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EV Li-Ion Battery Forum Shanghai September 2 - 3, 2009. Bill Russo to chair panel session on "Marketing To End Users The Residual Value Of The Li-ion
Battery Pack To Lower The Costs Of Electric Vehicles"

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EV Li-Ion Battery Forum Shanghai

  1. 1. Next G e n e r a t i o n Battery Forum 2009 2 - 3 September Hyatt On The Bund, Shanghai Achieving Optimum Cost / Watt-Hour Performance Safety And Cycle Life Of Intelligent Packs In Electric Vehicles And Mass Transport www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com Principal Partner Speakers include Partner !"#$%"$&'"$()*#$&+,-./0".&1-2".,- booking hotline +65 6243 0050
  2. 2. Forum 2009 There are a number of ways in which optimisation of next generation Li-ion batteries for EVs could be achieved. Optimisation by trial and error during a simulation will provide a robust result; simulations are useful in understanding the problem, but tend to make ideal assumptions about the EV Li-ion battery systems. Now more than ever the need to exchange real life experience and case studies is becoming more and more important for helping you in your daily challenge. As you will see from the detailed programme in the following pages, the EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2009 will feature 25 different presentations and panels with over 30 speakers from 10 different countries addressing topics falling under the following 6 core areas: 1. EV APPLICATION RESULTS & FEEDBACK 2. IMPROVING SAFETY 3. DELIVERING END USER VALUE 4. MAXIMISING ENERGY DENSITY 5. INVESTMENT IN FUTURE Li-ion TECHNOLOGIES 6. CELL BALANCING AND MANUFACTURING But we don’t stop there... We have also included 3 different workshops designed for car manufacturers and Li-ion battery professionals who want to learn how to leverage the full potential of Electric Vehicles. By attending this interactive conference and workshops you will have the unique opportunity to combine the input from international speakers with your own experiences and find the best approach for your particular EV scenario and Li-ion battery strategy. PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE PRE CONFERENCE TWO DAY CONFERENCE POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS DAY ONE DAY TWO WORKSHOP Tuesday 1 September Wednesday 2 September Thursday 3 September Friday 4 September TALISON MINERALS REVA ELECTRIC CAR Workshop A Workshop C TIANJIN QINGYUAN ELECTROVAYA Half Day 9.00 - 12.30 Full Day 9.00 - 17.30 ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHERY Examining and NISSAN MOTOR STANFORD UNIVERSITY Designing and Introducing EV Business AMERICAN ELECTRIC CHINA INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION Manufacturing Safe Models In New Economies POWER OF POWER SOURCES Li-ion Batteries For The FROST & SULLIVAN PERODUA ALL CELL TECHNOLOGIES Electric Vehicle Industry KEMA QUALITY TIANJIN LISHEN BATTERY TOYOTA LABS NATIONAL TAIWAN EXPONENT Workshop B UNIVERSITY Half Day 14.00 - 17.30 LG CHEM CHINA ENVIRONMENT FUND TD HITECH ENERGY Electric Vehicle Essentials PRAX CAPITAL MES-DEA CEBI DFJ JOHNSON CONTROLS ZECOSCOOTERS UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION EXPONENT SPEAKERS INCLUDE Yoshio Ukyo Ali Nourai David Miller Senior Fellow, Manager, General Manager, Central R&D Lab Distributed Energy Resources Strategic Development Chetan Kumar Maini TOYOTA LABS AMERICAN TALISON MINERALS Deputy Chairman & CTO Japan ELECTRIC POWER Australia REVA ELECTRIC CAR USA India Soonho Ahn Troy A. Hayes Fang Yunzhou VP, Batteries R&D Head of Zhou Rong General Manager, China LG CHEM Central Research Institute General Engineer EXPONENT Korea CHERY TIANJIN QINGYUAN USA China ELECTRIC VEHICLE China Said Al-Hallaj Chairman & CEO Fu Zhenxing Sankar Das Gupta ALL CELL Chief Engineer, Chairman & CEO Changhua Wu TECHNOLOGIES Shanghai E-Propulsion ELECTROVAYA President USA Auto Technology Canada THE CLIMATE GROUP, SAIC MOTOR GREATER CHINA China China © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 Any questions? Call +65 6243 0050
