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Online Reputation Management and What NOT to do!


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Online reputation management (ORM) and what NOT do. If you don’t care about your online reputation then follow these steps exactly as I have outlined in this article. Your online reputation is too important to leave in the hands of your customers to manage.

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Online Reputation Management and What NOT to do!

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management and What NOT to do!First off let’s start with the obvious, what exactly is online reputation management. I feel likeeveryone is talking about this concept, but very few are explaining what this is. Onlinereputation management involves managing reviews, mentions, conversations about yourcompany, potentially on lots of other web sites. Its requires active involvement on sites likeYelp, Google Hotpot, CitySearch, Angies List, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Really itsabout protecting your business or personal reputation online and not leaving it up to yourconsumers and clients to determine your reputation for you.Keep in mind that in today’s market, it is often difficult to stand out from your competitors. Andif you are in a volume business, negative reviews are most likely going to happen at some point.Even if you are not in a business that has lots of customers, one bad review can cause yourprospects to hesitate to do business with you.Let’s lay out exactly what NOT to do in regards to online reputation management 1) Ignore Negative Reviews – ignoring negative reviews on some of the top review sites is a great way to drive away potential business. Your prospects are going to find reviews about your company, and if you have not responded to those reviews, it looks like you don’t care about your customers. 2) Fight Back – fight fire with fire! If someone leaves you a negative review, another great way to drive away business is to be negative back. Tell the customer that they are the one that was wrong and to stop complaining, get a life, go away, find something better to do, etc . Responding back negatively is a sure fire way to lose even more prospects and customers. 3) Your Web Site is the Only Site That is Important to Your Business – continue to ignore review sites like Yelp, and Google Hotpot and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t claim your Google Places page or your Yelp page, Bing Local…etc etc These sites are just fads and will eventually go away and will just amount to a big waste of time for your business or marketing team. Your web site is the only site that people will go to when searching for keywords related to your business or when looking for more information about your business. Don’t worry about establishing a web presence across multiple web sites, that’s too much work and will never help you acquire more customers or manage your reputation. 4) Don’t Look at Analytics – continue to ignore all the great built in analytics data that exists on your YouTube Channel, Google Places page, Facebook Fan Page Insights data,
  2. 2. Google Analytics, and Twitter. Knowing where your customers are coming from won’t help you adjust your marketing strategies, or tailor your products and services to what your customers actually want. Also, you won’t need to know exactly who your customers are (Men, Women, Age, Income, etc) as that will have little value to your business.As you can see, the above 4 steps will certainly help you drive away more customers andcontinue to sour your brand and reputation online. If that is what you are looking to do, thenfollow those 4 steps for success (if that’s the type of success you want). Online reputationmanagement can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right tools and strategies in place.Logging into 20 or 30 different accounts can be a daunting process.I don’t want to make this blog into a sales pitch, but every once in a while I find as solution thatwill make people’s lives much easier and allow them to grow their business substantially. Take alook at WSI ReachCast which can manage the entire online reputation management process foryou in one easy to use platform. WSI | We Simplify Internet Marketing Search Marketing (SEO, PPC) | Social Media | Web Design | Integrated Solutions | Lead Generation | Video Marketing P: 1-877-999-9741 ● E: ● Chicago, IL | Portland, MEAbout the Author Ryan Adams is a WSI Certified Internet Marketing Consultant. Having successfully developed several start‐up companies, both online and offline, he launched his next venture and opened a WSI Internet Marketing business with offices in Portland, ME and Chicago, IL. Ryan graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Southern Maine as well as receiving several advanced certifications from Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business and Cornell University. He is also a Google Certified Analytics consultant and holds several certifications in internet marketing from SEMPO, the leading educator in the field of internet marketing.