Wisdom Book 2011


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A collection of WSI's best in -class digital marketing business case studies.

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Wisdom Book 2011

  1. 1. Outstanding Web Solutionsfor UK and European Businesses
  2. 2. Table of ContentsGillett & Johnston (Croydon) Ltd. | Manufacturer of Clocks 4Eggington Dairy | Local Milk Dairy 6Sunsweet | Food and Beverage 8Tallinn Hotels (Aldera Hotel Ltd.) | Accommodation 10Streeter Marshall | Solicitors / Legal Services 12Milton Keynes College | Education 14Le Lys d’Or | Flower Shop 16Cruga Ltd. | Online Retail 18About WSI 20
  3. 3. GILLETT & JOHNSTON (CROYDON) LTD. Manufacturer of Clocks, Bells and Carillons www.gillettjohnston.co.ukBack to Table of ContentsPage 4Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  4. 4. Goals and Challenges: Considerable business has been generated by the website and they are delighted with the results and even more delighted with theThe company has a world-class reputation for quality and quantity of business now beingmanufacturing clock, bells and carillons for generated by their new website.landmark buildings and churches throughoutthe world. Most of the company’s businesswas generated by repeat business fromexisting clients or word of mouth. Little to nobusiness was being generated from the TESTIMONIALInternet. “Further to our telephone conversation last week, this is toWhilst the company is proud of its long confirm that we would betradition, it was keen not to appear out-of- delighted for you to use ourdate and out-of-touch with the modern world. website for your [showcase]. ITheir old website looked old fashioned and did would like to take this opportunitylittle for their public image. to say how delighted we were with the way you managed our project. You listened to our requirementsThe Solution: and understood what we wanted to convey through our website. TheWSI developed a search engine friendly follow-up service has been superbwebsite that conveys the image of a company and we would have no hesitationproud of its history whilst appearing modern in recommending your services".and progressive. All pages were optimised forone primary and a couple of secondary Jenny Coombeskeywords / key phrases and each page has the Directorprimary keyword in the URL. Gillett & Johnston (Croydon) LtdThe Results:The new website produces around 200enquiries from all over the world each month.It is an excellent showcase of their work and WSI Consultants:achieves the company’s objectives of giving amodern fresh appearance to an old CHRIS GRIFFIN & LESLEY BLACKestablished business. Recent commissions Surrey, UKgained via the website include new work from www.wsiims.co.uka variety of sources, including installations asfar afield and varied as the Falkland Islands,Singapore, Spain and Haiti. Page 5 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  5. 5. EGGINGTON DAIRY Local Milk Dairy www.eggingtondairymilkdelivery.co.ukBack to Table of ContentsPage 6Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  6. 6. Goals and Challenges: TESTIMONIAL  Eggington Dairy wished to increase awareness of their dairy milk home delivery "Eggington Dairy, a part of Pecks service Farm, has worked with WSI on a  Eggington Dairy needed milk delivery number of projects, namely orders within a local area creating landing pages to help promote our home milk delivery service and our hand-made, freshThe Solution: produce hampers. WSI and their team have been helpful and  A landing page was created that was fully professional throughout, always optimised for local search using only guiding us down the right path, organic techniques and nothing is too much trouble.  The landing page included a contact form Both landing pages have been a with a thank-you page tremendous success in hitting their  The landing page was manually submitted targeted audiences, resulting in to the search engines increased sales almost from day  We added search engine verification files, one, which was a great boost! We created XML sitemaps and submitted those would and indeed have  We also created robots.txt and geo tags recommended WSIs services to and added those too other businesses wanting to increase their online presence".The Results: Fiona PeckWithin 1 week of launching the landing page, it Managing Directorwas appearing on the first page of Google for Eggington Dairyover 20 different search terms. Most of theseterms appeared not only on the first page, butalso in position 1 of Google. Other resultsincluded: WSI Consultant:  An increase in visitors to her website from a standing start to over 1000 visits in a few TRACY SPENCE months – we measured this using Google Northamptonshire, UK Analytics www.totalwsinetsolutions.com  63% of the traffic to her website coming in on a purely organic search - as seen through Google Analytics  Orders placed – 5 new clients in two weeks, and continuing to grow – this was verified by the client Page 7 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  7. 7. SUNSWEET Food and Beverage www.sunsweet.it www.facebook.com/sunsweetonesBack to Table of ContentsPage 8Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  8. 8. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Prior to working with WSI, Sunsweet’s primary Below is a summary of the results:marketing focus in Europe was traditionaladvertising channels, primarily TV. Our  16,770 visits and 9,976 unique visitschallenge was to devise an Internet marketing  59.17% new visitsinitiative that integrated well with Sunsweet’s  80,662 page views (total)traditional TV advertising campaign.  