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20130213 Discovering the Power of a World Class Pr…

  1. 1. Erste Group Procurement (EGP)Discovering the Power of a World Class ProcurementRobert SEMETHY2013-02-13
  2. 2. History: Austria’s first savings bank: Founded in 1819 Erste Group went public in 1997 with a strategy to expand its retail New holding structure business model into CEE 2008 improving Group Governance Acquisition of more than 10 2007 banks between 1997 and 2008 2006 Erste Group now runs market leading retail banking operations 2005 in the new EU member states, which remain underpenetrated 2004 compared to their Western European markets 2003 2001 2000 Erste Group’s customer base grew from 600 000 in 1997 to 17,3 million in 2011 1997EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 2
  3. 3. Erste Group in Central and Eastern EuropeEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 3
  4. 4. Erste Group Procurement: Procurement of the Erste Group Erste Group Bank AG - Holding Board CEO CFO COO CRO Group Markets GCIB Group RetailErste Group Procurement Facts & Figures: Erste Group Procurement EGP AT Central procurement function within Erste Group (incl. Centre Functions, as Finance, (Procurement Services GmbH) HRM, Org/IT) Managed 3rd party spend more than EUR 1 billion Group Org/IT EGP RO Headcount over 165 employees in 9 countries Group Banking Operations EGP CZ Process owner for group-wide S2P process Group Services EGP SK AT: Warehouse with more than 3 000 sqm EGP HU Erste Group Procurement – (Procurement Services GmbH) EGP HR Management Board SPV DRUCK Leadership by EGP Procurement RS Functional HRM Finance Sourcing Org/IT Procurement ME Procurement UA Erste Group Procurement AT Sourcing AT EBSPK Sourcing SK Erste Group Procurement SK Established 2006 Erste Group Procurement CZ Sourcing CZ Procurement Dept. Sourcing HU Erste Group Procurement HU Ukraine Czech Rep Slovakia Erste Group Procurement HR Sourcing HR Int. & Austria ME1) Sourcing RO Erste Group Procurement RO Hungary Romania Sourcing RS Croatia RS2) Procurement Sourcing UA UA3) Dept. Serbia SPV – DRUCK Procurement Dept. Montenegro 1) Department of Erste Bank AD Podgorica - Montenegro 2) Department of Erste Bank Novi Sad Division Board Team in Matrix 3) Department of Erste Bank UkraineEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 4
  5. 5. Erste Group Procurement (EGP) Company Costs since 2008 How much do we cost? Annual Procurement company operations costs decreased for more than EUR 30 million compared to 2008 Procurement Company (EGP) cost development 2008-2012 69% cost reduction within 6 years 18% average decrease p.a. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 5
  6. 6. Erste Group Procurement (EGP) CoA since 2008 How much do we cost? Cost of Acquisition (CoA*) – KPI continously decreasing EGP Cost as a Percentage of EG Spend 2,7% 1,8% 1,48% 1,35% 2008 1,2% 2009 2010 2011 2012 *) CoA = group procurement costs (incl. VAT) vs. annual company spend Peer Group Benchmark: 0.83%, World Class Benchmark: 0.63%EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 6
  7. 7. Savings resulting from purchasing activitiesHow much do we save? EGP Cost Reduction (CR)/Cost Avoidance (CA) 2012 YTDCost Reduction / Cost Avoidance 3,86%credible, transparent and auditable hard savings achieved. → Real and permanent reduction in the unit cost of goods manufactured or services rendered without impairing their suitability for the use intended or diminution in the quality of the product. Peer Group Benchmark*: 1.80%, World Class Benchmark*: 3.00% EG managed 3rd party spend 1,26% CA 1,26% soft savings achieved. 3,86% CR → A purchasing action by means of which certain material/supplier increases are not incurred by the purchasing firm. Peer Group Benchmark*: 0.20%, World Class Benchmark*: 1.39% 3rd Party Spend CR/CA *based on Hackett Report EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013 Page 7 All rights reserved
  8. 8. Erste Group Procurement (EGP) KPIs since 2008 How satisfied is our customer? Drove continuous increase of customer satisfaction while at the same time decreasing budget and Cost of Acquisition. 98% 98% 98% 93% 87% Customer Satisfaction Cost Development 3% 2% 1,3% 1,1% 1,5% 1,2% CoA 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 8
