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Green Mobility 2011 Conference Agenda


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Green Mobility 2011 Conference Agenda

  1. 1. Thursday SEPTEMBER 22ndMorning Session 12:30 Luncheon Afternoon Session09:00 Opening Ceremony 14:00 Session 3: New Collaboration, New09:10 Session1: Policy GuidelinesA fruitful year for electric vehicles in China has just passed, Branding & a New Winning Strategywith the strong support of the Chinese government. We Green Mobility 2011 marks a new era of mobility. Issuessee 2011 as the beginning of the green mobility era. It is a affecting long-term strategy in the industry will betime when automobile manufacturers and policymakers discussed during this session:can reflect on the market and the value of their  Industry Restructuring & the Green Mobilityinvestments. In this session, we will discuss the new Revolutiondirection of policy guidelines in China and hear from  Facing Challenges from Electric Vehiclegovernment officials who will determine them. This session Newcomerswill feature key information about:  Local Brands & Sub-Brands: Positioning to Lead Incentives & Subsidies the Industry Government Grants  Commercial Roadmap of Electric Vehicles Upcoming Projects  Being Different: The Best Way to Stand Out in Electric Vehicle CompetitionZHANG Zhihong Deputy Director-general, Ministry of  Consortiums, Joint Ventures and PartnershipsScience and Technology of China between OEMs, Suppliers in China and Abroad  Panel Discussion: Global Cooperation betweenZHEN Zijian Deputy Director, National 863 Electric OEMs and SuppliersVehicle Office, MOST  Case Study: Developing an Effective Business Model10:00 Pre-arranged One-on-One BusinessMeetings and Morning Coffee Break Beiqi Foton’s New Energy Deployment ZHAO Jianlin Deputy GM, Strategy and Investment10:30 Session2: EV Market Outlook & Bank, Beiqi Foton Automotive Co. , Ltd,Forecast: Balancing Supply and Demand2010 was marked by a profound shift in the automotiveindustry. China became the world’s biggest auto Engaging the cross-disciplinary research andproducer and market, while the European and U.S industry convergence, Promoting themarkets were still recovering from the effects of the global commercialization of Electric Vehiclesrecession. Compared with last year, global competition in SUN Jiangming Deputy Director of EV R&D Center,the electric vehicles market is fiercer in 2011. Sales could Chinese Academy of Sciences, and General Manager ofhit record highs this year. This session will feature: Shanghai Zhongke Shenjiang Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. Electric Vehicles Market Outlook: Facts, Insights and Figures 15:00 Afternoon Coffee Break Balancing Supply and Demand in the China Automotive Market 15:30 Session ContinueJI Hengkuan Vice President, China High-Tech Robert DEUTSCH Director BU HEV at Continental,Industrialization Association Asia-Pacific region, Continental CorporationGUO Yan Deputy Director China AutomotiveResearch Center of Strategic Development, Tianjin How a Prenium Vehicle Manufacturer is respondingUniversity to the Global CO2 Challenge Paul BOSTOCK Technical Specialist, Hybrid StrategyGreen Car Strategy and policy of Korea and Integration, Jaguar Land RoverLEE Chunbeom Director of Diesel Hybrid R&D Center,Korea Automotive Technology Institute 16:30 Panel Discussion: Conversation between Chinese OEMs and Suppliers12:00 Project ShowcaseOur project showcase session is designed for our sponsors. 18:00 Exclusive DinnerIf your company is currently planning or undertaking an This is an invitation-only dinner exclusively for buyers andinnovation project, you are more than welcome to share sellers in the automotive industry. It is designed to allow keyyour experiences and thoughts in this session. industry players to become acquainted with each other in a comfortable atmosphere.
  2. 2. 20:00 Close of Chairman RemarkFRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23rdMorning Session Afternoon Session09:00 Session 1: Exploring the Viability of 14:00 Session 3: Technology AdvancementElectric Driving & InnovationElectric driving may be feasible for consumers in the long Technology advancements are driving improvements torun, but it is still years away from mass adoption. improve the usage of EV, HEV and PHEV. This session willNonetheless, with oil prices high there are excellent feature the following topics:opportunities to develop electric vehicles. This session will  Motor Control for Electric Vehiclesfeature:  Next Generation Electrical Powertrain Accelerated Product Development: Build  Improved Drive train Great Products, Contribute to A Better World  Controlled Combustion System Viable Solutions for Electric Vehicles from OEMs, Suppliers and Consumers’ Viewpoints Panel Discussion: How Real, How Soon and John RICHMOND Group Chief Engineer,Tata Motors What Must Happen Next in the Electric Vehicle Europe Revolution? LIAN Yubo Vice President, BYD AutomotiveAchieving cross value chain collaboration and NewBusiness Models To Achieve Broader Acceptance Of BMW Connected Drive (Telematics, DriverEVs Assistance systems, and Infotainment), EfficientBill Russo Senior Advisor with Booz & Company; the Dynamics and Electric Mobility in ChinaFounder and President of Synergistics Limited Alexis TROLIN Director Techinal Office BMW ChinaGM Path To Vehicle ElectrificationRay BIERZYNSKI Executive Director for Electrification 15:30 Afternoon Coffee BreakStrategy, General Motor 16:00 Session 4: Green Vision: The Future of9:50-10:30 Panel Discussion: Brain Storming Energy Efficiencyamong Top World OEMs The automotive industry is gradually getting greener. In particular, automakers and suppliers are keen to reduce10:00 Pre-arranged One-on-One Business carbon emissions from key components and systems inMeetings and Morning Coffee Break conventional cars and promote energy diversity in fuel. This session will feature the following topics:  Driving Green: Key Factors to Improve Fuel10:30 Session 2: Sharpening Focus on EfficiencyBattery Development  Energy Diversity: The Solution for FutureBattery development is paramount to electric vehicle Sustainabilityprogress and is a highly competitive market. In this session,  Auto Electrification: Technologies andkey players will share their initiatives and successful Approaches to Reduce Fuel Consumptionpractices to lower battery cost, and improve safety,lifecycle and energy density. Featured topics will include:  New Idea, New Color & New Smart Car Cutting-Edge Lithium Batteries Durability of Batteries John ABSMEIER, Director, Asia-Pacific Business Development, Delphi Solutions for Improving the SOC of Electric Batteries Controlling the Price of Lithium Batteries Representative from DassaultRobert LI Business Development Director/BatteryManagement NXP Semiconductors (Shanghai) 17:00 Close of Chairman RemarkQIN Xingcai General Manager, Tianjin Lishen BatteryHans Adlkofer Vice President System Group, InfineonTechnologies12:30 Luncheon