33,651 video views  3,745 email subscriptionsThe Solution:  Conversion rate of 37.5%Collaborating with our WSI colleagues in Italy, TESTIMONIALwe launched a new website dedicated to theItalian market and ran successful search “WSI has consistently proven to beengine marketing campaigns. Some of the a highly professional and reliableelements included search engine optimisation supplier. Their work is always of a(SEO) and paid search campaigns with a focus high calibre and executed in aon building targeted traffic and ultimately a timely manner. WSI wants to gocustomer loyalty program enabling the client the extra mile, wants to find theto engage in an email marketing initiative with best way to do things. They areexisting and prospective customers. creative and are endlessly resourceful both in terms of designIn collaboration with Sunsweet’s marketing and ideas for online activities. Theyteam, WSI also ran an online video contest have a genuine concern to deliverover a 6-week period. The online campaign value for money, and have aran in conjunction with an offline TV ad relentless attention to detail”.campaign and was heavily promoted onproduct packaging that hit the stores prior to Amanda Bishopthe launch of the online campaign. Marketing Director Sunsweet EuropeBelow are the elements that we developedand executed for the Sunsweet campaign:  Development: website, landing page, WSI Consultant: Facebook Fan page and YouTube channel CORMAC FARRELLY  Marketing: PPC, social media strategy, SEO Dublin, Ireland strategy www.wsionlinemarketing.ie  Consulting: split testing different ad groups, defining target audience for campaigns listed above Page 9 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  9. 9. TALLINN HOTELS (ALDERA HOTEL LTD) Accommodation www.tallinnhotels.ee TESTIMONIAL “After few meetings with WSI, we felt that this is the right company to work with – now considering the new website we admit that the choice was right! They are helpful and respond quickly to our concerns. All questions have been answered. We already see how successful our cooperation has been. Within the first months of our website being online and after our monthly meetings with WSI, we have seen how the most important numbers have been doubled. I am very satisfied we chose WSI”. Alver Pupart Sales and Marketing Director TallinnHotels / Aldera Hotell OÜBack to Table of ContentsPage 10Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  10. 10. Goals and Challenges: TallinnHotels’ Facebook and Twitter pages were designed following the website style.Before working with WSI, the client had an Also new email templates and email footersoutdated website design and a poor Internet were designed. To make it complete, wemarketing strategy. They were not satisfied designed new business cards as well. WSI iswith their website statistics: bounce rate 67%, doing SEO and running PPC campaigns in 5average time on site only 1:24 and only 2 countries and helping them with emailpages seen per visit. As their main source of marketing.leads and bookings comes online and theirbudget for this is quite high, they realised that The Results:they were wasting money and asked WSI tohelp them. The hotel is very happy with WSI’s solution and the results we have produced. They likeTallinnHotels operates 4 hotels with different the new look of the website and otherprice range. One of the project goals was to marketing materials as well as the socialmake it easier for clients to find the best hotel media pages.for them. The objective of this project was tore-design the brand for TallinnHotels, starting  They appear on the first page of Googlefrom the website and end with business cards. for the main keyword phrases “TallinnWe also wanted to create a search engine Hotels” and “Tallinn Hotel”optimisation (SEO) strategy and integrate  Total visits increased from 4000 to 5000social media to marketing plan and get more  Website bounce rate dropped from 67%bookings online. to 45%  Average time on site increased from 1:24The Solution: to 2:26  Pages per visit increased from 2.0 to 3.5WSI designed and created a new website forthe company focused on ConversionArchitecture and integrated it with socialmedia. The website features: online bookingfunctionality, contact form, phone booking,email booking and social media connections. Inaddition, we added an online support feature WSI Consultant:allowing the hotel staff to help their clients ARMIN TULLbook the right room. Hajumaa, Estonia www.wsionline.eeTo make it easier for clients to decide whichhotel room to book, we integrated a 360-degree view feature within this site. The site isin 4 languages: English, Estonian, Russian andFinnish. Page 11 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  11. 11. STREETER MARSHALL Solicitors / Legal Services www.streetermarshall.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 12Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  12. 12. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Streeter Marshall is an old established firm of Web analytics show that the ongoing PPCsolicitors and notaries with 3 offices in the campaign, which has continued at the sameSouth East of England. The old website was advertising spend level as previously, is nowbuilt by WSI back in 2005, but had become only accountable for 10% of the websiteoutdated and did not convey the modern traffic. Meanwhile, organic search is nowimage needed by this progressive firm. sending around 70% of visitors each month (over 1,200 visitors each month).Whilst the old site had been successful inbringing new client business to StreeterMarshall, most Internet business came via thepay-per-click (PPC) campaign that WSI TESTIMONIALconducted with very little business coming “We are delighted particularly atfrom organic search. the speed the website moves from screen to screen compared withThe Solution: the old site. In addition, the colour and clarity is much better with aThe initial site WSI created for them used more modern image. Many thanksdynamically generated URLs and the new site to WSI for all your help over a longthat WSI developed recently is far more search period of time. We are pleasedengine friendly. The website was created with with the input that you have madeeach web page being optimised for one into the development of the site, aprimary, and a couple of secondary keywords / much better product than what wekey phrases. Also, the page URLs contained the had originally".primary keyword on each page. David MooreThe new website also reflects their new Senior Partnercorporate branding and whilst the client was Streeter Marshallkeen in having a graphic intensive home page,we have managed to overcome the SEO issuescaused by this with the creative use ofjavascript and ALT text for the service images. WSI Consultants:WSI will continue to work with the company to CHRIS GRIFFIN & LESLEY BLACKreview its ongoing Internet marketing strategy Surrey, UKand expect more of their marketing budget to www.wsiims.co.ukmove from traditional advertising to organicsearch / social media optimisation.Streeter Marshall is overall very pleased withthe results that WSI generated for them. Page 13 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  13. 13. MILTON KEYNES COLLEGE Education www.mkcollege.ac.uk TESTIMONIAL “Facebook advertising was a new venture for the college, so it was great to have the expertise of WSI on hand to guide us through it. The campaign was well-managed and produced excellent results, doubling the amount of fans in the first week alone. WSI integrated all of our social media, which ensured that we delivered a consistent and cohesive message across all marketing platforms”. Emma Thompson Digital & Online Marketing Executive Milton Keynes CollegeBack to Table of ContentsPage 14Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  14. 14. Goals and Challenges: We created a landing page that would target users searching for competitor colleges andMilton Keynes College is a well-known college universities and drive the traffic to thatwithin the UK providing school leavers with landing page with a focus on signing up for317 part-time and full-time courses and courses with Milton Keynes College. Wediplomas. The marketing department is very would also link them to the Facebookexperienced and the website receives over campaign.25,000 visitors on average per month.However, they had only recently started The Facebook campaign involved drivingexperimenting with social media and were traffic to a Fan Page offering weekly contestslooking for a consultant to assist. and prizes while providing daily updates and interesting content. A WordPress blog wasWSI’s goal was to help the college raise brand launched and used to feed interesting andawareness amongst 16-19 year olds within a relevant content to the Facebook page. In20-mile radius of the city of Milton Keynes. In addition, YouTube videos featuring currentaddition, we wanted to generate increased students were fed into the Fan Page.course bookings through a pay-per-click (PPC)campaign, which was solely targeting The Results:competitor college search phrases. Over 8 weeks of targeting a 20-mile radiusThe Solution: around Milton Keynes:WSI launched a social media brand awareness  500 fans joined the Fan Pagecampaign, including a secondary pay-per-click  30 video views per day(PPC) campaign. WSI was responsible for  4-8 interactions per postdeveloping the project, creating the content,  464 Facebook page views per daysetting up the platforms and managing the  Competitor PPC campaign generates 3090daily updates. The project was set as a 3- website visitsmonth brand awareness campaign using the  202 phone call enquiries and 21 bookedfollowing mediums: courses to date  PPC advertising and landing page design  Facebook advertising and landing page WSI Consultant:  Facebook Fan Page BRIAN AND DALE HOLROYD  WordPress blog Bedfordshire, UK  YouTube videos www.wsimarketing.com/bholroydWSI targeted competitor universities andcolleges within a 20-mile radius of MiltonKeynes College. Page 15 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  15. 15. LE LYS D’OR Flower Shop www.lysdorfleuriste.be TESTIMONIAL “Since you convinced us to have our own website, we regained confidence in the viability of our business. Thanks to WSI, we understood how to overcome our geographical obstacle. Now we are eager to launch our new e- commerce website. For sure, not only our existing customers will benefit from this easy way of ordering, but we will be able to serve more new customers. We can’t finish this testimonial without talking about your constant availability, your easy listening attitude and your search for new ideas for our business. You are constantly thinking of our business like it was yours. As a consequence we really feel today you are part of Le Lys d’Or”. Marc & Jacqueline Delens Le Lys d’OrBack to Table of ContentsPage 16Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  16. 