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Professional Portfolio 2010


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Professional Portfolio 2010

  1. 1. William Schmeling
  2. 2. Introduction Professional Work is a document that exhibits a compilation of proj- ects worked on by William Schmeling while employed by both archi- tects and contractors. In the Table of Contents five projects are listed chronologically. They begin at the start of William’s architectural ca- reer and end with a project worked on for Joshua Schmeling Con- struction in the Summer of 2010. These projects occur at many differ- ent scales, the largest being producing a set of as-built drawings for a large educational facility and smallest is designing and building a small childrens playhouse. Through close investigation, actual hands on experience, and site analysis, these projects were visualized and then completed as a result of team efforts.
  3. 3. Table of Contents 5 Moraine Hall Boer Architects: Summer 2006 Project Team: William Schmeling, Robert Powers 9 MATC T-Building Boer Architects: Summer 2006 Project Team: William Schmeling, Alex Getson 13 Schmeling Residence Joshua Schmeling Construction: Fall 2008 Project Team: William Schmeling, Joshua Schmeling 17 Faulk Residence Joshua Schmeling Construction: Summer 2010 Project Team: William Schmeling, Joshua Schmeling, Jason Kuehn 21 The Green Team Facility Joshua Schmeling Construction: Summer 2010 Project Team: William Schmeling, Joshua Schmeling As-Built Drawing | Boer Architects
  4. 4. Moraine Hall Whitewater, Wisconsin Moraine Hall is located at the of all the university textbooks. reflected ceiling plans, interior el- heart of the Whitewater Campus The objective of this project was evations, exterior elevations, and and is primarily used as the Uni- to compile a set of as-built draw- building sections. versity Bookstore. In its central- ings for future renovations to the The most challenging part of this ized location it is surrounded both building including: miscellaneous project was to accurately measure new and old buildings, pedestrian remodeling of the main floor and and document the entire building. thoroughfares, and is adjacent to select basement areas, the instal- The building was very large and Starin Road. The building is a one lation of a new hydraulic elevator, complicated. Almost every other story structure that is clad with renovations to the basement toi- room contained different wall or red brick and white stucco pan- lets, and a new loading dock. floor surfaces and the open floor els. The majority of the main floor My involvement with the proj- plans on both levels were clut- consists of retail space, but also ect was to assist a team in field tered with store merchandise and contains offices and a loading measuring the entire facility and permanent shelving units for the dock at the back end of the build- compiling a set of computer aided books. The project took roughly 4 ing. The lower level of the building drawings for our office. Drawings weeks for our team to document also contains offices but is primar- included: site plan, level one and and compile a complete set of ily used as the storage and sales lower level floor plans, multiple working drawings. Moraine Hall Level One Floor Plan - As-Built South Building Elevation - As-Built 5 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 6
  5. 5. West Building Elevation - As-Built This sketch was drawn while documenting the West Exterior Building Elevation. It depicts field measurements taken and calls out any changes of exterior surface materials. Many photographs were also taken as a record and to assist our team with questionable field notes. Level One Reflected Ceiling Plan - As-Built West Building Elevation Building Section Looking North - As-Built 7 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 8
  6. 6. MATC T-Building Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Technical Building located measuring the entire first floor ing baffles located in each class- on the corner of North 6th Street of facility and compiling a set of room and office spaces. and West Highland Avenue is part computer aided drawings for our The biggest difficulty of this of Milwaukee’s downtown MATC office. Drawings included: site project was to field measure the campus. This building contains plan, level one floor plan, multiple building while school was in ses- mostly classrooms and labs for reflected ceiling plans, interior sion. Our team had to coordinate the Technical and Applied Sci- elevations, exterior elevations, with the teachers and staff and ences Division of the school. The and wall sections. As a building work efficiently around an existing objective of this project was to put of mostly classrooms and labs for class schedule. We also removed together a set of As-Built Draw- Technical and Applied Sciences, acoustic ceiling tiles to measure West Highland Avenue ings for future renovations to the our team spent a great deal of everything above them using a existing building including: abate- time locating all of the objects at- flashlight. Through accurate field ment work, window installation tached to the interior and exterior notes and the construction of a work, restoration work, new con- walls, floors, and ceilings into our detailed set of drawings, our proj- struction work, and HVAC work. field notes. We also documented ect team successfully completed My involvement with the proj- a detailed list of all the HVAC, our assigned task effectively and ect was to assist a team in field machinery, components, and ceil- in a timely and manner. North 6th Street MATC T-Building Site Plan - As-Built Level One Floor Plan - As-Built 9 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 10
  7. 7. West Elevation - As-Built East Elevation - As-Built West Building Perspective South Elevation - As-Built North Elevation - As-Built West Buidling Elevation - As-Built 11 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 Boer Architects, Inc. | Summer 2006 12
  8. 8. Schmeling Residence Sheboygan, Wisconsin The Schmeling Residence is a from inside the home, painting all The objective of this project was small cottage-like home located of the interior walls and ceilings, to accentuate the exterior of the near the shores of Lake Michigan installing ceramic tile in the front home by creating a color scheme in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is entryway, painting the exterior that would complement the sur- nestled between two other homes of the home and garage, adding rounding context and create an similar in style and set back a shutters to either side of the front attractive appearance on a mini- distance from the front sidewalk windows, replacing the front door, mal budget. To accomplish this, while the back of the home abuts replacing the light fixture next to we established a color guideline the alley. The home was bought the front door, re-roofing an archi- from a swatch of brown and tan in 2003 and was in need of many tectural shingle over the existing hues acquired from The Home updates both inside and out. shingles, building a cedar fence Depot and matched our shingles, Joshua Schmeling Construction along the north side of the home, shutters, and paint colors to it. To was responsible for updating the removing the existing antennae cut costs, we were also able to re- exterior of the home and some of from the roof, removing a copper use dogwood bushes taken from the interior renovations. pipe from the front of house, and an existing home in the neighbor- Hybrid Drawing - Field Notes and Exterior Rendering Work that was done included: planting native bushes and flow- hood and replanted them along removing all of the old carpet ers along the front of the home. the front of the home. Lake Michiga igan 2311 North 4th Street Existing Exterior Elevation 2003 13 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Fall 2008 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Fall 2008 14
