Building Your Online Web Presence and Increasing Website SEO


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You need to build your online web presence to compete effectively online. Website SEO is not the only way to increase traffic and dominate search results. Building multiple web presences will help you gain more brand awareness and increase traffic.

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Building Your Online Web Presence and Increasing Website SEO

  1. 1. Building Your Online Web Presence and Increasing Website SEOIt is a common goal of anyone who conducts business through a website to want to appear atthe top of the search results for their core keywords or phrases. With a solid search engineoptimization strategy combined with a thoughtful pay-per-click campaign you can ensure yourwebsite will be among the top results for searches involving your keywords.However once this goal is met where do you go? How can you build upon being the number oneorganic and paid search result for your keywords? Even if you are getting little traffic to yourstand alone website, there are many more ways to drive quality traffic and brand awareness“off-site.”The answer is to increase your web presence across many different channels. Being number onein search for some of your keywords is great, but it leaves room for your competition in the restof the first page spots 2-10, and there is also more “space” on Page 1 in Google now with theintegrating of their Google Places listings. If your site appears first (or even 1-3) on the list ofsearch results, it is very likely that the person searching will visit your site. Hopefully once theyland on your site theyll find everything they need and not leave until theyve made a purchaseor taken action with your company. However its more likely that theyll go back to the searchresults and check out a couple other websites or even mix up what they are searching for to geteven more specific. This leaves room for the competition to swoop in and steal the business ifyou are not targeting more than one location in the search results.Enhancing your web presence means creating a strategy to dominate organic search resultsusing multiple websites like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Places, etc. There are somany sites, its impossible to list them all in this article. You need to register your business andwebsite with local directories, review sites, setup a blog or 2 focusing on different keywords andservices you offer, a micro site, social media, and article marketing sites. When done correctlyand optimized highlighting your keywords, location, business name…the goal is that yourbusiness could potentially take up the entire first page of the search results. Dominating thepage and showing the person searching that you are #1-#10 in your market creates huge brandpower. Even just getting 2 or 3 listings on page 1 for a keyword related to your services orproducts can drive quality traffic and separate you from the pack.Increasing the number and quality of business listings for your website can guarantee that morepeople come across your business. This will ultimately drive more traffic to your site and helpshow you and your site as a leader in your industry.
  2. 2. Magazines are now offering online subscriptions, consumers are catching up on television showsthey missed online, and products are searched for and purchased on the web. Building an onlinepresence is more important than ever. Watch this video to learn more about the importance ofdigital marketing and look into WSIs new ReachCast service to help build your web presence.Click here to watch our Digital Marketing video explaining the new age ofdigital marketing. WSI | We Simplify Internet Marketing Search Marketing (SEO, PPC) | Social Media | Web Design | Integrated Solutions | Lead Generation | Video Marketing P: 1-877-999-9741 ● E: ● Chicago, IL | Portland, MEAbout the Author Ryan Adams is a WSI Certified Internet Marketing Consultant. Having successfully developed several start‐up companies, both online and offline, he launched his next venture and opened a WSI Internet Marketing business with offices in Portland, ME and Chicago, IL. Ryan graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Southern Maine as well as receiving several advanced certifications from Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business and Cornell University. He is also a Google Certified Analytics consultant and holds several certifications in internet marketing from SEMPO, the leading educator in the field of internet marketing.