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How to land a rich man


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How to land a rich man? Discover here :)

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How to land a rich man

  1. 1. How to land a rich man?
  2. 2. Well according to the Forbes article, to land a rich man you should: 1. Trade in your local coffee shop for one in a location where you’re likely to encounter rich men, like a coffee shop in the financial district (if you’re in New York). And do the same whenever you go out for lunch, dinner, to buy groceries etc. Patronize establishments in areas where the likely patrons are affluent. 2. Volunteer at charity events. You might get lucky enough to be put on the event planning committee and then you can scrutinize the guest list. Why would it be advantageous to scrutinize the guest list? Well, you can then Google the names on the list and if someone on the list has the mega millions, you can plan how you’ll find a way to get a conversation started. Of course, please target only available men. It’s just not cool to take another woman’s man just because you know you can. 3. Attend country club sporting events, like golf and tennis tournaments. You’ll have to purchase a ticket. Apparently men with money congregate on the pavilion so you’ll want your ticket to include pavilion access. This is probably going to mean spending more money. 4. Go to the right parties. Crash them if you have to. Wondering how to find parties to scratch? Forbes recommends that you “skim over the events boards at a high-end hotel”. Wondering how you’ll get in if you don’t have an invitation? Apparently showing up an hour and a half late should help facilitate you getting in without a pass. 5. Join a website that caters to rich men looking for sugar babies or any other dating site for millionaires.Source: Real Dating, Real Fun!