Internet Marketing Lifecycle


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The WSI Internet Marketing Solution Lifecycle is a proven system for SMB Internet Marketing Success. Before placing another ad anywhere for your business, consider our patent-pending approach to successful Internet marketing!

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Internet Marketing Lifecycle

  1. 1. Internet Marketing LifecycleThe WSI Internet Marketing Solution Lifecycle™ is a proven system forSMB Internet Marketing Success. Before placing another ad anywherefor your business, consider our patent-pending approach to successfulInternet marketing!We understand that as a business owner, the quest to increase yourbusiness’ profitability can sometimes leave you wondering if you’veexhausted every avenue of revenue generation. You may try different,poorly targeted advertising efforts in the local media and wonder whyyou are receiving a poor return on your investment. Does this quotesound familiar?"I know that half of my advertising is wasted; I just dont know whichhalf." - John Wannamaker, 1910Thankfully today, with Internet Marketing, we now have access to themost measurable marketing method.There is a smarter way to attract new customers and grow yourbusiness.Phase 1: Discovery – Creating Your e-ProfileThe Discovery phase is all about making sure we understand yourbusiness before putting a new campaign into motion. During this “firstlook”, your Internet Marketing Consultant uses a series of proprietarytools and processes such as our WSI WebScan™ to analyze yourbusiness and develop its distinctive e-Profile. This will uncover howyour current website is positioned (if you already have a website), how
  2. 2. to improve its performance, and how Internet marketing can be used toenhance (or replace!) your traditional advertising efforts.Phase 2: IBA – Looking at the Big PictureOnce an e-Profile for your business has been created, your InternetMarketing Consultant will have all background information needed todevelop your Internet marketing strategy outline. This includes settingobjectives and determining how best to implement the strategy withinyour budget. At this stage we also define your target market; that’swho your customers are and how to communicate to them in a waythat influences them to buy your product or service. All of these detailsare compiled into a customized report, giving you a high-level look atthe proposed marketing strategy for your business.Phase 3: Build – Putting it All TogetherThe Campaign Build phase is where we combine the technologies andtechniques needed to deliver the best results for your campaign. Yourwebsite is built according to your needs and budget; content is addedand you review the final design. During this phase we also define timing(when the campaign begins and ends) and outline all of the action stepsso you understand how everything will play out.Phase 4: Implement – The Dry RunIn the Implement phase your new Internet marketing solution isdeployed online for the first time and your campaign goes “live”. This iswhere many Internet solution companies feel their work is done, butwe know there’s more to it when it comes to delivering a real return onyour investment.Here’s something all the big advertising agencies know...One of the
  3. 3. most important steps in any marketing campaign is TESTING.Marketers who don’t test before fully deploying a campaign are takinga gamble (remember what we said about wasted advertising dollars).We don’t gamble with our clients’ budgets, which is why “Test andLearn” is an integral component of every campaign we manage. Thisallows us to see what works best and to fine tune the strategy beforerolling out your campaign in full.Phase 5: Measure – Checking Results against ObjectivesYour Internet Marketing Consultant uses the latest Web Analytics toolsto monitor your campaign and track where your best leads are comingfrom, which pages of your website are the most popular and otherimportant customer data. These reports will be shared with you so thatyou understand how your campaign is performing and what can bedone for even better results.Phase 6: Manage Results – Where the Rubber Hits the RoadAfter testing, tweaking and measuring your campaign it’s time for thefull-scale roll out. Once you understand where your best leads arecoming from and what kind of sales messages they respond to, you’llknow where to spend your advertising budget most effectively for ahealthy Return on Investment.Don’t forget: throughout every step of the Cycle, your InternetMarketing Consultant is on hand, managing your campaign andsupplying you with insightful reports. It’s corporate-level marketingintelligence made accessible to businesses of any size—like yours!Are you ready to try an approach that gets results?
  4. 4. If it’s worth spending money to promote your business then it’s worthhaving a clearly defined plan for doing so!Our Internet Marketing Lifecycle allows us to consistently develop anddeploy cost-effective marketing campaigns that really work for ourclients. It’s an approach that will work for your business too, so contactus today to have Consultant in your local area for an FREE InternetBusiness Analysis.Address: WSI Regional Office154 Services Avenue, Tubli 711,Central Governorate, Kingdom of BahrainPh No: 1-888-678-7588 - USA & Canada08-08234 6105 - United Kingdom1-905-678-7588 – International