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WSO2 Quarterly Technical Update


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Published in: Technology
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WSO2 Quarterly Technical Update

  1. 1. 2011 Q4 Technical Update and Roadmap Paul Fremantle, Co-Founder and CTO @pzfreo #wso2
  2. 2. Agenda• Significant updates during 2011• Recent releases• Focus areas for 2012• Roadmap highlights
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Carbon and Stratos Release History © WSO2 2011
  5. 5. MAJOR UPDATES FOR 2011
  6. 6. Carbon Core• JTA and distributed 2-phase transaction support• Deployment Synchronizer (including SVN support)• Embedded LDAP directory server• Kerberos Support• SAML 2.0 sign-on for all admin consoles• Message Broker Product – Plus embeddable message broker component• Complex Event Processing Server
  7. 7. Deployment Synchronizer Options: • Use a master to populate the store or do it as part of the development/deployment process Dev Environment • Use WSO2 Registry or SVN as a store • Poll the store for updates or notification (push) model SVN-based store Registry store Local checkoutMaster Server Cluster © WSO2 2011
  8. 8. Enterprise Service Bus• Relay / Passthrough Transport – Significant performance improvement for load-balancing, routing and security gatewaying• Message Stores and Processors, Embedded Message Broker• Templates• New mediators – Conditional Router, PayloadFactory, URL Rewrite Mediator• New HL7 support including MLLP• Enhanced support for service chaining, many improved mediators, plus usual bug fixes
  9. 9. Governance Registry• SCXML based lifecycle support• New Registry MetaModel Extension format• UDDI v3 support• Caching support – significant performance update• Improved Impact Analysis• Clustering Support• Plus lots lots more!
  10. 10. GovernanceLifecycles
  11. 11. Meta Model Extensions<artifactType type="application/vnd.wso2-project+xml" shortName="projects"singularLabel="Project" pluralLabel="Projects" hasNamespace="false" iconSet="4"> <storagePath>/projects/@{name}</storagePath> <ui> <list> <column name="Name"> <data type="path" value="overview_name" href="@{storagePath}"/> </column> </list> </ui> <relationships> <association type="isPartOf" source="@{assets_entry:value}"/> </relationships> <content> <table name="Overview"> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Name</name> </field> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Project Manager</name> </field> <field type="text-area"> <name>Description</name> </field> </table>
  12. 12. Other major enhancements• WSO2 Data Services Server – Column Storage Services / Cassandra Support – Full 2PC distributed transactions – Boxcarring• WSO2 Identity Server – XACML Editor• WSO2 Business Process Server – Clustering Support – Long running instance management views• WSO2 Business Activity Monitor – Customizable reports, significant updates around performance and stability
  13. 13. Carbon Studio• 12 releases in 2011!• Full editor for building Carbon and Stratos applications – Webapps – Services – ESB flows – BPEL flows – Registry configurations• Significant continuous improvements throughout the year – WSO2 project teams completed full engagements 100% using Studio• More to come in 2012 
  14. 14. Stratos / StratosLive• Major release update 1.5.0 in June plus 1.5.2 this quarter – Cassandra and MySQL multi-tenant support – Billing and Metering – Google Apps Integration – Deployment Synchronizer including SVN based – Elastic Load Balancer – 1.5.2 is significantly includes many updates based on our experiences running in 24x7 production as StratosLive
  15. 15. What is Cassandra?• Apache Cassandra• NoSQL column family implementation• Highly scalable, available and no single point of failure.• Very high write throughput and good read throughput.• SQL like query language (from 0.8) and support search through secondary indexes• Tunable consistency and support replication• Loose/Flexible Schema
  16. 16. Cassandra ApproachTable Data ItemsBooks “Foundation” -> (author=asimov, rank=9, price=14, tag1=“sci-fi” tag2=“future”) “I Robot” -> (author=asimov, rank=7, price=14, tag1=“sci-fi” tag2=“robots”)Tags2Books “sci-fi” -> 1311031405918=“Foundation”, 1311031405919=“I Robot” “future” -> …Tags2Authors “sci-fi” -> 1311031405920=“Asimov” “future” -> …Comments “Foundation” -> (1311031405922=“best book-sanjiva”, 1311031405923=“well I disagree-srinath”) “I Robot” -> (1311031405924=“Asimov’s best-srinath”, 1311031405928=“I like foundation better-sanjiva”)Ranks Rank -> (9=“Foundation”, 7=“I Robot”)
