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Fully integrated into the NX suite, AnalyzerNX
Digital WorkSpace NX includes the Mobile Edition: reflecting the trend of taking knowledge and expertise from the field of digital marketing and ecommerce and applying
it to the mobile world.

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Mobile analytics by AT Internet

  1. 1. AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition You control your mobile strategy, let us control the analysis. Online Intelligence Solutions With the explosion of the smartphone market (handsets, applications and mobile sites) and with social networking fueling the growth of the mobile internet, marketing heads are adapting their priorities by focusing on a multichan- nel marketing strategy in which the mobile is becoming fundamental. Fully integrated into the NX suite, AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition re ects the trend of taking knowledge and expertise from the eld of digital marketing and applying it to the mobile world. Fonctionnalités clefs • Real time, minute by minute • 3 data collection methods used in the measurement of sites, applications etc. Comprehensive measurement of mobile • 200+ metrics and KPIs From WAP models to the latest 3G+ handsets, and from mobile sites to apps, our tracking • Natural and campaign tra c technology can be applied to most content types and to the majority of handsets avai- source measurement lable (irrespective of whether such equipment accepts JavaScript/cookies or not). There are three di erent data collection methods which can be used, including: remote • Geolocation information tags (hosted on our servers), server-side tags (hosted on your server) and logs. • m-Commerce with the Sales- A solution which rises to the challenge Tracker module • Seamless integration within A solution which rises to the challenge The current trend in the mobile industry is the widespread availability of mobile equipment: handsets, browsers and di erent packages the Digital WorkSpace (analysis have become increasingly accessible, and the content has become increasingly elaborate of di erent channels, reports, and tailored to mobile needs. These ingredients have been a driving force behind the rise exports, alerts, event log etc). in mobile advertising. Marketers need the reporting for mobile to be just as complete and as accurate as the reporting generated by web analytics. This is why the Digital WorkSpace has been integrated with web, mobile and social media analytics in the NX suite. Mobile analytics (in parallel with web and social media analytics) uses all of AT Internet’s know-how and experience to generate over 200 metrics or KPIs, and is continually being enhanced with reporting speci c to mobile. Complete range of metrics and KPIs • Natural and campaign tra c sources: RSS feeds, search engines, sponsored links, email marketing campaigns etc. • Usability and behaviour analyses: navigation paths, Multivariant Testing etc. • Geolocation information Mobile-oriented technical analyses Thanks to continuous monitoring, AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition generates detailed and up-to-date ma- nufacturer, model, operating system, screen resolution and operator reports. This information is bro- ken down by country. