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WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager - Product Overview


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WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) is a 100% open source comprehensive platform that addresses mobile computing challenges faced by enterprises today. Supporting iOS, Android and Windows devices, WSO2 EMM helps organizations deal with both corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices and employee owned devices with the bring your own device (BYOD) program.

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WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager - Product Overview

  1. 1. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.0.1 Overview
  2. 2. Agenda o  Background o  Introduction o  Mobile Device Management o  Mobile App Management o  Deployment
  3. 3. Background Challenges in Enterprise Mobility
  4. 4. Evolution of Enterprise Few years back Now
  5. 5. Work from Anywhere at Anytime o  Employees are working out of office with mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks
  6. 6. Security Concerns o  Who is logging in? o  Which device is being used ? o  When do they log-in? o  From where do they log-in? o  What tasks they perform after logging in?
  7. 7. Devices and Apps Apps
  8. 8. Device and App Management o  How to restrict certain device configurations? o  How to restrict certain applications? o  How to assign permission to access data based on the organizational hierarchy?
  9. 9. Concern of CIOs and IT Managers o  How to allow mobility in my business ? How to allow mobility in my business ?
  10. 10. Introduction WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM)
  11. 11. Overview o  A secure, platform-independent, open source mobility solution with a lean-footprint to manage apps and connected devices Enterprise Mobility Manager Mobile App Manager Mobile Device Manager WSO2 Carbon Platform
  12. 12. Value Proposition o  Ensures data security in adopting BYOD and COPE o  Remote device and application management o  First ever Unified App Store in an enterprise mobility manager
  13. 13. Value Proposition cont. COPE   BYOD   Data Security Remote Device Management Enterprise Store Enterprise App Development & Management
  14. 14. Architecture
  15. 15. Core Features o  User, device, policy, operation, configuration and license management o  Self service enrollment for user o  BYOD & COPE separation o  Identity management o  Multitenancy o  Dashboards o  Platform enrollment protocols and MDM capability
  16. 16. Benefits of WSO2 Platform o  The only open source enterprise mobility manager o  Licensed under Apache 2 o  Lean-footprint with the most comprehensive modular platform o  On-premise or cloud deployments o  App store – mobile app catalog with SSO
  17. 17. Case Study o  A fictitious organization eMax is using WSO2 EMM o  eMax employees are allowed to bring their own devices, but inside the organization, o  The device must get connected to a specific network o  The camera of the device should be disabled o  Need to install an employee directory application on the device to access official contact details of all the employees
  18. 18. Mobile Device Management
  19. 19. New Employee Arrives.. o  Jim joins eMax as a Marketing Officer in the Marketing Team o  He wants to access eMax corporate network with his phone
  20. 20. Role-based Permission o  Admin creates a Marketing Officer role with permissions o  These permissions define what a marketing officer can do with EMM console
  21. 21. Policy-based Authorization o  Admin creates a policy named Marketing Officer Policy with warning type compliance monitoring o  Marketing Officer Policy, o  Provides a password policy o  Connects with corporate network o  Installs relevant Apps o  Disables the camera o  Admin assigns the Marketing Officer policy to the Marketing Officer role
  22. 22. Policy-based Administration cont. o  Policies can be applied at user, role or platform level o  Policy hierarchy defines the precedence of the policies to be enforced o  Facilitates compliance monitoring
  23. 23. Device Enrollment o  Admin adds Jim as a user in WSO2 EMM and assigns him the Marketing Officer role o  Jim is sent an email to his official email with o  A URL to download the Agent to the device o  An auto-generated password to login through the Agent o  Jim self-enrolls his device with the details provided in the email, accepting the policy
  24. 24. Security for Employees o  Jim can log into WSO2 EMM console from his desktop/laptop following the steps in the email o  Then he can o  Control his device remotely o  Wipe off data if the phone would get stolen
  25. 25. User Store Integration o  eMax which is a startup, adopts LDAP as its user store after Jim arrives o  eMax integrates their LDAP with WSO2 EMM o  Now Jim can login to WSO2 EMM using his LDAP credentials o  New employees joining hereafter, needs only the URLs to download the agent and login to WOS2 EMM o  WSO2 EMM also supports JDBC and Microsoft AD user stores
  26. 26. Security for Admins o  Can see all the employees’ enrolled devices o  Can wipe off enterprise data in those devices when employees leave the organization o  Compliance monitoring of policies
  27. 27. Device Operations Operation Description Android iOS Windows Device Lock Ability to lock your own device via the EMM server. √ √ √ Location Ability to receive the location of the device. √ √ X Mute Device Ability to enable the silent profile on your own device via the EMM server. √ √ X Enterprise Wipe When this operation is executed, the device will be unregistered from EMM. √ √ X Disenroll When this operation is executed, the device will be unregistered from EMM. X X √
  28. 28. Device Operations cont. Operation Description Android iOS Windows Clear Passcode Ability to remove your own device lock via the EMM server. √ √ √ Change Lock- Code Ability to change the provided passcode or lock-code. √ √ X LockRest Ability to change the provided passcode or lock-code. Icon This operation is specific for Windows devices and is similar to Change Lock-Code. X X √ Ring Ability to ring the device via the EMM server. √ √ √
  29. 29. Device Operations cont. Operation Description Android iOS Windows Message Ability to send a message to the device via the EMM server. √ √ X Wipe Data Ability to carryout a factory reset on your own device via the EMM server. √ X √ APN Configura tions Ability to set APN configurations on a user's device. X √ X Google calendar Ability to set Google calendar configurations on user's device. X √ X LDAP Ability to set the LDAP account configurations on the user's device. X √ X
  30. 30. Mobile App Management
  31. 31. App Management o  Centralized application management solution for mobile apps o  Provisioning your app to right users o  Provisioning your apps without mobile device agents installed in devices o  Protect your apps from unauthorized users o  App store to provide information about your apps o  Manage app lifecycle
  32. 32. Supported Mobile Apps o  Android Enterprise Apps (APK) o  Android Public Apps (Apps from Google Play) o  iOS Enterprise Apps (IPA) o  iOS Public Apps (Apps From iTunes)
  33. 33. App Publisher o  Supports Android, iOS and Windows apps o  Mobile app developers of eMax who are assigned the app publisher role can upload applications and submit for review o  Lead mobile app developers are assigned the reviewer role, thus they review and approve o  Once approved, developers can publish the apps o  Helps manage the application life-cycle
  34. 34. App Publisher cont.
  35. 35. App Store o  A universal mobile app store o  Can host Android, iOS and Windows platforms o  Advanced search options o  Jim can install any allowed application he needs in his multiple enrolled devices o  Admins execute bulk app push through MAM console when a new corporate app arrives the store
  36. 36. App Store Cont.
  37. 37. Security o  Admins can o  Monitor policy compliance o  Track installed apps
  38. 38. Deployment
  39. 39. WSO2 Platform Deployment Options o  Stand-alone servers o  Private clouds: e.g. Stratos, Kubernetes o  Public Clouds: e.g. AWS o  Hybrid deployments o  Dedicated hosting of any WSO2- based solutions o  WSO2 operations team is managing the deployment and keeps it running o  99.99% uptime SLA o  Any AWS region of choice o  Can be VPNed to local network o  Includes monitoring, backups, patching, updates o  Shared public cloud, o  Currently available for application and API hosting (hosted API Manager and App Factory), o  Preset multitenant deployment in AWS US East run by WSO2, o  Month-to-month credit card payment
  40. 40. CONTACT US !