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Solutions Using WSO2 Analytics


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Today, enterprises are looking for innovative ways to digitally transform their businesses - a crucial step forward to remain competitive and enhance profitability. Streaming analytics is a key technology enabler that supports this effort by providing real-time insights on data in motion to help organizations gain the business intelligence they need.

Every industry has its unique challenges, especially where data is concerned. A key advantage of streaming analytics is that it can be customized to create solutions that meet the specific requirements of a particular industry. With years of expertise adapting our analytics products to customer needs, we’ve designed solution templates that target prominent pain points in specific industries.

In this webinar Nirmal will,

Introduce WSO2 Analytics Solutions and theirs use cases (finance and banking, retail, location analytics, IT operations analytics, etc.)

Demonstrate our fleet management solution that gives you the ability to
Know where your fleet is at the moment
Analyze your drivers’ behavior (do they obey speed limits and use optimal routes?)
Find the optimal routes (predict congestion)
Check whether the driver and the cargo are safe
Receive alerts on violation of rules based on Geo-fences

Explain how to customize WSO2 Analytics Solutions

Discuss how to reach out to us

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Solutions Using WSO2 Analytics

  1. 1. Solutions Using WSO2 Analytics Nirmal Fernando Technical Lead - WSO2
  2. 2. Diverse Industries -> Unique Challenges
  3. 3. “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” - Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen
  4. 4. Value of Insights Degrade Fast
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Stream Processor Core WSO2 ANALYTICS OFFERING 6 ▪ Consumes events, and publish alerts and summarizations to and from various enterprise systems. ▪ Event Processor Core with Streaming Complex Event Processing, Incremental Time Series Aggregations, and Streaming Machine Learning. ▪ Stream Processing Functionalities via Extension Store ▪ High Available and Scalable Analytics Fabric ▪ Prebuilt and custom analytics solutions Events JMS, Thrift, SMTP, HTTP, MQTT, Kafka Analytics Fabric Complex Event Processing Incremental Time Series Aggregation Machine Learning Extension Store FinancialandBanking Analytics RetailAnalytics LocationAnalytics OperationalAnalytics SmartEnergyAnalytics Custom Analytics Solutions ... Solutions
  7. 7. Finance and Banking
  8. 8. “Organizations around the world lose an estimated 5% of their annual revenues to fraud” - ‘2016 Report to the Nations’, Association of Fraud Examiners “Global Money Laundering losses estimated at $2 Trillion annually” In 2016, global capital market saw transaction volumes of $661 Bn.
  9. 9. Use Case 1 - Fraud Detection • Detecting fraud via known patterns using generic rules • Detecting unknown types of fraud via machine learning • Detecting rare activity sequences using Markov Modeling • Reduce false alarms using fraud scoring • Caught them in the act - what next? Demo:
  10. 10. Use Case 2 - Risk Management • Finding real-time Value at Risk (VaR) – Historical simulation – Variance-covariance – Monte Carlo simulation
  11. 11. • Identifying Front Running with Patterns Use Case 3 - Stock Market Surveillance Hey Jude, Mike is going to buy large qty of ABC at $21. You better buy now! Great! I bought. ABC is just $18.9 right now! Trade 1 Followed by Trade 2 Jude sells to Mike at $21. Broker: Bob Client Client MikeJude
  12. 12. Use Case 3 - Stock Market Surveillance • Identifying Pump with Regression • Identifying signs of Insider Dealing • Model “Perfect Trader” in order to detect fraudsters
  13. 13. Retail
  14. 14. “Beacon-enabled campaigns have an average click through rate of 60%, compared with traditional campaigns like email marketing at 2%” 74% retailers believe that developing a more engaging in-store experience is going to be business critical" - ‘2015 Store Operations Survey’, Retail TouchPoints
  15. 15. Use Case 1 - Recommendations • Recommendations based on the buying products • Recommendations based on the buying history of the customer • Seasonal recommendations • Contextual, intelligent recommendations
  16. 16. Use Case 2 - Ad Optimization • Display personalized advertisements on online shopping stores – by identifying person’s living location – by identifying person’s buying history – by identifying person’s interest • Optimize displaying advertisements on shopping stores – what impact the Ad made? Is it worth the cost?
  17. 17. • Send personalized information when a customer enters the store • If a customer is spending a considerable amount of time near a shop, suggest offers, send an agent to him etc. Use Case 3 - Proximity Marketing
  18. 18. • Detect that the customer leaves the store and send him a gift coupon • Number of customers & employees in each floor (heat maps) • Number of customers & average time spent per product • Shopping path, purchased items, average time spent by each customer • Overall statistics about given and used offers Use Case 3 - Proximity Marketing
  19. 19. Location Analytics
  20. 20. McKinsey predicts there are growing opportunities for businesses to use geospatial data to track assets, teams, and customers across dispersed locations to generate new insights and improve efficiency.
  21. 21. Use Case - Fleet Management • Real-time monitoring - where is your fleet now?, Visualize your fleet • Geo-fencing based alerts - get alerted if a driver exceeds a defined speed limit within an interactively given geo area • Predicting travel times - historical data can be used to build a machine learning model in order to predict travel times in advance and alert the subscribers
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Operations Analytics
  24. 24. Businesses have discovered the value of applying big data analytics to front-line business systems. Operational analytics allow companies to be more competitive, drive more transactions, eliminate fraud and risk, streamline operations, and achieve amazing cost efficiencies.
  25. 25. Use Cases • Collect data from different stages of business operations • Tracking the progress of your business operations • Detect Service Level Agreement violations at each stage and generate alerts • Visualize your business operations real-time • Generate alerts and notify the subscribers
  26. 26. Demo
  27. 27. Other Solutions • Network Monitoring • Smart Energy Analytics • Social Media Analytics Check out
  28. 28. How to customize the solutions? • If our analytics solutions / use cases align with your business requirements; – You can reach us to see a detailed demo – We would like to discuss and understand your requirements in detail – Our well trained engineers can help you customize the pre-built solutions for your organization via our development services offerings.
  29. 29. Interested? - Contact us
  30. 30. UBER uses WSO2 Siddhi CEP engine (the core of WSO2 DAS) as their Policy Engine for detecting Taxi Fraud and Policy Violations and acting fast on them. This platform has been in production for more than a year and supports over 100 real-time data use cases by a 3 member team. UBER selected WSO2 because of the open source nature, lightweight, scalability and extensibility of WSO2 products.
  31. 31. Experian delivers a digital marketing platform, where WSO2 Stream Processor plays a key role. This solution allows to analyze customers behavior in real-time and offer targeted promotions. WSO2 Stream Processor was chosen after careful analysis, primarily for its openness, its open source nature, the fact that support is driven by engineers and the availability of a complete middleware, integrated with WSO2 Stream Processor, for additional use cases.
  32. 32. Colombo Stock Exchange uses the WSO2 Stream Processor as a Market Surveillance tool to detect Stock Market Manipulation CSE uses siddhi queries to capture known manipulation patterns as well as unknown patterns through continuously learning rules CSE chose WSO2 due to adaptable and pluggable nature of the WSO2 Stream Processor. Confidentiality and Professionalism were also priorities when picking a vendor for Stock Market Surveillance.
  33. 33. Experian delivers a digital marketing platform, where CEP plays a key role to analyze in real-time customers behavior and offer targeted promotions. CEP was chosen after careful analysis, primarily for its openness, its open source nature, the fact support is driven by engineers and the availability of a complete middleware, integrated with CEP, for additional use cases. Eurecat is the Catalonia innovation center (in Spain) - Using CEP to analyze data from iBeacons deployed within department stores to offer instant rebates to user or send them help if it’s detected that they seem “stuck” in the shop area. They chose WSO2 due to real-time processing, the variety of IoT connectors available as well as the extensible framework and the rich configuration language. They also use WSO2 ESB in conjunction with WSO2 CEP. Pacific Controls is an innovative company delivering an IoT platform of platforms: Galaxy 2021. The platform allows to manage all kinds of devices within a building and take automated decisions such as moving an elevator or starting the air conditioning based on certain conditions. Within Galaxy 2021, CEP is used for monitoring alarms and specific conditions.Pacific Controls also uses other products from the WSO2 platform, such as WSO2 ESB and Identity Server 33 A leading airline uses CEP to enhance customer experience by calculating the average time to reach their boarding gate (going through security, walking, etc.). They also want to track the time it takes to clean a plane, in order to better streamline the boarding process and notify both the airline and customers about potential delays. They evaluated WSO2 CEP first as they were already using our platform and decided to use it as it addressed all their requirements. SUCCESS STORIES
  34. 34. 34 a Winning the Data in Motion Hack Week with AWS and Geovation, providing an impressive solution, taking the data from many modes of transport and overlaying passenger flow/train loading and pollution data, and allowing users to plan a route based on how busy their stations/routes are, whilst also taking air quality into account. DEBS (Distributed Event Based Systems) Challenge in Smart Home electricity data: 2000 sensors, 40 houses, 4 billion events. We posted fastest single node solution measured (400K events/sec) and close to one million distributed throughput. WSO2 CEP based solution is one of the four finalists, and the only generic solution to become a finalist. Build solution to search, visualize, analyze healthcare records (HL7) across 20 hospitals in Italy, with the combination of WSO2 ESB. Foods supply company in USA, detects anomalies such as delivery delays and provides personalized notifications, and makes order recommendations based on history. DEBS 2014 SUCCESS STORIES
  35. 35. THANK YOU