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[WSO2 API Day Toronto 2019] The Ingredients for an API Driven World


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This deck covers some of the key ingredients that we see enable successful companies to become API driven - leveraging APIs to drive digital business!

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[WSO2 API Day Toronto 2019] The Ingredients for an API Driven World

  1. 1. The Ingredients for an API Driven World Erik Assink – Managing Director North America, Yenlo
  2. 2. APIs are the foundation for Digital Business Models Why Digital Transformation (DX) and APIs to begin with?
  3. 3. Waves of Digital Disruption ▪ Mail (AOL, Yahoo) ▪ Music (Napster, iTunes) ▪ Photography (Sony) ▪ Video Rental (Netflix) ▪ Retail (Amazon, eBay) ▪ Print (Online, Craigslist) ▪ TV (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) ▪ Recruitment (Monster) ▪ Finance (Online, Paypall) ▪ Travel (Expedia, Kayak) ▪ Lodging (AirBnb, Booking) ▪ Healthcare (Teladoc) ▪ Vehicle hire (Uber, Zipcar) ▪ Education (Khan Academy) ▪ All safe havens are subject to digital disruption (virtual augmentation, block chain, artificial intelligence, IOT, smart appliances, machine learning, 3D printing, etc.) 1990’s 2010’s 2020’s2000’s
  4. 4. Digital is Accelerating Change Wave 1 Eliminates Production Exclusivity Wave 2 Eliminates Physical Boundaries Wave 3 Eliminates Distribution & Gatekeeping Restrictions Wave 4 Eliminate Time & Space Restrictions Analogue Digital Internet Social Mobile Change Physical boundaries made change more difficult Source: The speed of change: 4 waves of digital acceleration, Jo Caudron, Dado van Peteghem2014
  5. 5. DX – Impacts? Enables companies to …. • Increase customer intimacy (loyalty, retention) • Improve operational excellence (dramatically reduce cost) • Stay ahead of competition (differentiate and innovate) • Increase revenue and profits And…… just like the others, you do not want to miss the train!
  6. 6. Forrester, Digital Rewrites The Rules Of Business, 2018 CEOs will put technology at the core, and surround it with people and process
  7. 7. What do CEOs and CIOs think? Gartner’s CIO agenda, and CEO perspective for 2019
  8. 8. DX – Key Steps? From strategic objectives to execution 1. Digital transformation objectives (stake in the ground) 2. Enablers in the market (learn from others) 3. Platform for digital business (As a Service Model, Integration, APIM, IAM) 4. Digital services life cycle (DevOps, Agile) 5. Agile journey to the future platform (fail cheap, go for speed, iterate)
  9. 9. DX – Key Strategies? A fundamental starting point is to obtain an integration technology platform that will help you accelerate and scale your digital business. 1. API-first strategy (decouple everything) 2. Cloud-first strategy (ramp up quickly, and stick to your core) 3. Open standards and open source first strategy (mind lock-in’s)
  10. 10. Mind the Lock-In’s FinancialTechnology Knowledge
  11. 11. Do not re-invent the wheel Focus on your core business processes, and leverage open source, integration platform as a service
  12. 12. High Performing, Highly Available, & Highly Secure Auto Scaling & Auto Healing 24x7 Hosted & Managed WSO2 Cloud Platform Full Monitoring, Reporting, & Alerting DevOps Pipelines 100% Private platform for API-first, Cloud-first & Open-Source-first Digital Transformation Start your Digital Journey Fast, Reduce Risk, & Free up Capital Powered by WSO2 technology
  13. 13.
  14. 14. From Code First to API First