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Advanced SEO: No More Bullshit

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Everyone wants to talk about advanced SEO as if it's a set of unique tactics. It's not. Advanced SEO is about recognizing Google's role in the search world, reducing abstraction, and making real fixes. In this presentation, Ian Lurie walks you through what "advanced" really looks like.

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Advanced SEO: No More Bullshit

  1. Advanced SEO No more bull$h1t Ian lurie @portentint
  2. This is me Ceo & founder, Portent @portentint
  3. @portentint “Interesting”
  4. @portentint I’m tired
  5. @portentint Advanced SEO is Bullshit-free
  6. @portentint Be advancedUnderstand Google’s role Understand: it is not a penalty Find a source of truth Read the fine print Reduce abstraction Find a way Look at the SERPs Get past keyword density Do the little things
  7. @portentint A story in 8 parts.
  8. @portentint The client
  9. @portentint #1 Google is not an SEO company
  10. @portentint seos Google’s concerns
  11. @portentint Google cares this much Our worries
  12. @portentint Google does not care about our rankings
  13. @portentint Google cares about their rankings
  14. Not SEO central
  15. @portentint Google does not give SEO advice
  16. @portentint #2 IT’s not a penalty
  17. @portentint Part 1: The $h1tstorm
  18. @portentint
  19. @portentint tweahemcough years ??? Audits 5 penalties
  20. @portentint Yelling penalty Is a cop-out
  21. @portentint SEO is not about penalties. It is a list of little things that are simple but not easy.
  22. @portentint Or big things, now and then
  23. @portentint Just wow
  24. @portentint Just wow
  25. @portentint huh
  26. @portentint Yeahhh…
  27. @portentint Long time coming
  28. @portentint Look for Trends Site updates Ad campaigns Content added Content removed
  29. @portentint Do not generalize
  30. “small” update
  31. @portentint You have 1,000 pages. Google’s index now shows 150,000 - SEO
  32. @portentint It. Is. Not. A. Penalty.
  33. @portentint It’s OK. Google’s not crawling those pages anymore. They said so. - Client
  34. @portentint #3 Find a source of truth
  35. Bullshit
  36. @portentint A source of truth cuts through the bullshit
  37. @portentint Log files
  38. Screaming Frog
  39. @portentint
  40. grep -h 'Googlebot*' *.log >> output.txt Nerd level 11
  41. @portentint The process:
  42. @portentint Log files provide a fast look at crawler behavior. No waiting for rankings, or search console updates.
  43. @portentint log files + crawl data
  44. Merge ‘em
  45. One big happy family
  46. @portentint Lookie thar…
  47. @portentint Lookie thar…
  48. Google crawled request forms: 95% of daily total crawl
  49. @portentint Find a source of truth. Use it.
  50. @portentint Use rel canonical. - Client
  51. @portentint #4 Before you act, read the fine print
  52. @portentint Robots.txt + noindex?
  53. No improvement
  54. @portentint URL parameters?
  55. Zip.
  56. @portentint OK, so rel=canonical, right?
  57. Nada.
  58. @portentint Well, poo
  59. @portentint Javascript rendering
  61. @portentint
  62. @portentint 2-step crawl/index
  63. @portentint
  64. @portentint The mobile “friendly” test
  65. @portentint Buh?
  66. @portentint redirects are finnneeee
  67. @portentint Redirection
  68. @portentint Read Google’s fine print
  69. @portentint OK, but still, use rel canonical. - Client
  70. @portentint #5 Always reduce abstraction (aka just fix it)
  71. @portentint Hey. You. Close your email. This one’s really important.
  72. Rel canonoical added. Nothing improved. Remember this?
  73. @portentint Rel canonical introduces abstraction
  74. @portentint rel=canonical OK, this works
  75. @portentint This does not rel=canonical
  76. @portentint What we just told google
  77. @portentint Let’s just fix it, shall we?
  78. @portentint URL Fragments
  79. @portentint URL Fragments
  80. @portentint Improvement!
  81. @portentint workarounds are bullshit. Stop it.
  82. @portentint just fix it
  83. @portentint If you deliver content using javascript, use dynamic rendering…?
  84. WTF?!!!
  85. @portentint Dynamic rendering is just for search engines. A workaround. Abstraction. Ew.
  86. Hybrid rendering is better
  87. @portentint Or, be completely insane: Use javascript when it actually enhances the user experience. And use server-side rendering.
