Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest - April 2, 2014


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Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

Available as an information source for eDiscovery and information management professionals since 2010, the Top Story Digest is published weekly on the ComplexDiscovery (.com) blog.

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Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest - April 2, 2014

  1. 1. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com ComplexDiscovery | Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest April 2, 2014 Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements. An information source for eDiscovery and information management professionals since 2010, the eDiscovery Top Story Digest is published weekly on the ComplexDiscovery blog and is also available via email subscription. Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest Update eDiscovery Now for Legal Professionals Providing legal professionals with a weekly overview of the latest developments, opinions and news in the field of eDiscovery.  An International Standard On eDiscovery Is Becoming A Reality - http://bit.ly/1gFBEpH (Kelly Friedman)  Avoiding Privacy Landmines in Cross-Border eDiscovery - http://bit.ly/1my833U (Andrew Bartholomew)  Automated Review: When Is It Right and Not Right for Your Matter? http://bit.ly/1iDJI8S (Natalie Hofman, Robert Kidwell)  Court Hesitant to Impose eDiscovery Sanctions Despite Defendant’s Delay and Non- Compliance With Order – http://bit.ly/P42Ti9 (Helvidius Priscus)  Court Imposes Sanctions for Manipulation of Metadata (Texas) http://bit.ly/1my7g31 (Kroll Ontrack)  Cybersecurity Is Not Just an IT Issue; It’s an IG Issue - http://xerox.bz/1iZptTm (Sheila Mackay)  Delaware Adopts Less-Stringent Social Media Authentication Approach: Jury Ultimately Decides, Not Judge - http://bit.ly/1oqsmC4 (Christopher Viceconte)
  2. 2. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com  D.C. Judge Wants DOJ to Justify ‘Gag Orders’ on Twitter, Yahoo - http://reut.rs/1oplXqW (Alison Frankel)  Lawyers as Legal-Fortune Tellers - http://bit.ly/1iRxTMx (Ralph Losey)  Massachusetts Court Disallows Admission of Facebook Screenshot as Evidence - http://bit.ly/1i0Gfyf(John Patzakis)  NY Bar Issues Social Media Guidelines – http://bit.ly/1hZw1xW (Today’s General Counsel)  Preserving Electronically Stored Information When Employees Depart (PDF) - http://bit.ly/1ko5XiI(Anthony Diana, Kim Leffert)  Public Outpouring Spurs Total Rewrite of Proposed eDiscovery Sanctions Rule - http://bit.ly/1l8FFm1 (Robert Hilson)  Q & A with eDiscovery and Information Governance Expert Anne Kershaw - http://bit.ly/1l9NOXt (Philip Favro)  Ruling on ESI Discovery Dispute Delayed as Court Requests Specific Information – eDiscovery Case Law – http://bit.ly/1iRxk5k (Doug Austin)  Sedona Canada is Alive and Well – http://bit.ly/1knX74z (Colin Campbell, James Swanson)  Smaller Law Firms Save Big with Cloud-Based eDiscovery – eDiscovery Trends – http://bit.ly/1jU4HYO(Doug Austin)  Technology-Assisted Review And Other Discovery Initiatives At The Antitrust Division (PDF) http://1.usa.gov/1iXR7QA (Tracy Greer)  The Portfolio Management Approach to eDiscovery (Audio) http://bit.ly/1knWisK (David Kearney, John Winkler)  Top Takeaways from Sedona - eDiscovery Insight - http://bit.ly/1dH0BRf (Caitlin Murphy)  Traditional Discovery and eDiscovery: Managing Legal Documents in all their Forms - http://bit.ly/P3Z3pn (Barry Medintz)  U.S. Courts’ Evolving Approaches to Social Media eDiscovery - http://bit.ly/1lzZndf (Reema Abdelhamid, Alexander Lawrence) Actionable Intelligence for In-House Counsel Providing in-house counsel with a weekly overview of significant legal and technology- related stories centered around the corporate risk topics of compliance, information governance, privacy and security.  4 Types of Employees Who Put Your Cybersecurity At Risk - http://bit.ly/1iVjZci (Mark Hansen)  5 Steps to Take by 5/1 to Protect Your Trademarks in China - http://bit.ly/Pftg4M (Horace Lam)  10 Ways GCs Can Cut the Cost of Contract Management - http://bit.ly/1jY1Zl2 (Prashant Dubey)