  9. 9. How did we achieve these results? • Defined clearly formalised and structured process to avoid misunderstandings. • Defined clearly roles & responsibilities to achieve the best joint decision. • Transparent and documented process flows and results. • Increased efficiency and effectivity. • Ensured compliance to Erste Group standards. • Ensured the purchase of goods/services at the optimum possible total cost in the correct amount and the best quality.EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 9
  10. 10. Clearly defined EGP in Erste Group Aligned priniciples within Erste Group: …The central and single competence for procurement activities within Erste Group lies in Erste Group Procurement (EGP)… …EGP has to be involved in any external spend of any Erste Group majority owned entity. Any exception has to be agreed between EGP and the respective Erste Group entity… …All external spend should follow the principle of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Quality, Cost and Delivery. In balance with socio- economic, ecological and customer relationship factors the assignment of a contract has to follow the highest added value for Erste Group principle… …EGP owns, defines and aligns with the local entities the purchasing processes within Erste Group... EGP Cooperation with clients based on: Contract (SLAs) Responsibility (NDAs) Code of conduct Purchasing Policy & HandbookEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 10
  11. 11. Clearly defined EGP Services in Scope Erste Group Procurement Customised Outsourcing Business Sourcing Tactical Order Process Procurement Competence International/Local Purchasing Management Services Center Outsourcing Category Mgmt Category Mgmt Category Mgmt Vendor Mgmt Vendor Mgmt Vendor Mgmt Contract Mgmt Contract Mgmt Contract Mgmt Operations of Additional Compliance with requirements Outsourcing support Purchasing Project Purchasing Project Purchasing Project requested Policy Provision processes by customer of Outsourcing for the local and are not in Project entities, i.e. Contract Creation Contract Creation Contract Creation the scope of Documentation purchasing • Travel Depart. Requisition Requisition Requisition • Print Shop & & & • Warehouse Ordering Ordering Ordering Documentation Documentation Documentation & & & CR/CA Calculation CR/CA Calculation CR/CA Calculation Receipting Receipting Receipting Customer Compliance to Provide & & & Satisfaction regulatory cost-efficient Evaluating Evaluating Evaluating and services internal Invoice Invoice Invoice requirements Processing Processing Processing Strategic, monitored Ensure fast, easy and efficient execution On Customer’s Improved Services purchasing in a team Demand for the customer’s benefit approach By EGP By EGP or Customer Invoicing as a % of 3rd party spend Invoicing in a separate fee (SLA)EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 11
  12. 12. What is sourcing at a glance? Sourcing is the strategic process of identifying potential suppliers, conducting negotiations, and agreeing on supply contracts in order to achieve a sustainable cost reduction and meet the customer’s expectations. Demand analysis Identificaton of potential suppliers based on to conclude a GMA GMA Category Management support through Supplier Management Contract Management eAuction / RFx / negotiation Supporting tools Reporting Package Supplier / Country / eAuction, RFx (SAP FI / QLIKVIEW) Project Management tool (“CAP”) (Electool) • Analysing the spend of • Allows the linking of information • Live eAuctions entity/supplier/category to a 360°view of projects, • Collecting of informationen (RfI*) contracts, product categories • Strategic basis for the and offers (RfQ*) in a defined and suppliers. procurement project specification form • “In-house” development *RfI = Request for Information *RfQ = Request for QuotationEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 12
  13. 13. Sourcing International/LocalCategory Management/Matrixorganisation Matrixorganisation Category ClassificationSourcing Specialist, the first contact for the customer and Find opportunities, create & implement a strategy in agroupwide Category Manager and Supplier Relationship team approach with the Business Line.Manager. Category Management 145 categories divided according to local and international opportunities. Sourcing Categories FM Facility Management (FM) IT Informationstechnology (IT) S&O&M Service & Operations & Marketing (S&O&M) FM FM Maintenancerelated Services/Work IT Personal and Office Computing S&O&M Car Fleet FM FM Investmentrelated Services/Work IT Telephony and Communication S&O&M Cards FM Goods IT Networks S&O&M Consulting FM Energy IT Branch Equipment S&O&M Logistic FM Security Equipment IT Servers/Storage/Host Components S&O&M Marketing FM Property Management IT Infrastructure Software S&O&M Office Equipment & Office Operation IT Direct Application Software S&O&M Personnel Management IT IT Services S&O&M Travel IT Indirect Application Software S&O&M Security ServiceEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 13
