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  2. 2. Wrocław [the meeting place] THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017
  3. 3. Wroclaw is a unique place where characters, cultures and histories of great nations have been meeting for hundreds of years. It is a place where the past mingles with dynamic economic growth and hard work with the joy of everyday life. It is an amazing combination of historic events which gave Wroclaw its shape and made a  famous historian, Norman Davies call the city a “Microcosm”. Wroclaw is located at the Oder, which is divided into dozens of arms and canals. Their shores are connected by over a hundred of bridges. We believe that every shore can be connected. This is the reason why Wroclaw is called the meeting place. Our city is located in the heart of Europe, in the south –western part of Poland. Within 350 km from Wroclaw there are 5 European capital cities. Thanks to a modern airport and developed transport infrastructure, thousands of people from all over the world meet here. We are open to all the guests, as each meeting is of new importance and value.
  4. 4. Wrocław [the world games] THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017
  5. 5. In January 2012 Wroclaw was granted the  honor to organize the 10th, anniversary edition of the World Games in 2017. We are happy that thanks to Wroclaw, the event will, after 12  years, again be organized on the old continent, as a  great sports and organization event. We are convinced that it will be unforgettable for the inhabitants of Wroclaw. Before making attempts to apply for the  host of the event, we had been wondering how to  show to the inhabitants of Wroclaw that active way of spending their leisure time is equally important as their professional development. We arrived at the point where we had to pose a  question – what will allow the city to sustain the tempo of its economic development. The answer was the organization of the World Games. It will be a continuation of a long-term strategy for development of the Wroclaw community. Apart from great events, we also organize a range of activities directly aimed at our inhabitants, which encourage active recreation. Our aim is to make the World Games combine the publicity of a great event with a  variety of  programs directed at sports fans who will gather in Wroclaw in 2017. In this way we can easily show that sport is not only a great spectacle but everyone can try to be active in  the way the best athletes in the world are.
  6. 6. Wrocław [city of sport] THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017
  7. 7. Sport is very important in the lives of   the   inhabitants of Wroclaw. It is not only because of the organization of  great sport events, but also due to special programs aimed at increasing sport activity of the inhabitants. The healthy lifestyle trend makes the  residential areas and parks fill with people who spend their leisure time actively. Owing to this fact, a lot of medalists of the Olympic Games and the World Games come from Wroclaw. All these activities receive the support of   municipal and private investment. For   the   UEFA Euro 2012TM the city has built a stadium for 43,000 people where the  new Polish Football Champion WKS Śląsk Wroclaw play their matches. Last year the multifunction Centennial Hall was renovated and for the purpose of the World Games, the  building of a new Olympic size swimming pool is being planned. In areas at the Oder there is the Olympic Stadium Complex with a stadium adapted to speedway races and facilities for beach sports. The city holds big sports event on  a  regular basis. Apart from the upcoming the UEFA Euro 2012TM , Wroclaw held, among other events: the final of the Eurobasket, the Acrobatic World Championships and  the  Great Boxing Gala with Adamek – Kliczko fight at the  Wroclaw Stadium
  8. 8. Wrocław [city of the future] THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017
  9. 9. Wroclaw, together with its whole agglomeration has over a million inhabitants with one of the lowest median age and, at the same time, with one of the highesteducationratioin Poland.Many years of investments in the  infrastructure and  in  modern technologies bring results – young specialists with their families are constantly coming to Wroclaw to find better possibilities of development. Over 140,000 students gain new skills at  Wroclaw universities every day. Thanks to a well functioning University of Technology in Wroclaw, there are a lot of specialists and   a   lot of world corporations based on  modern technologies and services, such as LG, Google, Toshiba, HP, Credit Suisse or Toyota have opened their centers here. This is because modern technologies receive the necessary support in Wroclaw and the city together with the authorities of   the region and local university centers have developed a dynamically developing Wroclaw Research Center EIT+. The inhabitants of Wroclaw can look into the future with confidence. Despite turmoil in  the global economy, the local GDP is  growing at  the level of 6.8 – 12.5% on an  annual basis. The aging of the society does not concern our city as the median age of the inhabitants is at a relatively low level, which makes investors feel safe in Wroclaw.
  10. 10. Wrocław [meeting place] THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017
  11. 11. Due to its convenient location in Europe, Wroclaw has fantastic perspectives for  development. The experience of the past, as well as its current economic possibilities make it worth spending the time in our city, it is just good to live here. In the coming years, there will be a lot of  occasions to meet in Wroclaw: • 2012 - UEFA Euro 2012 • 2014 - FIVA Volleyball World Championships • 2016 – European Capital of Culture • 2017 - The World Games Feel invited to Wroclaw already today. The guests will be able to see the ongoing preparations to the World Games 2017 and a unique atmosphere of the city. We are open to all nationalities and cultures, to modernity and tradition, which is what creates the genius loci of the meeting place. In 2017 thousands of sportspeople, VIPs, journalists and fans will come to our city. For almost two weeks Wroclaw will experience pure emotions connected to sport at its highest level. It is worth feeling them already today.
  12. 12. Municipality of Wrocław Mayor’s Office Sukiennice 9, 50-107 Wrocław tel. +48 71 777 82 80 fax. +48 71 777 77 69 e-mail: bpr@um.wroc.pl www.worldgames2017.pl Photos: G. Gołębiowski, G. Grycner, M. Kulczyński, W. Jurewicz, K. Szymoniak, T. Woźny THE WORLD GAMES WROCŁAW 2017