  3. 3. Forum 2009 WORKSHOPS These three interactive hands-on workshops have been specifically designed by Policy Makers, Clean Energy Investors and Battery Design Experts to allow you to practically apply the lessons and theories learnt by your peers. Whether you are defining the best EV solution or policy strategy for your project or are planning to design and produce a new Li-ion battery, you will gain from having a more interactive opportunity to learn with and question, both the workshop leader and fellow delegates facing the same challenges as you. Pre Conference Workshop A - 1 September 8.30 to 12.30 (HALF DAY) Examining and Introducing EV Business Models In New Economies Workshop Leader and Speaker: Tristin Lin, Senior Consultant – Automotive & Transportation Practice, FROST & SULLIVAN (China) incentives to cover the running costs Guest Speakers: Martin Messer Thomsen Senior Project Manager, Ground Support - electric charging stations models and scenarios Equipment in Copenhagen, Denmark, SAS (Sweden) SESSION 3 Electric Vehicle Business Models For The Asian Markets SESSION 1 Evaluating CapEx and OpEx costs Maximising The Electric Vehicle Value Chain scenarios from different countries customers will pay only 20% or 40% of the cost of the battery pack SESSION 2 Examining Policy Scenarios For And From Asian Governments Volkswagen, Fiat, TAFE For more information, please visit: www.frost.com. Pre Conference Workshop B - 1 September 14.00 to 18.00 (HALF DAY) Electric Vehicle Essentials Workshop Chairman: SESSION 4 Fu Zhenxing, Powertrain System Department - New Energy Vehicle Division Deciding The Location Of EV Batteries And Facilitating Recharging SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION (China) Workshop Leaders and Speakers: Richard S Chung, VP, Industrial Design & Consumer Research - and the impact on current battery design Automotive Experience, JOHNSON CONTROLS - what are the challenges and what needs to be implemented in the value chain? Alfred Shi, Senior Manager - System Engineering, JOHNSON CONTROLS SESSION 1 Optimising Aerodynamics For EVs vehicle models and for what capacity? SESSION 2 SESSION 5 Identifying The Requirements For A Bespoke EV Battery System Designing EV Batteries for Manufacturability and Cost Consideration SESSION 3 Using Battery Management Systems (BMS) And Cell State Of Charge To Maximise The EV Battery Capacity About your Workshop Leader: J operational efficiency for buildings, innovative interiors for vehicles, Zhou Rong, General Engineer, TIANJIN QINGYUAN ELECTRIC VEHICLE (China) Post Conference Workshop C - 4 September 9.00 to 17.30 (FULL DAY) Designing And Manufacturing Safe Li-ion Batteries For The Electric Vehicle Industry Workshop Leader: Troy A. Hayes, General Manager, China EXPONENT (USA) Guest Speaker: William Chen, VP Engineering, Amperex Technology Limited (China) SESSION 3 Evaluating Special Technologies And Form Factors For SESSION 1 Li-ion Batteries In Electric Vehicles Examining The Key Manufacturing Practices And Techniques To Achieve High Quality Li-ion Cells critical safe requirements, long reliability extreme environment and fire batteries suitable for EV degradation, thermal runaway and product recalls - evaluating new and existing technologies that will identify non-safe products during and post production design requirements, mechanical and structural design - what are good manufacturing practices for Li-ion cells and packs? SESSION 4 - safety and reliability tests Q&A - how to maintain a consistent and effective production monitoring and control About your Workshop Leader: SESSION 2 Thermal Management Of Battery Pack For Electric Vehicles information about Exponent please visit: www.exponent.com and www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com. © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 email us at: questions@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  4. 4. DAY ONE Forum 2009 2 September 8.30 Registration & Coffee 12.50 Lunch and Exhibition Visit 9.10 Welcome Address & 10 minutes Speed Networking Session Chairman Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director, EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2009 Jiqiang Wang, Tianjin Institute of Power Sources, Senior Consultant CHINA INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION OF POWER SOURCES set a relaxed and informal atmosphere with a unique speed networking feature. IMPROVING SAFETY 9.25 Chairman Introduction Yan Jianlai, SAE-China 14.30 Testing Li-ion Battery Safety in Different Heat Conditions And Scenarios 9.40 Examining The Future Supply And Price Of Lithium To The Li-ion Battery Market ? Yoshio Ukyo, Senior Fellow, Central R&D Lab TOYOTA LABS (Japan) David Miller, General Manager, Strategic Development 15.00 Achieving A Safe EV Li-ion Battery With A Porous TALISON MINERALS (Australia) Separator Whilst Still Retaining Toughness EV APPLICATION RESULTS & FEEDBACK environment 10.10 CATARC Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Case Study: Optimising - what is the thermal stability of the layers at different temperatures? Li-ion Battery Performance And EV Technical Experience Soonho Ahn, VP, Batteries R&D LG CHEM (Korea 15.30 Predicting Heat Release To Prevent Thermal Runaway Propagation And Achieving Long Term Li-ion Battery Safety using the results to improve energy density transfer and chemical reactions EV market Zhou Rong, General Engineer TIANJIN QINGYUAN ELECTRIC VEHICLE (China) - what developments on battery safety can we expect to see in the 10.40 Refreshments And Exhibition Visit next 12 months? Said Al-Hallaj, Chairman & CEO 11.10 Evaluating The Performance And Impact Of Laminated ALL CELL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) Li-ion Battery Design On EVs 16.00 Refreshments And Exhibition Visit DELIVERING END USER VALUE battery manufacturing industry? 16.30 Rome And Lyon Case Study: Evaluating The Sodium/ Nickelchloride Battery Value For Electric Urban Bus Transport 11.40 Why and How Electric Vehicle Li-ion Batteries Are of supply with energy variations Penetrating The Utility Market for this battery design? - production cost - safety - energy density - examining alternatives to Li-ion batteries and looking beyond Fang Lei, Managing Director current chemistries MES-DEA, CEBI (China) - understanding the future requirements for Li-ion batteries within 17.00 Marketing To End Users The Residual Value Of The Li-ion Ali Nourai, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources Battery Pack To Lower The Costs Of Electric Vehicles AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER (USA) Li-ion batteries more affordable in the automotive industry? 12.10 Evaluating Consumer’s Expectations For Li-ion Vehicle Batteries In Asia And Predicting Future Battery Packs leased and then replaced on demand in the ordinary course of driving? Technical Requirements - what will be the impact of this on the battery manufacturing industry? buyers cycle cost - miles per charge expectations in Asia vs rest of the world - examining and predicting trends of consumers’ expectations and storage potential? Chetan Kumar Maini, Deputy Chairman & Chief Technical Officer REVA ELECTRIC CAR (India) Ali Nourai, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources is their feedback? AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER (USA) expected by users from a vehicle battery? Fiorentino Valerio Conte Electric Drive Technologies AIT AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Austria) Wang Ying, Senior Manager SAIC (China) Panel Moderator: Bill Russo SYNERGISTICS Sankar Das Gupta, Chairman & CEO Senior Advisor, BOOZ & COMPANY (USA) ELECTROVAYA (Canada) Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Closing Remarks from The Chair HERO ELECTRIC (India) Franklin Willemstein, Director of Business Development & Marketing Drinks Reception KEMA QUALITY (The Netherlands) of Panel Moderator: day’s topics in a more relaxed atmosphere. At this time we will also pick the John Absmeier, Manager, Asia-Pacific Start Center and Advanced Engineering DELPHI HYBRID AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE SYSTEMS © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 Register online: www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  5. 