  88. @portentint abstraction: rel canonical url exclusions rel next/prev dynamic rendering user agent detection
  89. @portentint Workarounds come and go
  90. @portentint
  91. @portentint Rel Next/Prev
  92. @portentint Reduce abstraction. Stop workarounds. Fix stuff.
  93. @portentint Back to our client…
  94. @portentint Great! What else can you do for me? - Client
  95. @portentint #6 Find a way
  96. @portentint Still not back
  97. @portentint Internal PageRank
  98. @portentint ScreamingFrog
  99. @portentint Privacy is top 3?!!!
  100. @portentint Revamp navigation to increase structural authority!
  101. @portentint Try to get my branding team to revamp our nav? rather have an iodine enema, thanks.
  102. @portentint Nobody cares
  103. @portentint Company Leadership AwardsBlah blah
  104. @portentint Fewer links/page Better PageRank flow
  105. @portentint Yaaassss...!
  106. @portentint Bonus: Use google to know your technology
  107. @portentint We can’t fix it. It’s too hard. The cart doesn’t allow it. - Dev
  108. @portentint What they really mean Flickr / Joakim Jardenberg
  109. @portentint
  110. @portentint
  111. @portentint More
  112. @portentint Voila (OK, I cheated)
  113. @portentint Find a way to fix things. Do not be a brat.
  114. @portentint Great, but I hear we can do better. - Client
  115. @portentint #7 Look at the SERPs
  116. @portentint
  117. Transactional Local transactional Informational
  118. Transactional Informational
  119. Informational Informational Transactional?
  120. Transactional? Keep scrolling
  121. Informational
  122. Transactional site. informational content. Target this.
  123. @portentint Ahem
  124. @portentint Hybrid serps? Try hybrid content.
  125. @portentint Informational Transactional Informational
  126. @portentint Watch the serps. Act accordingly.
  127. @portentint Nice, but my cousin’s son’s daughter’s dog walker’s bike mechanic’s doctor’s dentist’s fifth cousin read something about TF-IDF… - Client
  128. @portentint #8 Get past keyword density
  129. @portentint Oh, up the keyword density? I never would have thought of that.
  130. @portentint Tf-idf everything! Tf-idf! Tf-idf! Idf-tf! Tee efff ayyeee deee efff!!!!!!!
  131. Added content (seemed fine)
  132. Content removed (floggings commenced)
  133. Up = bad
  134. @portentint Start studying.
  135. Just read this 10-20 times and you’ll be all set.
  136. AJ Kohn @ajkohn
  137. @portentint Justin Briggs @briggsby
  138. @portentint De-duplication & near duplicates By @jroakes, Adapt Partners
  139. @portentint Entity Salience Showing off a little
  140. No change in keyword density.
  141. @portentint think about keyword position, structure, and meaning in context
  142. @portentint Get past keyword density
  143. @portentint Can we skip this week’s review? I have pickles in the oven. Gotta go. - Client
  144. @portentint Bonus Become an advanced consultant
  145. @portentint Bring more value & break routine
  146. @portentint The Consultant’s Rut And How To Escape It by Wil Reynolds
  147. @portentint Random check-ins
  148. @portentint Monitoring
  149. @portentint Monitoring: God-level
  150. @portentint Monitoring: God-level
  151. @portentint Monitoring: God-level
  152. @portentint Do the little things to gain momentum.
  153. @portentint Free prize! Our audit checklist: Use at your own risk we assume no responsibility for whatever hell you unleash upon your own website this is entirely your problem you assume all risks and will never ever blame us if we left out something important.
  154. @portentint OK, I’ll admit. You guys know something about the SEO. - Client
  155. @portentint Be advancedDo the little things Get past keyword density Look at the SERPs Find a way to get the outcome Reduce abstraction Read the fine print Find a source of truth Understand: it is not a penalty Understand Google’s role
  156. @portentint Practice no-bullshit SEO
  157. @portentint No cows were harmed This deck: Ian lurie @portentint
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Everyone wants to talk about advanced SEO as if it's a set of unique tactics. It's not. Advanced SEO is about recognizing Google's role in the search world, reducing abstraction, and making real fixes. In this presentation, Ian Lurie walks you through what "advanced" really looks like.


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