  services  (DBs,  Google  Docs,  Cassandra)   ●  Declara7ve:  Service  area  created  declara.vely,  no  code!   ●  Secure:  Apply  data  security  (via  roles)   ●  Supports:  SOAP,  REST    
  40. 40. Deployment Adaptable to different deployment patterns
  41. 41. High availability, scalability and clustering 41 ●  Deployment  flexibility  (HA):   ○  As­‐  or­‐Passive  clusters   ●  Sta7c  or  Elas7c  scaling:   ○  Sta.c  scaling  with  on-­‐premise/  Elas.c  scaling  on  Cloud     Load  balancer   Load  balancer  
  42. 42. Managed deployment 42 ●  Manager  nodes:   ○  In  charge  of  configura.on/  ar.facts  management   ●  Worker  nodes:   ○  Serve  the  produc.on  traffic    
  43. 43. Deployment options 43 Managed  Cloud:   ●  WSO2  Opera.ons  team  manages  deployment  and   keeps  it  running   ●  Dedicated  of  WSO2  ESB/  Pla:orm  solu.ons   ●  WSO2  Opera.ons  team  manages  deployment  and   keeps  it  running   ●  99.99%  SLA   ●  Any  AWS  region  of  choice   ●  Can  be  VPNed  to  local  network   ●  Includes  monitoring,  backups,  patches,  updates       Self-­‐Hosted:   ●  Your  opera.ons  team  maintains   the  deployment  with  Produc.on   Support  with  WSO2.   ●  Private  Clouds  (eg:  Kubernetes)   ●  Public  Clouds  (eg:  AWS)   ●  Hybrid  deployments      
  44. 44. Future... ●  Integration Cloud ○  Coming soon ●  Integration Server ○  In progress
  45. 45. CONTACT US ! Download WSO2 ESB 5.0 at: