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Debugging Integration Flows


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Learn how to debug using visual debugger including breakpoints, stepping, skipping, and more with WSO2 Integration Studio. Additionally, the deck explores how to inspect and use wire logs to troubleshoot mediation flows.

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Debugging Integration Flows

  1. 1. Debugging Integration Flows Using WSO2 Integration Studio Rosen Silva and Praveen Nadarajah Integration Team 1
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • What's new in WSO2 Integration Studio • Run and debug with built-in runtime • Run and debug with external server runtime • HTTP Wire-Logs, skip mediators and manipulating properties • Debug Data Mapper mediator with real-time viewer
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Debugging integration flows • Identifying • Analyzing • Fixing the error
  5. 5. Debugging Process Step 4 Fix the bug Step 2 Describe the bug Step 1 Reproduce the problem Step 3 Analyze the bug
  6. 6. What’s new in Integration Studio 6.5.0 • Single click execution of artifacts with integrated runtime • Integrated visual debugging capability • Real-time data transformation viewer • Integrated seamless deployment experience for on-premise, Docker and WSO2 Integration Cloud. • Quick start with hundreds of pre-built integration templates and 200+ connectors
  7. 7. Installation and Quick Start
  8. 8. Install and Start with built-in Samples ● Download: ● For Mac users: ○ Open .dmg file and copy to Applications Folder ● Windows/ Linux users: ○ Extract the zip file and start IntegrationStudio executable ● You’ll see a Getting Started page, click on sample you like
  9. 9. Deploying & Debugging with Internal Runtime
  10. 10. Running and Debugging built-in runtime ● Always create an Composite Application(this is used to export projects to the server runtime) ● To Run : Select the project and click on Run As -> Run on Micro Integrator ● To Debug : Select the project and click on Debug As -> Mediation Debug
  11. 11. WSO2 Micro-integrator runtime Scenario 01 Client Service that sends “Hello World” Greeting message Request Response
  12. 12. Deploying & Debugging with External Runtime
  13. 13. Running and Debugging external runtime • Add a new server: Help -> Getting Started -> Miscellaneous -> Add New Server
  14. 14. Scenario Client Service that sends “Hello World” Greeting message Request Response WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  15. 15. Scenario 02
  16. 16. Content Based Routing Scenario Client WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Number Addition Endpoint Number Division Endpoint Request Response Route Addition Requests Route Division Requests
  17. 17. Scenario 03
  18. 18. XML to JSON Transformation Scenario Client Employee Data XML to JSON Transformation HTTP service Request with XML Payload Response in JSON WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  19. 19. Summary • Run and debug using internal & external server runtime • Adding breakpoints • Skipping mediators • Adding, removing and changing properties • Viewing HTTP wire logs • Real-time data mapper viewer
  20. 20. THANK YOU