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Share Point Event Presentations


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SharePoint as Development Platform Presentations from San Diego event.

Published in: Technology
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Share Point Event Presentations

  1. 1. John Roe Toby Zapf Sr. Technical Specialist Solutions Architect speakTECH speakTECH
  2. 2. VS2005 VS2008 VS2010 F5 Deploy Debug Sequential Workflow 64 bit support Multiple Visual Designers WSP Packaging State Machine WSP View Improved Packaging and Deployment SPSolGen Workflow Separate Package Project & Item Templates WSP View Command TFS integration Command Line Build Extensible Projects & Tools VSeWSS VSeWSS 1.3 2007 2008 2009 2010
  3. 3. Business Analyst/Process Designer/IW/Power User Professional developer Designer Import WSP Package Export
  4. 4. Develop, Deploy and Debug SharePoint projects Web Part Designer Broad SharePoint Support Packaging Explorer