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Enterprise Governance - The Key to Success


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Enterprise Governance - The Key to Success

  1. 1. © WSO2 2012. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.Subash ChaturangaWSO2 Governance RegistryEnterprise Governance - The key to Success
  2. 2. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessWhat is Governance ?● It is the act of governing.● In the context of IT goverannce,○ It is a decision and accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in anenterprise.( Peter Weill and Joanne Ross)Effective governance anticipates the needs and goals of both your organizations IT teamsand its business divisions● What should be governed?● Who should determine governance policies?● How should governance be implemented?●
  3. 3. Enterprise Governance - The key to Success● Governance involves the process of creating a set of guidelines with whichyour services need to comply.● Create high-quality services that can be easily used by your consumersand that behave exactly as expected.● Governance isnt something exclusive to IT, it’s appliedthroughout the industry
  4. 4. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessWhy Governance ?● Statistics proves that firms with well exercised IT governance, who take governance as aserious matter tend to have a relative 10-20 percent greater profit margins.● Usually adherence to standards can only be achieved through a governance mechanism● Investors always put their money behind companies that enforce high internal governancestandards● So it is quite evident that strict governance standards has a direct impact to the bottomline of any IT centralized enterprise.● Investments in an asset is so important andmust be carefully manage.
  5. 5. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessResponsibilities of Governance● Strategic alignment● Value Delivery● Resource Management● Risk management● Performance Measurements.
  6. 6. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessExample: Aviation industry● What is the main purpose ?○ Manufacture airplanes to meet market demands such thatthose airplanes will are safe and do not drop out of the skyregularly.● Solution:○ Proper Industry governance.● How:○ Every operation from construction, to maintenance, to flight monitoring happens under the definedrules and regulations.○ Every screw and bolt needs to be accounted for, and each sub component of the plane is validatedand end to end tested before it can be used in production.● What needs to be done:○ Industry uses a predefined set of strict governance guidelines (or policies) to control and verify that theaircrafts are designed and created in a reliable and proper manner. In other words, an enterprisegovernance framework to apply static/dynamic guidelines which behaves as exactly you expected.
  7. 7. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessHow people do this:● Gather information from your industry stakeholders.Once done, then1. Define the policies to be applied.2. Apply those policies in design time.3. Monitor and enforce policies during runtime.
  8. 8. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessDefine the policies and applying them.● In IT governance, besides the technical aspect of applying the policies defined, it isalso required to focus on the roles, processes and people who get involved, AKA 3Ps.
  9. 9. Three Ps.Policies● All services must be○ WS-I compliant○ Tested.○ Approved by the governance committee.Processes● Services are in general promoted from:○ Design > Test > Staging >Production >Depreciation○ Each step intercepted by an approval process.People● Each service has one or more technical and business owners.● Access to create, read, modify promote services is restricted and controlled by users and groups.● Access controlling should be hierarchical.i.e defining the accounting team and give them access only to accounting services.Enterprise Governance - The key to Success
  10. 10. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessMonitor and enforce policies at runtime● If the organization spent time on defining policies but does not have a way to checkwhether they are followed, that time will be a waste.i.e You want to measure the fuel consumption to check whether it’s within definedrange.Example:- Following is a policy that you want to apply on runtimeForce all the calls to your service to be done over HTTPS.
  11. 11. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessIT Governance● Whether youre providing social networking functionality through public RESTservices or youre building an internal WS-* based services to provide accountinginformation to another department, you have a number of challenges to deal with.How IT governance helps you to:● When your services not behaves as you intended..○ Keeping track of how services are being usedExample:Define and attach a lifecycle to your service.- This will allow you to have a set of predefined phases/states for your service to go through.- Enforce runtime policiesCheck whether you service behaves as it’s suppose to be.In to what extent it is being used.Whether your service meets the expected performance.When you have runtime policies in place which covers all aforementioned aspects, make thestruggling service details available in a dashboard.
  12. 12. Enterprise Governance - The key to SuccessContinued : How IT governance helps you to:● Keeping uniformity among services○ Suppose you have five different teams in five different places who are developing five differentservices. But as an organization you need to keep a level of uniformity across all the servicesyou have.For that you have to:- Define a set of design time policies- Review services in different stage- Create standard sub components reuse them- Enforce policies at runtime.● Do Impact Analysis○ Identify the correlation among thousands of your enterpriseassets and make the correct decisions when rapid changes takeplace in your system.
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