5. DAY DAY TWO Forum 2009 3 September 27 August 2009 8.30 Morning Coffee 12.45 Examining Results With Silicon Anode To Achieve High 9.10 Main Summary Points From The Previous Day Capacity With Multiple Cycles 9.25 Chairman Introduction nanowire anode Changhua Wu, President, THE CLIMATE GROUP, GREATER CHINA during charging PARTNERSHIPS - STANDARDS - R&D 9.40 Examining The Li-ion Battery Needs Of Small Size City Cars For City Mobility Yi Cui, Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering STANFORD UNIVERSITY (USA) 13.15 Lunch and Exhibition Visit achieving bespoke solutions INVESTMENT IN FUTURE Li-ion TECHNOLOGIES Chetan Kumar Maini, Deputy Chairman & Chief Technical Officer 14.30 Obtaining Funding And Launching New Battery REVA ELECTRIC CAR (India) Technology Solutions 10.00 What Are The Future Directions And Benefits For Partnering Li-ion battery research Between Vehicle Manufacturers And Battery Manufacturers? that have proven to be successful role within a car manufacturer? Patrick Tam, General Partner different vehicle models CHINA ENVIRONMENT FUND (China) Sankar Das Gupta, Chairman & CEO ELECTROVAYA (Canada) 14.50 Comparing Cathode Vs Anode Future Research Investment For Achieving Competitive Advantage And 10.25 Examining R&D Development Strategies On New Energy Lowering Costs Of Li-ion Batteries Cars In China And The Role Of Li-ion Batteries - high stability and resistance to thermal runaway inside the cell - calendar life - fast charging batteries viewed by the company nationally and internationally? in China with an optimum price point? - Anode vs Cathode scenarios Fang Yunzhou, Head of Central Research Institute CHERY (China) in the next 3 years 10.45 Refreshments And Exhibition Visit 1000 cycles with a durability of 10 years? Yoshio Ukyo, Senior Fellow, Central R&D Lab 11.15 Achieving Standards And Specifications That Will Lower TOYOTA LABS (Japan) The Cost of Li-ion Batteries Worldwide Said Al-Hallaj, Chairman & CEO ALL CELL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) Xi Yang, Associate how information can be shared DFJ (China) Samuel Li, Executive Director the Li-ion battery for Electric Vehicles CDH Fund (China) Shi Yunhai Panel Moderator: TIANJIN LISHEN BATTERY (China) Sam Smith, Managing Partner Said Al-Hallaj, Chairman & CEO EV World & Associates (USA) ALL CELL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) Soonho Ahn, VP, Batteries R&D 15.30 Refreshments And Exhibition Visit LG CHEM (Korea) CELL BALANCING AND MANUFACTURING Franklin Willemstein, Director of Business Development & Marketing KEMA QUALITY (The Netherlands) 16.00 Evaluating Cell Balancing Techniques To Achieve Uniform Panel Moderator: Heat Generation And Managing Li-ion Battery Pack Safety Jiqiang Wang, Tianjin Institute of Power Sources, Senior Consultant CHINA INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION OF POWER SOURCES (China) MAXIMISING ENERGY DENSITY and external sources New Cathode And Anode Materials battery remaining life estimate 12.00 Examining The Latest Successful Improvements To Li-ion Bor Yann Liaw, Electrochemical Power Systems Lab Battery Technology To Achieve High Energy Density And Safety HNEI, SOEST, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII (USA) cost by comparing the experience with: 16.20 Identifying A Non-Safe Li-ion Battery In The Production Cycle To Avoid Safety Recalls And Maintaining Your Brand’s Trust - Traditional Cathode With Lithium Titanate Anode during production - how reliable is this technology? - what are the costs? - Combined anode and cathode developments - putting in place a structure that deals with the recall cycle - tracking from outbreak to recall 12.25 Identifying The Key Materials For Designing Li-ion Batteries For Electric Vehicles Troy A. Hayes, General Manager, China EXPONENT (USA) 16.40 Closing Remarks from The Chair Zhang Na, Project Manager 16.50 End of EV Li-ion Battery Forum Conference TIANJIN LISHEN BATTERY (China) © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 Registration Hotline: +65 6243 0050
  6. 6. Forum 2009 SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship Opportunities at EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2009 high-quality market driven As the only conference to date to focus only on EV Li-ion batteries at every level in Asia, this event conferences and training. The is a unique opportunity to show your expertise and solutions for optimising Li-ion batteries and EVs. Demonstrate your products, answer questions, overcome objections and meet your market face to face. company focuses on Clean Tailored Packages To Suit Your Needs and Your Budget We believe in tailoring your product needs and therefore we would like to first