  17. 17. Carbon/StratosImplementation
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Focus Areas for 2012• Tooling, Development and Presentation• Integration, API Management and Governance• Analytics, Data and Monitoring• Cloud, Cloud development, Services Store• Carbon and Stratos Foundations
  20. 20. Tooling, Development, Presentation• Carbon Studio 2.0 – Flow based ESB tooling – Better integration into Stratos for deploying cApps• Jaggery – An application development environment in JavaScript – Including Data, Presentation and Business Logic• Gadgets as part of webapps – Completely embeddable as part of a JSP, JSSP, or Servlet• Significant performance improvements for JAX-WS• Better support for hosting webapps – Virtual hosts, etc
  21. 21. ESB Flow Based Tooling
  22. 22. Integration• ESB API management and REST improvements – Already in the trunk – Further performance improvements – Synapse 2.1 support• Governance Registry – Out of the box metamodel improvements – Notification bar – S-RAMP support• Identity Server – XACML 2.0, Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) – Many further improvements including better embedability and REST• Data Services – Cassandra-based Data Services• Message Broker – Looking at creating a much more scalable and clusterable offering
  23. 23. API Management Solution
  24. 24. API Management Solution• Available today as a combination of product plus services – WSO2 ESB, G-Registry, IS, BAM• OAuth keys, binary relay routing, analytics from BAM• All managed based on policies• Can include XACML based entitlement
  25. 25. Analytics and Data• Significant overhaul of BAM – New agent model • Non-blocking asynchronous binary data publisher – Cassandra support for higher scalability – New analyzer framework – Improved Gadget creation tooling (Gadget IDE)• Beyond 2.0 – Include Rules and CEP support to enhance real- time analytics
  26. 26. BAM2 Architecture
  27. 27. Data Publisher API (draft)Event event = new Event();event.setCorrelation(createCorrelationMap());event.setEvent(createEventDataMap());event.setMeta(createMetaDataMap());EventReceiver eventReceiver = new EventReceiver();eventReceiver.setSocketTransportEnabled(true);eventReceiver.setUrl("https://localhost:9443/");eventReceiver.setUserName("admin");eventReceiver.setPassword("admin");eventReceiver.setPort(7611);ArrayList<Event> events = new ArrayList<Event>();events.add(event);BasicConfigurator.configure();setTrustStoreParams();AgentConfiguration configuration = new AgentConfiguration();Agent agent = new Agent(configuration);agent.publish(events, eventReceiver);agent.shutdown(); © WSO2 2011
  28. 28. Analyzer configuration screen © WSO2 2011
  29. 29. Gadget IDE © WSO2 2011
  30. 30. Gadget IDE © WSO2 2011
  31. 31. More Data• Cloud File System – HDFS support in Stratos• Map Reduce Service – Hadoop-as-a-Service
  32. 32. Core Carbon and Stratos• Updates to Equinox level – Support for dOSGi• Better support for OSGi and Tomcat• Improvements to cApp and cApp deployment• Multi-language support for Stratos• Stratos Integrated development-time support – SVN projects, Maven build• Improved Stratos homepage• ….
  33. 33. Vertical PaaSUsersPartners Tenant Tenant Tenant Tenant Apps Apps Apps AppsEcosystem Owner PaaS / Stratos API Management / API Store Existing business systems as APIs
  34. 34. Automated Cloud Development• Integrating Redmine, JIRA, SVN, Governance Registry, Maven, Stratos and IS together with BPS+ESB – Creating a project in Redmine creates SVN, Stratos Project, and populates users – Checking in a project into SVN with “Deploy” tags initiates a review process in BPEL • Automatically creates JIRA entries for code review, security review • When these are closed, the process progresses through staging • Eventually the project is automatically deployed into production cloud• Planned for inclusion in StratosLive in 2012 – Can be customized for your environment and projects
  35. 35. Shared Service Solution
  36. 36. Key resources• Me: – – #pzfreo• OxygenTank – – WSO2’s forge and developer portal – Documentation, articles, blogs and more• © WSO2 2011