  14. 14. Sourcing International/LocalContract Management/Spend Data Analysis/Data Reporting Budget and Category Analysis Tool Data ReportingStructure spend by suppliers, categories, countries and entities. Define Spend categories, analyse it (spend & suppliers)Real-time. Business Intelligence Tool for management In a team approach with the Business Line. Contract Management Integrate all supplier contracts in Contract management solution and establish proactive & timely contract activity plan EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013 All rights reserved Page 14
  15. 15. Sourcing International/Local Supplier Relationship Management Tools Identify and focus on key suppliers. Implement supplier relationship model in cooperation with Business Line. Supplier Supplier Business Reviews Escalation Audits Strategies• HYR/QBR • Standardised • Similar to Category • Escalation management Questionnaire for Management• Standardised • Single Point of Contact Assessment and Self presentations • Long Lists and Short and coordination of all Assessment Lists participants (Business• Participants: Business • Document Management Line, Legal, Countries, Line, Supplier and EGP System, Reminders Suppliers)• Measuring the periodically and • Identification of cooperation automatically disqualified suppliers• Search out further • Scoring through cooperation/collaboration Business Line • Risk Management • EthicsEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 15
  16. 16. Tactical Purchasing (TP) and Order Management (OM) Purchasing Project The fast, easy and efficient execution of routine administrative tasks. These are day- to-day buying activities, which are low volume with no strategic importance or based on agreements that have been set in place. Purchase requisition through GMA or catalogue(OM) Demand (online or catalogue) or Offer Agreement Tender Project (TP) Supporting tools Catalogue / OM Software eAuction SAP SRM (ITAM – Office Asset) (Electool) • In 3 countries available • Standardised articles • In all EGP countries available • Integration with MM / Accounting • Order Processing for low purchases • Efficient eAuction through webbased form • Covering about 55% of the spend • Integration in Warehouse Management System • Supplier’s self registration for saving resourcesEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 16
  17. 17. KPIs and the ReportingEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 17
  18. 18. How did we achieve these results? The Key Messages for a successful Procurement Organisation Centralised procurement in one seperate company with clear groupwide organisation structure and an agreed and approved Power of Attorney (PoA) Organisation Unique systems and tools applied in all subsidiaries in all countries & Structure Unified processes with locally optimised deployment Service Agreement structure and hierarchy applied in all countries Full costs transparency through analytic tools and reporting Transparency Quarterly Business Reviews with clients and suppliers & Communication Defined communication and escalation process By using spend analysis tool the bypassing/‘maverick spend‘ procurement activities are identified and tracked Sustainability High compliance through common cooperation with budget owners on the product groups strategies and/or supplier strategies Through active management of product groups and suppliers EGP creates a bond between suppliers and budget owners Procurement EGP is involved in the whole procurement process with clear tasks and responsibilities Process Educated procurement specialists (Sourcing Matrix) Transparency in the level of achieved goals of the cost reduction through one clear methodology and tool-based Goals measurementEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 18
  19. 19. Thank you! Erste Group Procurement Procurement Services GmbH Robert SEMETHY Managing Director Chief Procurement Officer Email: robert.semethy@erstegroup.comEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013All rights reserved Page 19