  9. 9. Exterior Light Fixture Cedar Board Shutters Architectural Shingle Exterior Glass Door Dogwood Bushes In 2010 a small children’s playhouse was designed and built to replace an old play set in the yard of the Schmeling Residence. It was commissioned by the owner for her grandchildren and de- signed to resemble the architectural style the existing home. Ele- ments such as the roofing materials, color swatches, and even miniature shutters were built to match the home. The playhouse was built at a minimal cost as a result of using left over materials from previous jobsites. We were even able to salvage pieces from the old play set that was taken down. Inside, bunk beds are stacked along the back wall and face a flat screen TV is located above the front door. There are also two small chil- dren’s desks across from the beds with chairs next to them. Childrens Playhouse - Summer 2010 Proposed East Elevation 15 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Fall 2008 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Fall 2008 16
  10. 10. Faulk Residence Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin The Faulk Residence is located gable roof to be torn off and re- its warm, aesthetic appearance, in a secluded subdivision tucked placed because the old cedar Western Red Cedar has long along the North Hills Country Club shakes were heavily worn and been used for roofing and side- in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. decomposing. The roof also con- walls, because of its durability and Joshua Schmeling Construction tains 5 skylights on the either side weather-resistance, and good was responsible for tearing off a of the gable allowing an abun- thermal insulating properties. small portion of the roof and re- dant abundant amount of natural This even-grained wood ranges placing it with new cedar shake daylight into the home. The roof in color from light blond to deep shingles. Work that was done replaced is part of a larger roof chocolate brown, and weathers included: removing the existing system that was still in good con- gracefully to shades of gray. cedar shake shingles down to the dition and capable of keeping the Cedar offers a full range of prod- plywood sheathing, waterproofing water out. uct benefits. It has high insula- the roof with ice and water shield Western Red Cedar, a wood tion value, which reduces energy and tar paper, installing new vents commonly found on the North consumption throughout the year. onto the roof, and applying new American West Coast, is a popu- Many types of cedar shakes have cedar shake shingles to the roof. lar source of manufactured ce- been tested and proved to be re- This project consisted of a small dar shakes and shingles. With sistant to wind, impact and fire. Wood is biodegradable, recyclable, renew- Using skylights to provide daylight re- able, and an environmentally sound building duces energy costs, energy consumption material. Among all the building products avail- and the demand for unsustainable power able, wood is one of the few building products that is currently challenging the health of that is derived from a renewable resource. the world’s environment. 1. Cedar Shake Tear-Off 2. Cedar Shake Tear-Off N80 W13320 River Park Drive 17 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 18
  11. 11. Construction Process Construction Completion Cedar Shake Application Diagram 19 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 20
  12. 12. The Green Team Facility Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Green Team Facility is small rainwater from the roof by stra- Rain barrels help slow down rain warehouse building located at tegically adding and rerouting an runoff so it can drain naturally into the intersection of 54th and State existing downspout to a key loca- the ground. Street. They provide services of tion. By analyzing the pitch of the Our final task was to reroute an sustainable landscape manage- gutter along the East Elevation we existing downspout located near ment for properties that range in were able to determine the most the center of the building to front. size from small residential homes logical place to insert a diverter in Spanning over 40’ the newly to large commercial and munici- order to supply both downspouts pitched downspout directs water pal landscapes. The Green Team with reasonable amounts of wa- to the base of the building where is also committed to reducing its ter. The downspout added to the plastic tubing buried under the footprint by providing services southwest corner of the building driveway carries it into the newly that reduce your footprint, like was installed so it could hook built rain garden. A rain garden is installation and management of directly into a rain barrel. A rain a planted depression that allows rain barrels, compost, and native barrel collects and stores rainwa- rainwater runoff from impervious gardens. ter from your rooftop, which you urban areas like roofs, driveways, This project consisted of develop- later can use to water your lawn walkways, and parking lots the ing a strategy to collect and store or garden, or to wash your car. opportunity to be absorbed. Existing East Elevation 5402 West State Street Rain Water Collection Proposal 21 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 22
  13. 13. The average yearly rainfall in Milwaukee is 29.1 inches Water Diverter Rain Garden Collection Area Rain Barrel Collection Area Rainwater Collection Rain Garden Rainwater Collection Rain Barrel Surface Width: 45’ - 0” Surface Width: 45’ - 0” Surface Length 38’ - 0” Surface Length 20’ - 0” Rain Depth: 1” Rain Depth: 1” Estimated Water Recovery: 75% Estimated Water Recovery: 75% Total Square Feet: 1710 sq. ft. Total Square Feet: 788 sq. ft. Total Volume Gallons Potential: 1166 Total Volume Gallons Potential: 491 Total Volume Gallons Factored: 799 Gallons of Water Total Volume Gallons Factored: 368 Rain Garden Perspective 23 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 Schmeling Construction, LLC | Summer 2010 24
  14. 14. Professional Work William Schmeling