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Project 7


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Project 7

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Project 7

  1. 1. CS-467 Image processing and Computer Vision Course Project 7 Goals: 1) to learn properties of the Fourier transform 2) to learn how to filter periodic noise Use VEGA program 1. Take the Lena_Y_Halftone.tif located in the classdataIMAGES 2. Filter this corrupted image using Fourier Spectrum Median Filter and Gaussian Median Filter in VEGA. Find the best parameters of the filter (window size and threshold), to ensure that noise is reduced or even removed completely. Evaluate the quality of filtering using PSNR/RMSE in comparison to the original Lena_Y.tif image. 3. Repeat steps 1-4 for Lena_Y_Grid.tif. 6. Prepare a brief report based on your findings and RMSE/PSNR values for the corresponding images. Put your resulting images and the report in the subfolder Project 7 (you need to create it) located in the designated folder (named by your last name) in the folder sfs01classesCS 467 001Class Data (The folder sfs01classes is mapped from all the lab computers, so you can easily find it through File Explorer (Computer) in Windows 7. A shortcut to the Classes folder is also available on the desktop of the lab computers.