  20. 20. EGP’s development started at 2006 s Proserv renamed to 100% subsidiary in Erste Group HR. Start Procurement - The EGP = operations in a Purchasing of the World Class Procurement Procurement Erste Group. Department RS Finalisation and approval Procurement of the new s Proserv Transformation Business Strategy Start implementation of (Centralization/ Start of NGPS project Lean Enterprise Order Increase the value of a Consolidation) (New Group Procurement Management (LEO) centralised procurement Solution) company 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Service optimisationFoundation of 100% Start operations SRM Management s Proserv subsidiary in in a Procurement Category Management RO. Department New RFx tool 100% UA. • Transparency subsidiaries In the new Erste Finalisation of the new • Service Quality in Sourcing andestablished in Holding structure s s Proserv Business ProcurementAT, CZ, HU, SK Proserv reports Strategy • Cost Reduction and Cost to the CFO Avoidance (previously to the Start operations • Ethical Standards COO). in a Procurement Aligned procurement • Fraud Prevention Department principles within EG ME. (Purchasing Handbook) EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2013 All rights reserved Page 20
  21. 21. An overview of the main steps in a RFI/RFP processWhat is Request for Information (RFI) 1 What are the roles & responsibilities 2 What information is required for a 3and Request for Proposal (RFP)? in RFI/RFP processes? successful RFI/RFP process?Filtering system: 1. A joint effort of Business, Operations, 1. Introduction Organization and Procurement. 2. Background1. Initial total solution space 2. Overall project and process is managed by a 3. Subject of RFI/RFP2. Preparation marketing screening project manager nominated by Organization3. RFI - Long list of solutions (up to 15) 4. Requirements 3. The procurement relevant part is driven by a4. RFP - Short list of solutions (3-5) single point of contact nominated by EGP 5. Legal Disclaimer5. Finalist solutions (1-3) 4. Definition in a RACI matrix 5 What are the main steps in a RFI/RFP process? 4 When we are announcing the winner? 1. EGP decides on commercial 1. Preparation 2. Business decides on technical/content 2. RFI (optional) 3. Joint decision on supplier selection 3. RFP 4. POC – Proof of Concept (optional) 5. Contract NegotiationEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 21
  22. 22. What are the critical success factors? DOs • Early involvement of EGP • Fully defined scope/specification by business before commercial negotiation starts. • EGP in charge of all communication with suppliers unless otherwise agreed between EGP and business line. • Negotiation strategy and method selected by EGP. • All supplier communication through Electool (EGP’s tendering and auctioning tool). • Agreement on TCO and evaluation matrix before RFP starts. DON’Ts • EGP cannot decide on content/technical requirements. • No commercial negotiation without EGP. • Business triggers a RFx process without involving EGP.EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 22
  23. 23. RFI/RFP process for quickly focusing on feasible solutionWhat is Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)? RFI/RFP process as filtering system Explanation Initial total solution space Identify key stakeholders Solu- Solu- Solu- Solu- Understand business and business objectives, strategic framework and TOM Solu- Solu- Solu- tion Solu- tion tion tion tion tion tion Define generic solution concepts and identify potential solutions and solution providers out of Solu- tion total solution space (Long List) Preparation/Market screening Solu- tion Solu- Solu- Solu- tion Solu- tion Solu- Solu- tion Solu- Request for Information (RFI) tion Solu- tion Solu- Solu- tion E tion Solu- tion Solu- Solu- Long list tiontion Solu-Solu- tion Solu-15) tion tion of solutionsSolu- to tion tion tion (up Survey used for requesting information to tion tion − Secure basic understanding of market … Gain first information on solution providers RFI − Main characteristics: − Identify Short List of solutions (3-5) • RFI is an information only No legally binding proposal; not suitable to engage with supplier • RFI is the best to cooperate • RFI can be initiated by BL Up to 100 requirements • RFI can be part of Market Research and Little interaction with solution providers done independently by EGP Limited internal efforts; project