listen to what your team of event managers, company objectives are.Typically corporations choose from: conference producers, researchers and consultants, combined experience of over 25 years. We define conference value as such: Our packages are flexible with over 30 different elements to enable you to achieve the type of practical information and exposure or message that you want to communicate within this specific event. We will ensure we networking exchange that will can offer each sponsor a different type of exposure. help the value chain and its community to create solutions. For a more detailed consultation, please contact: yvonne@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com or +65 6243 0050 THE CONFERENCE VENUE Hyatt on the Bund Bund hotel offers guests a unique experience with stylish venues for comfort, and functional meeting rooms equipped with advanced technological equipment. 10 reasonsat to join your peers What’s Different ? this conference! 1 Hear case studies from over 10 different countries all in one place. 6 Differentiate your strategy. to the EV market is turning into one of the main service differentiators that will enable battery and EV manufacturers to gain new service focus and differentiate themselves from the competitors. and management decisions that are reliable, well grounded and 2 Tailor your learning needs and design your own conference. Choose from 2 conference days and 3 different workshops. Learn commercially viable. and network in different formats. Examine your thoughts that come up during the pre-conference workshops and prepare your questions for the conference that will allow you to understand how to implement 7 Brainstorm new ideas with “Thought Share”. Our panel sessions are a unique feature to our conference and are designed to stimulate a debate as part of a structured large scale brainstorm. We your new solutions. do this with the help of laptops during the conference. Our facilitator then runs a panel discussion based on this feedback for 20-30 mins. 3 Meet the Li-ion battery and EV community under one roof. conferences covering Li-ion Batteries separately from Electric Vehicles, 8 Listen for FREE to the edited version of the speakers presentations in Audio format. listening again to the key discussions edited for you to make it more the battery as well as the Electric Vehicle industry. memorable and save you time. This will only be made available to 4 Over 25 insights from the whole EV and Li-ion battery value chain. This is the only conference in Asia available now where the topics and format has been designed and researched before 9 Receive a FREE specially researched report when you join the 2 day conference. All our conference delegatesare entitled inviting speakers. Join the experience from professionals representing to this report that covers Li-ion Battery materials, application fields, commercial applications and manufacturing, as well as academics with scale and growth of the industry, competition, Electric Vehicle the latest research findings 5 Over 5 conference hours of question time available. With 4 panel sessions and 3 different workshops, we have enhanced your question time, providing you a greater level of professional exchange 10 Relaxed discussions. Join the speakers, panelists and delegates during the networking drinks following the closing of day one and discuss the day’s event in a more relaxed manner. and the opportunity to debate all the key issues with your colleagues from across the globe. © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 Registration Hotline: +65 6243 0050
  7. 7. PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS Principal Partner China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CIAPS) chemical power sources branch, lead acid storage battery branch, lithium battery branch, dry cell branch, to cover a 30000m2 area, provides 1300 booths, and attracts more than 20000 visitors and delegates from more www.ciaps.org.cn Partner Society of Automotive Engineers China (SAE) incorporations and professionals in the fields of automotive and relative industries which focus on research, design, has become an indispensable and important force for promoting healthy and continuous development of automotive industries, different social circles, government and nationwide automotive professionals. www.sae-china.org Supporters The Taiwan Battery Association was devoted to meet the cooperation and development of Taiwan’s battery industry, to enhance the international competitiveness of the battery industry, to assist in establishing the development strategy and direction www.taiwanbattery.org.tw SIAM counterparts. www.siamindia.com Indian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (IVCA) is a member based national angel groups, corporate advisors, accountants, lawyers, government bodies, academic institutions and other service providers to the venture capital and private equity industry. www.indiavca.org RBI Futurus www.futurus.sg Web Media Supporters www.bty168.com www.chinaev.org.cn www.libattery.com.cn www.ddc.net.cn Who Will You Meet? As you can see from the programme the breath of topics and the details being covered are focusing on the key issues useful This event will attract representatives from the following industries and sectors: From Which Functions? manufacturers, battery component providers, system developers and integrators. From Which Regions? For the latest news visit: www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  8. 8. 2 - 3 September Hyatt On The Bund - Shanghai Conference 2 - 3 September 2009 Pre Conference Workshops 1 September 2009 Post Conference Workshop 4 September 2009 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER SAVE TIME, REGISTER ONLINE! www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com FAX +65 6245 7232 CALL +65 6243 0050 HOTEL INFORMATION Hyatt On The Bund www.shanghai.bund.hyatt.com TRAVEL & ACCOMODATION Booked BY Booked BY Booked BY Booked After PLEASE SELECT YOUR PACKAGE 3 July 09 SAVE 24 July 09 SAVE 14 August 09 SAVE 14 August 09 SAVE for the arrangement and 4 DAY PACKAGE payment of their own travel 2 Day Conference + All 3 Workshops US$900 US$800 US$700 US$600 and accommodation. EV Li-ion Battery Forum has arranged a 3 DAY PACKAGE special room rate at the hotel 2 Day Conference + 1 Day Workshop US$600 US$500 US$400 US$300 where the conference will take [ ] Workshop A & B room state that you are an EV 2 DAY PACKAGE US$300 US$200 US$100 Li-ion Battery Forum delegate. Conference Only FREE EV LI-ION BATTERY 2 HALF DAY WORKSHOPS Pre Conference Workshops A+B US$150 US$100 US$50 REPORT WHEN BOOKING A 2 DAY CONFERENCE 1 DAY WORKSHOP Post Conference Workshop C US$150 US$100 US$50 15% DISCOUNT for Government Representatives and Academics. (Subject to approval, identification required) US$ ASSOCIATIONS AND PARTNERS DISCOUNTS Delegate 2 Delegate 1 Delegate 2 Title Title Name Name Job Title Job Title Email Email Tel Tel Fax To assist us with future correspondence, please provide the following details: Company Contact Address 3rd Delegate Discount Contact us at +65 6243 0050 or email: yvonne@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com PAYMENT INFORMATION details you see below. Payment by telegraphic transfer in US$ must be made to: [ ] Bank Transfer Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd 65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513 Account Name: “Dufresne Private Ltd” payable in Singapore Account No: 581807948001 Card No Swift Code: OCBCSGSG delegate’s name and company name in the transmission details. Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt Card Billing Address CANCELLATION/SUBSTITUTION 2. Alternatively we can make a refund less a service charge of 10% of the fee for cancellation received in writing DATA PROTECTION IMPORTANT NOTE Occasionally your details may be obtained from, or made available to, external companies who wish to unforeseen circumstances the programme may change and the EV Li-ion Battery Forum reserves the right to cancel or alter the content and timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers for reasons beyond please email news@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com or call +65 6243 0050. Amendments can take up to 4 its control and will not be held accountable for any costs incurred by the participants. weeks so please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime. © copyright EV Li-ion Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2009 Registration Hotline: +65 6243 0050