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AtlasCamp 2012 - In product-translations in JIRA


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A new approach for making localization of Atlassian products (currently beta implementation for JIRA) much easier and available for all users.

Published in: Technology, Business
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AtlasCamp 2012 - In product-translations in JIRA

  1. 1. When you see something Translate Something In-product translations in JIRA
  2. 2. The Business Need• JIRA is present everywhere in various industries• Localized JIRA is necessary for many businesses• Companies want also their own dialects• Traditional localization process is cumbersome and expensive• TAC helps, but we want more• In-product Translations for the rescue
  3. 3. DEMO
  4. 4. Under The hood• Pluggable translation transform (available as of JIRA 5.1) <translation-transform key="com.atlassian.jira.translations.inproduct-transformation" name="InProduct translations transform" class="com.atlassian.translations.inproduct.MessageTransform"> <description>Applies non visible characters to all messages</description> </translation-transform>• Javascript on the client side pre-processing key/value pairs and preparing making the markup nice again• ActiveObjects for storage (and REST)• Some UI (under development)
  5. 5. The Future• Invisible Unicode markers• Nice Atlassian UI• More robust handling of sophisticated nested translations• Exporting translations locally to a language pack• Exporting translations to TAC
  6. 6. Try it out today!