organisation not necessarily required Solu- Solu- Mandatory alignment with Erste Group Procurement Solu- Solu- tion Short list of solutions (3-5) tion tion Solu- tion tion Request for Proposal (RFP) Formal invitation for solution providers to bid on supplying solution within specified time period RFP and process Main characteristics: RFP is always a BL request Formal proposal; mandatory task before engaging with supplier RFP will result in a purchase Legally binding for solution provider (appendix for final contract) RFP is always in cooperation Solu- More than 100 requirements tion Intense interaction with solution providers Solu- tion Requires involvement of several internal units with substantial internal efforts and a clear project organisation and structures Finalist solutions (1-3) Mandatory involvement of Erste Group Procurement A RFI process can be a joint effort OR can be done independently by EGP (as part of Market Research). A RFP process is a joint effort of Business, Operations, Organization and Procurement.EGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 23
  24. 24. General responsibilities in RFI/RFP processWhat are the roles & responsibilities in RFI/RFP processes? A solution selection project and RFI/RFP process is a joint effort of Business, Operations, Organization and Procurement. Whilst the overall project and process is managed by a project manager nominated by Organization, the procurement relevant part is driven by a single point of contact nominated by Erste Group Procurement. Project Sponsor (PS) Project Manager (PM) Erste Group Procurement (EGP) (see Erste Group Project Management Standard) (see Erste Group Project Management Standard) • Defines the goals and priorities • Planning, coordination and tracking of all project activities • Communication with external suppliers • Approves business case, project charter • Consolidating of inputs from the various streams • Consolidation of RFI/RFP documents • Ensures the funding of the project • Reporting to project sponsor and steering committee • Commercial and legal negotiations with solution providers in all phases • Provides strategic guidance and leadership to the project • Approves project deliverables • Contract management Org – Business Analyst (Org-BA) Business/ Operations Representative (Bus/Ops) IT Expert (incl. IT Solution Management, IT Operation, IT Architecture) • Defining and evaluating requirements along the six defined • Definition of requirements for business functionality • Defining and evaluating technical requirements and categories requirements for implementation and ongoing support • Evaluating of business functionally • Ensure that strategic and operational business • Providing IT expertise and input where needed requirements are considered throughout the project • Defining expected benefits business and operations • Management of testing environments • Operational support for Business/Operations Sample of a RACI Matrix for an IT Project Key Activity PS PM EGP Bus/Ops Org-BA IT IS CON LA 0.1 Understand business and IT objectives, strategic framework and TOM 0.1.1 Perform focus interviews with stakeholders A C C R C 0.1.2 Draft strategic requirements for needed solution A C C R C 0.1.3 Research external case studies with comparable business objectives I A C R C 0.1.4 Enrich understanding of challenges & framework with case study findings I A C R C 0.1.5 Outline benefits of needed solution A C C R C 0.1.6 Define strategic requirements A C C R C C RACI Matrix 0.1.7 Agree on measurable KPIs for project success A C C R C C 0.2 Market screening & “big picture” 0.2.1 Perform market research of potential solutions (internal & external) A C R C 0.2.2 Review case studies (internal & external) A C R C 0.2.3 Collate and present research findings I A C R C 0.2.4 Define generic solution concept A C C R C C 0.2.5 Consider make or buy decision A C I C R C CEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 24
