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Silkroad: China auto government procurement policy


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From August 2012 issue of Dragonair's in-flight magazine

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Silkroad: China auto government procurement policy

  1. 1. MOTORING 馳騁車壇 Home run 自家品牌 TEXT/撰文 MARk ANdREWS Domestic auto-makers are set to benefit from new regulations preventing foreign cars being used as government vehicles Chinese brands such as SAIC and FAW (below) aim to fill the gap in 限制選用外國車款作為公務車的新規定, the government car market 上汽集團和中國一汽(下圖)等中國 將為中國本土車廠帶來商機 汽車品牌可望填補公務車市場的空間 C hinese netizens unit in China. Previously, China Car Times 網站創辦 對 於新任法國總統奧朗 reacted with Chinese manufacturers have 德選擇以自家品牌雪 人Ash Sutcliffe 指出:「政府 surprise to new largely been limited to 鐵龍DS5 Hybrid4家庭 的支 持 會為這些品牌提 升銷 French President François smaller and cheaper cars. 車為座駕,中國網民都大表驚 售量,而他們的汽車出現在道 Hollande’s choice of official “Government support 訝。中國政府每年花費逾1,000 路上的時候多了 ,也有助吸引 car – the family-oriented will allow them to receive 億人民幣採購汽車,而官員大 顧客。 」 Citroën DS5 Hybrid4. In sales volume, and also 都選用外國品牌的豪華汽車 。 在今 年 舉 行 的北 京國際 汽 China, where government much needed on-the-road 然而,未來情況或會改變。 車 展 覽 會 中,多 個 大 型 的內 annual car procurement presence to get sales going 因為中國工業和信息化部公佈 地 汽 車品牌都傾 力展出新車 amounts to well in excess with consumers,” says Ash 的草案,規定了政府公務車的 款。由於外國車款未被列入公 of 100 billion yuan, officials Sutcliffe, founder of the 價格限制在18 萬人民幣以內, 務選用車目錄之內,國內的品 favour foreign luxury brands. China Car Times website. 引擎排氣量亦不可超過1.8 公 牌,如上汽集團的榮威 950、 But this could be about Larger domestic brands 升。公 務 選 用車目錄 羅 列 的 中國一汽 的紅 旗 H7、北 汽 集 to change. Draft proposals had a strong presence at 412 款汽車中,更沒有一款是 團以 紳寶的技術為基 礎研 發 issued by the Ministry of this year’s Beijing Auto 入口車或合資車廠的出品。 的新車,均有望能夠在這個市 Industry and Information Show. Models such as SAIC’s 曾擔 任 佳 士 拿 汽 車中國 業 場分一杯羹。Photos: SIACs Roewe factory in Shanghai: Andrew S Wong. FAWs Hongqi H7: Imaginechina Technology would limit Roewe 950, FAW’s Hongqi 務 主 管,現 任 汽 車 顧 問 公司 Ru sso 說:「中國積極發 展 government vehicles to H7 and BAIC’s Saab-based Synergistics 行政總裁、顧問 汽 車 業,但 如 果 政 府 官員 的 a purchase price of less offerings were obviously 公司 Booz & Co 高級 顧問的 座駕卻並非自家品牌,顯然是 than 180,000 yuan and a hoping to pick up sales from Bill Russo表示: 「新規定為中 極不協調的現象。 」 maximum engine size of officials forced out of their 國車廠帶來商機,有助他們打 來自政府部門的訂單雖然只 1.8 litres. No imports or executive foreign models. 進 以往由外國品牌雄 霸的 市 佔市場一個小份額,新條例仍 joint-venture manufacturers “Ultimately it is 場。 」以往,中國車廠大多只會 然 對內地 汽 車品牌提出了實 are on the approved incongruent for the 生產較小型和較平價的汽車。 質的考驗— —看看它們能否達 procurement list of 412 cars. development aspirations 到買家的期望。 “It opens an opportunity of China for its own officials for Chinese manufacturers to be driving in cars that to participate in a market are not locally branded,” segment previously says Russo. dominated by foreign However, although the companies,” says Bill Russo, government sector of the Chief Executive of auto market is small in relative consultancy Synergistics, terms, the new regulations Senior Adviser at consulting still provide a solid test firm Booz & Co and former to see just what, or if, the head of Chrysler’s business domestic brands can deliver. AUGUST 2012 silkroad 27