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Architecting the Digital Enterprise


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How important is it for your enterprise to be a digital one? How do you build a culture of innovation?

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Architecting the Digital Enterprise

  1. 1. ARCHITECTING THE DIGITAL ENTERPRISE Mifan Careem Senior Director -Solutions Architecture, WSO2 Inc.
  2. 2. Digital Enterprise • New business designs that blur the physical and digital world • “Digital Business is expected to create a new $309B market for technology products and services by 2020” - Source – Gartner, 2015 -
  3. 3. The Journey to Digital Business
  4. 4. Business Architecture of Digital Enterprise
  5. 5. Requirement • Dialog Axiata, an Axiata group company, needed to unify the multiple development teams and unify internal app and service development and reuse • Needed a digital strategy to compete with newer over the air providers and to launch newer digital products • Provide the basis of the telco wide digital transformation Solution • Dialog built an internal and external enterprise API marketplace using WSO2 API manager and related technologies • A number of evangelism events are organized around the APIs including hackathons, workshops, seminars, conference talks etc and incentives including investment programs, prizes, leaderboards etc that promote application development • The API marketplace is coupled with full ecosystem management for end to end API and app development •
  6. 6. Enterprise API marketplaces and Platform Business Models drive (internal and external) innovation
  7. 7. Digital Enterprise • An API Marketplace goes above and beyond the API Developer Portal and connects API Producers and API Consumers via Activities and Technology • Activities and Evangelism such as Hackathons (Hackathon-in-a-box) promote creation and reuse of APIs
  8. 8. Enterprise API Marketplaces and Platforms
  9. 9. 1.Customers and Vendors are Partners People are in it for the long haul
  10. 10. Cloud First or Start On-Prem • Multi-tenanted, shared everything • WSO2 Hosted and managed • Pay as you go • Multi-region availability • VPN tunnel to private DC • Guaranteed uptime • Limited options in customizing API Cloud WSO2 Manage Cloud Private On-Prem • Privately hosted • WSO2 managed • Upgrades, patches installation • Guaranteed uptime • Full flexibility in customization • Better control • Self hosted • Self managed • Full flexibility • Dev-ops learning curve • Self managed upgrades
  11. 11. 2. Businesses demand iterative, incremental architectures 3. Fail fast, react faster 4. Minimal Viable Product/Architecture
  12. 12. Container Architecture
  13. 13. 5.Analytics and IoT drives new disruptive business models
  14. 14. Enterprise Publisher - Supports all Environments
  15. 15. Technology Platforms enable Business Platforms
  16. 16. Digital (Enterprise) Reference Architecture
  17. 17. Digital Enterprise Reference Architecture
  18. 18. Present Day Enterprise Architecture
  19. 19. Open Technology for Agile Digital Business
  20. 20. THANK YOU