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Unique first date ideas


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Unique first date ideas, read to know more!

Published in: Lifestyle
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Unique first date ideas

  1. 1. Unique first date ideasGo to the BeachFrolic on the sand at a local beach. Whether you live by an ocean or a lake, take a blanketand a picnic lunch for a guaranteed fun time. Play touch football near the water, and talkabout your favorite summer vacation trips. If youre really getting along, let him reapplysunscreen to your back later in the day.Botanical GardenSmell the roses at a botanical garden. Wind your way through manicured lawns andgroves of blossoming trees, taking the time to sit near the fountains. Sip cups of tea at theoutdoor café, and enjoy the romantic scenery.
  2. 2. Beer BrewerySuggest a brewery tour and hell think youre the coolest girl in the world. Make thefactory setting more romantic by playing footsie during the introductory video andholding hands during the bottling demos. By the time youre ready to taste-test, hellalready be drunk on love.Comedy ClubLaugh together at a comedy club improv show. Be prepared to play along if the actorspull you onstage at some point in the evening. Your date will think youre easygoing andfun, and he wont be able to stop talking about the girl with the wonderful sense ofhumor.Amusement ParkSpend the day running around an amusement park. Find time to chat as you wait in linefor rides, and share a bag of cotton candy at the dolphin show. As a cheesy memento,offer to buy the photo of you both screaming as you plummet downhill on the big rollercoaster.Learn to DanceSign up for an hour of swing dancing lessons. Even if hes not light on his feet, hell enjoygrabbing your waist and twirling you around. Stay for the all-couple dance sessionafterward to get more practice — or as an excuse to keep touching each other.Check Out a Jazz ClubGroove to sensual sounds at a jazz club. Sip martinis at a table for two, and tap your toesto trumpet solos and the thumping of a stand-up bass. Youll feel sophisticated andrelaxed, and hell be mesmerized at your beauty by the glow of candlelight.Source: Real Dating, Real Fun!