  25. 25. Draft RFI/RFP according to standard contentsWhat information is required for a successful RFI/RFP process? Topic Subtopic Description Important appendices1. Introduction • Objectives of the document • Explains purpose of RFI/RFP2. Background • Entity’s Background • Description includes • Current situation − Overall strategy the RFI/RFP process supports • Objectives of RFI/RFP − Selection goals process − Affected business processes or operations − Specific capabilities that on business requires to realise improvements3. Subject of • Scope of the solution • Outlines required applications and services • Information on RFI/RFP • Planned implementation time • Explains expected time frame organization, volumes, frame (if applicable) FTE s etc. • Response documents and • Outlines required response format and content (e.g. • Roll-out roadmap deliverables solution overview, cost breakdown) • Schedule and time frame of • Outlines selection process, e.g. rules of the “game”, terms RFI/RFP process • Informs about deadlines and time table4. Requirements • Business functionality • Non-business functionality • Excel file with detailed • Technology (if applicable) • List of organized questions to confirm availability of requirements • Implementation and on going desired requirements and to measure solution provider’s • Interfaces support competencies, reliability and ability to fulfil requirements • Solution provider • Cost evaluation sheet • Cost indication/TCO5. Legal • - • Includes e.g. liability and non-disclosure agreement disclaimerEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 25
  26. 26. Overview solution selection approach in five stepsWhat are the main steps in a RFI/RFP process? Phases Contract 0 Preparation 1 RFI 2 RFP 3 POC 4 Negotiation • Understand business • Develop and issue RFP • Agree on scope, project plan, • Develop and issue RFI • Evaluate RFP responses • Define and prepare POC milestones and success objectives, strategic Activities approach criteria framework • Evaluate long list of solutions • Reference checks • Market screening • Solution provider presentation • Perform workshops, tests and • Conduct and finalize demonstrations commercial and legal contract • Plan roadmap • Design „big picture“ negotiations • Estimate costs • Evaluate POC results • Evaluate solutions • Detailed requirements • Proof of concept approach & • Finalised contractual • Joint understanding of • Requirements • Weighting and evaluation process documents and appendices approach • • Key Deliverables business challenge /strategic • RFI, NDA (Optional) Test cases and test data Handover material (if framework • RFP, NDA (mandatory) applicable) • RFI responses • RFP proposals • POC3) report • First thoughts on business, • operations and benefits • Qualitative evaluation Evaluation results • Updated evaluation • TCO4 & benefits analysis • Updated TCO4) & benefits • Strategic requirements • Feasibility cross check • Roll-out roadmap • Generic solution concept • Short list of solutions • Feasibility and • Implementation and cost/benefit check (3-5) resource plan • Long list of solutions (up to 15) • Agreed further selection • Finalist solutions (1-3) • Updated ranking of finalist process • Feasibility and solutions (1-3) • Defined selection process cost/benefit check • Agreed further selection process 1 2 3 4 5 Key decision • Long list of solutions (up to • Short list of solutions • Finalist solutions (1-3) • Updated ranking of • Contract ready for points 15) (3-5) • Go/No go decision finalist solutions (1-3) signature • Go/No go decision • Go/No go decision • TCO4 & benefits • Updated TCO4) & benefits • Defined selection process • Go/No go decision 1 RFI = request for information 2 RFP = request for proposal 3 POC = proof of concept 4 TCO = Total cost of ownershipEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 26
  27. 27. „Negotiations“ and „Winner Announcement“ When we are announcing the winner? EGP Sourcing Specialist starts a negotiation EGP Business Joint Line decision project and owns the process on Content/ Commercial supplier Technical Decision selection Decision Joint decision on Short List A negotiation … EGP ensures the right quality in the right time to the right price of goods .. process is owned by the sourcing specialist and services in the most efficient .. can be focused with one selectee way by selecting the appropriate supplier. .. lasts until the contract is signed In case no signature is reached with the first selectee a Commonly selected supplier signs negotiation ... the contract NOTE: Only after signing a …can be restarted with other selected suppliers contract a winner is to be announced! …can run parallel with multiple bidders The supplier - who signs the contract - is the ‚Winner‘ and will be The EGP Sourcing Specialist must document the announced as such. achievements and offers/wording in discussion/analysis during all negotiation stagesEGP – Member of Erste Group © 2012All rights reserved Page 27