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WSO2 and 2 Degrees Case Study


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Published in: Technology, Education
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WSO2 and 2 Degrees Case Study

  1. 1. WSO2  and  2degrees  Case-­‐study    Agile,  Mobile  Services  Development  via   an  SOA   Neeraj  Sa9ja  -­‐    So%ware  Development  Manager,  2degrees  Mobile  NZ  Ltd     Waruna  Ranasinghe  –  Associate  Technical  Lead,  Member  IntegraBon  Technology  Group,  WSO2   Asanka  Abeysinghe  -­‐  Director,  SoluBons  Architecture,  WSO2   © WSO2 2012. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.
  2. 2. About  WSO2  •  WSO2  is  the  World’s  only…  •  lean  middleware  company    •  on-­‐premise  and  cloud  (private/public)  middleware  plaLorm  •  complete  (data  to  screen)  open  source  middleware  company    •  Founded  in  2005  by  acknowledged  leaders  in  XML,  web  services    •  technologies,  standards    and  open  source    •  Funded  ($11M)  by  Intel  Capital  and  Quest  So%ware      •  160+  employees  in  USA,  UK,  Spain  and  Sri  Lanka  •  10  books  published,  100+  technical  arBcles,  30  PhD  candidates,  2  PhDs      •  Sri  Lanka  –  center  of  excellence  for  Open  Source    •  Leading  source  of  Apache  Commiers  outside  the  US    •  Largest  per-­‐capita  Open  Source  contributors  in  the  world    •  Leading  source  of  Google  Summer  of  Code  winners    
  3. 3. Selected  Customers  hKp://    
  4. 4. WSO2  Middleware  
  5. 5. Deployment  Choices   Stratos   StratosLive   Private   Public   PaaS   PaaS   Or,  any  combinaBon  of  these.     (Same  programming  model   across  all  deployment  choices)   Carbon   On-­‐Premise  5/17/12   5  
  6. 6. WSO2  support  engagement  model  -  QuickStart  -  Development     Support  -  Development     Services  -  ProducBon     Support  -  Turnkey     SoluBons  
  7. 7. 2degrees  –  A  Brief  History  -  Wireless  Telco  Landscape  in  NZ  in  2007-­‐2008   -  Duopoly  –  Exorbitant  prices  and  stale  products   -  No  moBvaBon  for  innovaBon   -  High  barrier  to  entry  -  2degrees  Mobile  Limited   -  Set-­‐up  in  2007   -  IT  Team  set-­‐up  in  2008   -  Launch  in  18  months   -  Team  of  5  people  in  IT,  2  focussed  on  SOA  
  8. 8. 2degrees  –  WSO2  Alliance:  A  Brief  History  DESIRED  APPS/PRODUCTS/SERVICES  RANGE  
  9. 9. 2degrees  –  WSO2  Alliance:  A  Brief  History   -  2degrees  IT  Requirements   -  DisrupBve  InnovaBon  -­‐  DifferenBators   -  Complex  workflows,  Simple  Interface   -  Leverage  web-­‐service  technology   -  Flexible,  configurable  integraBon  with  Network  Elements   -  Rapid  response  to  compeBBon   -  Robust,  scalable,  reliable  technology   -  Decision  to  adopt  SOA  and  light,  flexible,  scalable  technology   stack  –Web  services,  ESB,  N.E.  
  10. 10. Supplier  SelecBon  Approach   Review  &   select   Get   proposals   Create   shortlist   Technical   Q&A   Create   shortlist   Oracle   Mule   Demos  by   WSO2   suppliers   Demo  briefs   IBM   Oracle  With  scenarios  sent   Mule   to  all  suppliers   WSO2   Apache   Sonic   Open  
  11. 11. 2degrees  –  WSO2  Alliance:  A  Brief  History   CAPABILITY  MATRIX  
  12. 12. Developing  DifferenBators  –  TOP  UP  
  13. 13. AUTO  TOP  UP   1.  Set  up   Customer  sets  up  Auto  Top  Up   in  “Your  2Degrees”.  Customer   2.  Balance  trigger   registers  their  card,  and  the   amount  they  want  to  top  up   When  customer’s  balance  drops   with  each  Bme.   below  $2.50,  customer  receives  a   text  message  asking  whether  they   Systems/backend:   want  top  up  from  their  credit  card.  A   >  IN  –  enables  balance  noBficaBon  for  MSISDN   “Y”  reply  will  trigger  the  payment  and   >  @billity  –  stores  amount   top  up.   >  Flo2Cash  –  validates  &  stores  credit  card   Systems/backend:   3.  Payment  /  top  up   >  IN  –  triggers  the  text  message  when  balance  goes  below   $2.50   Customer  replies  “Y”  to   >  Recharge  gateway  -­‐  sends  the  text  message  to  customer   authorise/confirm  payment   and  awaits  reply  Systems/backend:  >  Recharge  gateway  -­‐  “looks  up”  customer’s  amount  from  @billity  >  Recharge  gateway  –  requests  Flo2Cash  to  process  $X  payment  against  e-­‐token  >  Recharge  gateway  (on  confirmaBon  from  Flo2Cash  of  successful  payment)  –  processes  top  up  and  sends  standard  top  up  confirmaBon  messages   1
