How to date hot men


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How to Date Hot Men? Check out & know more!

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How to date hot men

  1. 1. How to Date Hot MenOver the past year or two, I’ve been thinking a lot about how and why I pick theguys that I do. I know my current “flavor of the month” when I see it. He spends alot of time and money to make sure that he has the right hair, teeth, clothes, anda hot body to boot. Hot NYPD Guy goes to the gym every single day of his life.Le Canadien keeps a huge vat of product in his bathroom and I think he spendsupwards of $100 for a haircut; Blondie pays his colorist/stylist a fuckload ofmoney to make his blonde highlights look au natural. But, the boys are hot. I’mso predictable in the types of guys that I date that Mags often tells me, “hey I sawa Twannaboy the other day.” Even she knows my type when she sees it. So, howdo I find these guys?I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again here. Rewind. I’m dating a totalpothead from Spain. I ask him how someone from Spain knows where to finddrugs in the US. His reply? “People who want to find each other, find eachother.” Druggies find drug dealers. Wife beaters find women with low self esteem.And, people who think that beauty is what’s on the outside find other people whobelieve the same.I’ve dated hot guys because, well, I like the way they look. And, guess what theyanswer when I ask them: so, what made you approach me; what attracted you tome? (HINT: If you guessed that they say, “Because I think you’re hot”, you’re a
  2. 2. winner.) Mags once told me, “you know, with the guys that you date, I think theinitial attraction is just that you think he’s hot and he thinks you’re hot so youguys date so that you can be hot together.” But there’s a catch. Although theoutsides are beautiful, some of the insides of the guys that I’ve dated aredownright ugly. Le Canadien can be somewhat of a playboy. Blondie wouldactually scream at me when he got angry. And, when the ugly behavior behindthe cute face rears its head: I split.It’s like I’m setting myself up for failure. I date the hot guy. But, if he’s an asshole(and he usually is) I get out of the relationship because, well, it’s what’s in the*inside* that really counts. But, then I simply replace the old hot guy with a newhot one and repeat the cycle. Why? Because, *I* am just like *them*. I don’t thinkthat I’m ugly on the inside, I don’t own a huge vat of product, I don’t scream atpeople, and I don’t display freakishly asocial behavior. But I, like them, believethat beauty is on the outside.So, that’s the secret: believe it too. Go to the gym a lot and work out like hellbecause you believe that guys care more about your flat stomach and strong absthan they do about your passions and your interests. Wear cute clothes and highheels because you believe it’s THAT, not your intellect, that makes the guy walkfrom the other side of the room and come talk to you. Do all of these things tomake yourself beautiful on the outside and, trust me, you’ll find the beautiful guy.Or, more appropriately: you’ll find each other.Source: Real Dating, Real Fun!