Making stress related insomnia work for you


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Making stress related insomnia work for you

  1. 1. Bill Gripman
  2. 2.  The question asked was about treating stress related insomnia What if there is a better question? Treating this condition can be long difficult and very expensive Instead, how can we make it pay? How can stress related insomnia be turned from a “condition” requiring expensive and exhausting treatment into a source of income and satisfaction? ◦ That is the real question!!
  3. 3.  Stress is climbing down a ladder to a pitching boat while traveling at 5+ knots Stress is keeping the pitching boat close along side without being swamped It is stressful no matter how many times you have done it before
  4. 4.  A sailor typically spends 8 hours on watch and 8 hours working, add a couple hours for meals and washing and there is little time to sleep This sailor will finish his afternoon watch at 4:00 PM and then stand the mid-watch from midnight to 4:00 AM, then he has high tech gear in need of urgent maintenance No time for sleep!
  5. 5.  Officers earn pay generally equivalent to others their age in the commercial sector, although they have much more responsibility Enlisted earn good pay and have their housing, food, medical and clothing thrown in for free! Plus there are generous bonuses for those with technical skills
  6. 6.  Root Causes of Stress ◦ Marital difficulties  The Navy will take you away from your spouse and give you the breathing space you need ◦ Work difficulties  The Navy has the greatest job satisfaction in the world ◦ Same old rut  The Navy will take you on exciting travels and throw various challenges at you, from challenging work to emergency drills to the apparently simple act of getting into a boat
  7. 7.  Need white noise to sleep? ◦ The ventilation ducting 18 inches over your head hums all night Need a soothing pastoral scene to relax you? ◦ There is an endless ocean in varying states of calmness surrounding you at all times Want medical treatment for insomnia? ◦ In the Navy all treatment is 100% free Want career guidance to take some pressure off? ◦ The Navy offers a defined career path with mentors called Chief Petty Officers
  8. 8.  Think that a standard routine will help you de-stress? ◦ The Navy has been using the same basic daily and weekly routine for a little over 200 years Want exercise and a sauna to de-stress? ◦ Every Navy ship has workout facilities and engine, machinery or boiler rooms at or near sauna temperatures
  9. 9.  7 Sorry, could not embed the video
  10. 10.  This presentation is a little „tongue in cheek,‟ but if you look closely you will see three messages:1. What you are calling stress may be child‟s play, and putting it in perspective may be an opportunity to lighten up2. Lack of sleep actually can be an asset and made to pay, there is plenty of data to show that people who need less sleep get more done in life and work3. There are people out there who deal with these issues as a part of their calling… now you know how much of your respect and support they deserve STOP WHINING and START EARNING!!