  3. 3. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com  11th Circuit Adopts 7th Circuit Jurisprudence Imposing Strict TCPA Liability On Autodialed and Prerecorded Calls and Texts - http://bit.ly/1jTYKuW (Ronald London)  20 Keys to Understanding and Establishing Communications Protocols for Risk Assessments - http://bit.ly/1jTQvPB (David Katz)  A Puzzle: Enforceability of Predispute Arbitration Agreements with Respect to Dodd- Frank and SOX Whistleblower Retaliation - http://bit.ly/1my703S (John Fullerton)  Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank: The Mother of Computer-Implemented Invention Patents?http://bit.ly/1knR6ox (@LLMInc)  Best Practices for FCPA Investigation Document Holds – Part II - http://bit.ly/1jug5uj (Carlos Ayres)  Countries Around the Globe Step Up Antibribery Efforts - http://bit.ly/1hTiHvd (Rebekah Mintzer)  Differences Between Information Governance and Records Management - http://bit.ly/1g26we0(Tess Blair, Tara Lawler)  Do Attorneys Ignore The NTSB’s 45-Day Rule? http://bit.ly/1jTPBm6 (Ed Silverstein)  DOL Persuader Rule Undermines Attorney-Client Privilege, AGs Say - http://bit.ly/1gpI37s (Howard Bloom)  Don’t Get Discouraged, You Absolutely Can Grasp Information Governance - http://bit.ly/1iSPzY4(Jason Baron)  From the Inside Out: Finding the Perfect Legal Services Outsourcing Provider – http://bit.ly/1fKVz1o(Tyler Marion)  How Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Stuff (Without Actually Looking At Your Stuff) http://tcrn.ch/1iVnQpF (Greg Kumparak)  Insights From LRN’s 2013 Ethics & Compliance Leadership Survey Report - http://bit.ly/1my5uie(Michael Bramnick)  Is Cloud The New Offshore? http://bit.ly/1gd0GXq (Andrew Brabban)  Lawyers Choose their Favorites for ’60 Sites in 60 Minutes’ http://bit.ly/1iZkYZ5 (Victor Li)  Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege in Internal Investigations after Barko v. Halliburton - http://bit.ly/1fiRYHM (Husch Blackwell)  Privacy Protection for Cell Phones – No Warrantless Searches – http://bit.ly/1my7Dul (Peter Vogel)  Protecting European Data – The New Regime - http://bit.ly/P42jAV (Pulina Whitaker)  The New Phone Metadata Program - http://bit.ly/1l9VcSI (Stewart Baker)  What do the Proposed Amended FRCP Changes Mean for In-House Counsel - http://bit.ly/1pIFYEe(Cynthia Courtney, Peter Coons)  What Does Anti-Corruption Due Diligence Really Mean? http://bit.ly/P9yoHF (Kara Bombach) Vendor Clips for eDiscovery Practitioners Providing eDiscovery practitioners with a weekly overview of relevant legal technology news and announcements as shared by industry vendors and commentators.
  4. 4. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com  A Look At Information Governance Lessons from the Six Blind Men and the Elephant - http://bit.ly/PfD52J (Rich Davis)  Actiance Helps Make Social Media Accessible Anywhere, Any Time - http://on.mktw.net/1i0GGsn (@Marketwired)  Al Hobbs to Join Elijah Ltd as Vice President of Computer Forensics - http://bit.ly/Pa9E1S (PR Web)  “All Cloud, All The Time” http://bit.ly/1pJgkPA (Michael Simon)  Altep, Inc. Opens San Diego Office - http://bit.ly/1lxYsda (Press Release)  BR Denies Plans to Acquire Kofax or EMC - http://bit.ly/PdzC4A (Press Release)  Buc-ee’s Chooses Mitratech’s Lawtrac Product for Legal Matter Management and Spend Management Needs http://bit.ly/1oqB57i (Announcement)  CDS Legal - Ranked Number One in eDiscovery - http://bit.ly/1dHsl8D (PR Web)  Cicayda Enhances Forensic Data Collection Services with eCloudCollect - http://bit.ly/1fxfz7y(Press Release)  CIOs Are Moving More Organizational Information into the Cloud Even As Security Concerns Persist - http://prn.to/1jTGXUJ (PR Newswire)  Collection and Review of Social Media – FTI Technology - http://bit.ly/PfK2AK (@FTITech)  Complete Discovery Source eDiscovery Announces ISO 27001 Re-Certification - http://bit.ly/1g0yaYU (PR Web)  Concept Searching Expands Executive Sales Team - http://bit.ly/1fGIupR (PR Web)  D4 Discovery LLC Expands in 3 Cities - http://bit.ly/1fGbaPQ (Announcement)  Elijah Ltd Becomes a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner - http://bit.ly/1dHrTXV (PR Web)  Encryption Companies Rise as Anxiety Over Data Mounts - http://bit.ly/1knKPJy (@SecurityWeek)  Frost and Sullivan Study Highlights TalkTalk’s Use of Nexidia to Leverage BigData, Analytics - http://bit.ly/1kodqyn (Announcement)  GlobalRelay Named One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2013 - http://bit.ly/1pBzB5A (PR Web)  iDiscovery Solutions Adds Venio Systems Integrated eDiscovery Platform To Array of Client Services Tools – http://bit.ly/1pJhqLi (PR Web)  Integreon Expands in Manila - http://bit.ly/PdEBT1 (Announcement)  Integreon Names Wendy Kane as Account and Research Manager, Knowledge Services -http://bit.ly/1iDMJpV (PR Newswire)  kCura’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Hiring Goals – http://bit.ly/1pJiNJW (John Pletz)  KPMG Ranked Number One by National Law Journal for Forensic, Legal, and eDiscovery Services - http://bit.ly/1jUE06j (Press Release)  Kroll Ontrack Predictive Coding Technology Receives First Place Award in The 2014 Best of NLJ Survey - http://bit.ly/1hZse3V (Business Wire)  Merrill DataSite® and Axial Partner for End-to-end Transaction Support - http://bit.ly/1pLZfGD(Press Release)  New Software Solution for Managing Risks in eDiscovery and Data Retention - http://bit.ly/1pLTl8s (John Montaña)  OpenText to Box: We’re Suing You for $268 Million - http://bit.ly/PdFtHk (Joey Czikk)  RSD Information Governance Momentum Continues Into 2014 - http://bit.ly/1oiNtGA (Press Release)
  5. 5. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com  Smart Sampling with Industry Jargon - http://bit.ly/1iDG137 (Tom Turner)  Trending: Legal Technology on the Rise - http://bit.ly/1ltwaAw (Kandy Hopkins)  TrustPoint International Appoints Jennifer Peru Gary to Head White Collar Defense, Internal and Governmental Investigations Unit - http://bit.ly/1ju7fwL (Press Release)  TrustPoint International eDiscovery Authority Earns Relativity Analytics Expert Status - http://bit.ly/1ecvcB2 (PR Web)  Turning on a Dime – eDJ Group is Here to Stay - http://bit.ly/1knNras (Greg Buckles)  UBIC Inc. Board of Directors Names Paul Starrett Corporate Officer - http://yhoo.it/1ko0EzV (Press Release)  UBIC Inc. Relocates Nagoya, Japan, Branch Office to Improved Quarters (NASDAQ:UBIC) http://bit.ly/1pLYldb (Press Release)  Venio Systems for Government Sector to Debut at DGI E-Discovery, Records & Info Management Conference - http://bit.ly/1dHsdpC (PR Web)  What BeyondRecognition Brings to Document Management - http://bit.ly/1i2s8s5 (Mimi Dionne)  What Were The Most Important Product Announcements At Techshow? http://bit.ly/1iVlaZi (Victor Li) Industry Conferences, Events and Meetings Providing industry professionals a non-all inclusive listing of key industry educational conferences, events and meetings. 2014 eDiscovery Events APRIL 2nd Annual Consortium on Litigation, Information Law and E-Discovery April 20, 2014 New York, Chicago, San Jose Click here for more information. ACEDS 2014 E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition April 27-29, 2014 Hollywood, FL Click here for more information. MAY The 14th Annual Super Conference (Inside Counsel) May 12-14, 2014
  6. 6. ComplexDiscovery http://www.complexdiscovery.com Chicago, IL Click here for more information. FOSE May 13-15, 2014 Washington, DC Click here for more information. Access Data User’s Conference May 13-16, 2014 Las Vegas, NV Click here for more information. AUGUST ILTA 2014 August 25-28, 2014 Nashville, TN Click here for more information. OCTOBER Relativity Fest October 12-15, 2014 Chicago, IL Click here for more information. ACC Annual Meeting October 28-30, 2014 New Orleans, LA Click here for more information. For the latest eDiscovery news, visit ComplexDiscovery. To receive the Weekly eDiscovery News Update by email for eDiscovery news, corporate risk information and vendor clips, click here.