The New IT - Your Milestone Plan


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The New IT - Your Milestone Plan

  1. 1. The New IT: Your Milestone PlanPaul FremantleCTO and Co-FounderWSO2 Inc.
  2. 2. Motivations• Moore’s Law for Data• Global data is doubling every 15 months• New apps must be written to work withthis data• Infinite data storage is coming• Encoding data in DNA stores 700TB in 1gram• And of course almost infinite computepower• Apple App Store• 400M users, 650K apps• Most apps have a small number ofusers• Long tail is really long• This is not your father’s app• Mobile apps, ecosystem apps, API-basedapps will proliferate• API Economy• The App must work in a federated,external model as well as internal5/2/2013 3
  3. 3. Invention comes in manyforms and at many scales.The most radical andtransformative of inventionsare often those that empowerothers to unleash theircreativity – to pursue theirdreams.Jeff Bezos
  4. 4. The New IT
  5. 5. The New IT• Not just for programmers• Self-Service• To Create Apps• To Deploy Apps (somewhere)• Based on Apps, Data and APIs not on servers, disks,memory• Pay as you go• Managed and governed
  6. 6. SometimesCreativityneeds limits
  7. 7.
  8. 8. What is a Milestone Plan• A set of milestones! (ok that was obvious)• Each milestone is self-contained and useful• At each milestone review and course-correction takesplace• Milestones can be independent• Can be time or function based
  9. 9. 13
  10. 10. Start integrating betterUse SOAP and REST appropriatelyUse JSON for mobile-friendly applicationsDon’t put up with an average service re-use of 1.02IterateIterate againDon’t let the organization structure dictate the SOA
  11. 11. APIsUse the opportunity to subset the SOAA constrained store will encourage creativity, improvementand better architecture
  12. 12. Why WSO2 API Management?Leader in the Forrester WaveEase of use for simple casesFlexibility and Openness for hard casesAmazing performance (8k tps on 2 x Core i5 3Ghz)Fit with the rest of the WSO2 Carbon capabilities
  13. 13. Enterprise DevOps
  14. 14. How can you enable Enterprise DevOps• Add an ESB and Business Process Server to manage:• SVN and/or Git• Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo• Maven• Governance Registry• JIRA• Emma/Clover• Puppet
  15. 15. Or you can use WSO2 App Factory
  16. 16. Announcement!WSO2 App Factory Preview is now live and availableGo to in with your WSO2 OT credentialsCreate an Appgit cloneCode!
  17. 17. App Factory is more than just DevOps Governance and Compliance The baby stroller for your first steps to the cloud? Lifecycle Management Version Control Integration with the Platform as a Service Stratos 2.0 – a Cloud Platform
  18. 18. Why use WSO2 App Factory?Unique product:Cloud DevOpsPaaS integrationGovernance and ComplianceMulti-tenant, multi-project – ecosystem enabledDoesn’t have to be big bang:Partner PaaS, DevStaging, etc
  19. 19. Stratos 2.0> stratos subscribe php myphp -min 1 -max 3> git clone> git push myphp
  20. 20. In 2005 we built a company……based on the idea that all new applications would bedistributed and service-orientedSeems we were right.In 7 years time all new applications will be running on aPlatform-as-a-Service
  21. 21. Why WSO2 for PaaS?Polyglot• Carbon Platform, Tomcat, MySQL, PHP for startersInherently Multi-Tenant• Important for any cloud environment (Public, Private, Partner)• 1000’s of tenants per machine are possible• Shared container multi-tenancy for Carbon• Shared OS multi-tenancyCore services• Messaging, Registry, Identity, Data, Deployment, etc
  22. 22. PartnerRegistersAllocated adevelopmentenv (Git,Jenkins, etc)Subscribesto APIsCode/Build/TestDeployPublish newAPIs into APIStore(and App inAppStore)Ecosystem
  23. 23. The Roadmap 20131. App Factory 1.0 and Stratos 2.02. API Manager 1.5 and 2.03. iPaaS and Cloud Connectors4. Big Data and Complex Event Processing5. WSO2 Store – Enterprise App Store, etc6. Ease of Use7. And business as usual product enhancements
  24. 24. How to get there?• Formulate the vision• Work out realistic milestones• Book a QuickStart for your first milestone• Use the milestones for review and course correction
  25. 25. the first step
  26. 26. Thank you