  14. 14. ME2U  STEP-­‐1   STEP-­‐2   STEP-­‐3   STEP-­‐4  
  15. 15. Developing  DifferenBators  –  FB  TOP  UP  
  16. 16. Developing  DifferenBators  –  ONLINE  POSTPAY   CONVERSION  
  17. 17. Business  Process  IntegraBon  –  Sample  Flow  
  18. 18. Component  Architecture   2Degrees  Customers   Internal  Technical  Internal  Business   Delivery  Channels   Delivery  Channels   Delivery  Channels   Users   Users   External  IntegraBon  Layer   Business  Process  Layer   Internal  IntegraBon  Layer   Business  Services   Business  Data  
  19. 19. SoluBon  Architecture   2Degrees  Customers   Internal  Technical  Internal  Business   Delivery  Channels   Delivery  Channels   Delivery  Channels   Users   Users   External  IntegraBon  Layer   Business  Process  Layer   Internal  IntegraBon  Layer   Business  Data  
  20. 20. WSO2  IntegraBon  Overview   20
  21. 21. Deployment  Architecture  
  22. 22. Architectural  Summary    Before                    Now  -  ESB  and  DSS  ApplicaBons   -  Full  SOA  ApplicaBon  Stack  -  Architecture  build  as  needed  –  home-­‐ -  Architecture  build  as  per  Best  PracBces   grown   -  Removing  complexity  from  Apps  and  -  Limited  transacBon  monitoring   building  it  into  BPS   (debug  logs)   -  Full  TransacBon  monitoring    -  Linux  LVS  used  for  clustering  and  load     balancing   -  Content  Switch  used  for  clustering  and   load  balancing  -  Development  and  Deployments   manual   -  Development  and  Deployments   streamlined  (Carbon  Studio)  -  Complex  composite  services  deliver   Business  processes  via  ESB  proxies   -  Complex  processes  delivered  via  BPS  and   and  sequences.   simple  via  ESB    
  23. 23. Project  Challenges  -  Huge  scope  -  Fluid  business  requirements  -  Aggressive  Bmeframes  -  Lack  of  familiarity/experBse  with  the  WSO2  stack  -  Lack  of  enough  skilled  WSO2  resources  in  nz  -  Ensure  smooth  handover  to  operaBons        
  24. 24. Results  -  Hired  good  middleware  developers  &  administrators  -  Went  through  WSO2  training  (quickstart  &  webinar)  –  both   project  &  operaBons  resources  -  Divided  the  scope  in  discrete  work  packets  -  Tried  to  use  out-­‐of-­‐box  features  as  much  as  possible  -  Implemented  simpler  requirements  first  -  Consulted  WSO2  -  Hired  external  auditors  for  security  &  performance  tesBng  -  Managed  to  deliver  all  the  workflows  &  applicaBons  on   schedule  
  25. 25. Vision  &  Future  IniBaBves  -  Introduce  Governance  and  Business  AcBvity  Monitor    -  IdenBfy  the  scalability  needs  by  doing  a  capacity  planning    -  Re-­‐architect  by  idenBfing  the  common  shared  services    -  ConBnued  Focus  on  InnovaBon  &  DifferenBators  -  Offer  comprehensive  customer  lifecycle  through  Online  channels  -  Create  Web  Service  wrappers  for  all  key  Telco  Systems/Network   Elements  to  enable  flexibility  in  design  using  the  SOA  paradigm  -  UBlize  smart  technology  to  give  rapid  response  to  compeBBon  -  Increased  porLolio  of  services  offered  through  Social  Networking   tools  -  Facilitate  innovaBve  models  like  SDP  and  external  partner   collaboraBon  and  shape  the  2degrees  SOA  stack  accordingly  
  26. 26. More Info§  Corporate  website:  hKp://  §  Developer  portal:  hKp://  §  Business  development  team:  §  2degreesmobile   §  Website  :  hp://    
  27. 27. Upcoming  Webinars  •  Enterprise  Use  Case  Webinar  -­‐  Applica9on  Development   Using  the  WSO2  Developer  Studio  -­‐  Thursday,  24th  May   2012  •  WSO2  Product  Release  Webinar:  Introducing  Jaggery,  the   Server-­‐Side  JavaScript  Framework  for  Composing  Web  Apps   -­‐  Thursday,  31st  May  2012  •  WSO2  &  eBay  Case  Study  -­‐  How  eBay  Uses  the  Open  Source   WSO2  ESB  to  Process  Over  1  Billion  Transac9ons  Per  Day  -­‐   Thursday,  7th  June  2012  •  WSO2  Advantage  Webinar:  Apply  API  Governance  to  RESTful   Service  APIs  using  WSO2  Governance  Registry  and  WSO2  API   Manager  -­‐  Thursday,  14th  June  2012    5/17/12   27  
  28. 28. lean . enterprise . middleware28