16. Goals and Challenges: In less than 3 months, the same phrase would also feature the Le Lys d’Or website inSeveral new flower shops had emerged and first place on Google.one in particular opened up in a big mall at astrategic location. Le Lys d’Or’s income figures Relevant keywords like “Conseil fleuriste”,were showing a 10 to 15% decrease over the “fleuriste creative”, Arrivages de fleurs” werelast 12 months and the flower shop was all in first page rankings. Lys d’Or was inbound to close down if nothing was done second place via affiliated page for marriagequickly. events. Lys d’Or was in first place on Google Belgium pages.The Solution: The number of marriages and funerals theyThrough a WSI Internet Business Analysis had to work on was up by 20%. The number(IBA), we uncovered all aspects of the problem of direct orders through the website wasat hand. We then discussed in detail the target reaching +/- 5 per week although the ordergroups within which to implement a form was not on secured pages. The overallpersuasion-driven solution. It was obvious for TO is probably going to reach a 20% increasebudget reasons that pay-per-click (PPC) could for the fiscal year which, if the previous trendnot to be proposed at this stage and we is taken into account, could be assumed to befocused on search engine optimisation (SEO): about 30% higher than what would occurred without WSI’s efforts.  Online: We worked on the title and description metatags, alt tags, H1 and content as well as designed a Google Maps page  Offline: We subscribed to Google Maps, worked on a strategy of carefully selected back links, always keeping in mind the importance of using key phrases in the anchor text  We also provided guidance on the newsletter and the news/promo feature in order to optimise the use of key phrases WSI Consultant: DOMINIQUE DECOSTERThe Results: Brabant Wallon, Belgium www.wsibusinessbooster.beIn a very short period of time after workingwith WSI, the flower shop could see listings forLys d’Or in top positions on Google search forlocal phrases like “Fleuriste local areas”. Page 17 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  17. 17. CRUGA LTD. Online Retail www.cruga.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 18Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  18. 18. Goals and Challenges:  Increased organic search traffic by 22%  Increased referring site traffic by 112%Cruga Ltd is a very experienced manufacturer  Increased the existing web traffic by 25%providing products to retailers throughout the  Increased Google rankings with 14 newUK. The company felt that the direct online page 1 rankings for Google.co.ukmarket could also present a good opportunity,  Email campaigns have an open rate ofbut they had no experience of e-commerce or 35%online marketing. They already launched an e-  Facebook has provided 279 new referralscommerce site with their branding company,  The average number of orders per monthbut were not getting good results and were has increased by 167%losing online buyers in the process. WSI’s  The average turnover per month has goneobjectives were to: up by 232%  Rebuild the website with well-designed architecture designed and client journey funnels  Perform market and competitor research TESTIMONIAL  Formulate an online marketing strategy “WSI has provided us with that would provide a good ROI excellent support and have really taken the time to understand ourThe Solution: business. They have turned our pessimistic view of the InternetWSI launched a new website for Cruga. A around and have made usmonth later, we launched a marketing profitable”.campaign that included: David Lowe  Targeted Google AdWords PPC campaign Financial Director  Facebook campaign Cruga Ltd.  Email marketing campaign  Searching engine optimisation (SEO) strategy  Blogging and content marketing strategy  Banner adverts on affiliates sites WSI Consultant: BRIAN AND DALE HOLROYDThe Results: Bedfordshire, UK www.wsimarketing.com/bholroydWSI has been able to exceed all expectationsset by Cruga. In 12 months (betweenDecember 2009 to November 2010), theyexperienced the following results: Page 19 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  19. 19. ABOUT WSIWSI leads the global Internet industry offering best of breed digital marketingsolutions to suit the needs of multiple industries. The company has theworld’s largest Internet Consultants’ network and a strong head office inToronto, Canada. WSI Consultants have helped thousands of businessesrealise their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internettechnologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have aWSI Digital Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate theirInternet presence and profitability to new levels. With the support andcooperation of its customers, franchise network, employees, suppliers andcharitable organizations, WSI aims to help make child poverty history throughits global outreach program (www.makechildpovertyhistory.org). For moreinformation about WSI’s offerings and business opportunities, please visit ourwebsite at www.wsidigitalmarketing.com.The information herein is the property of RAM Corporate (RAM). We are anindependently owned and operated WSI franchised business. ©2011 RAM. All rights reserved.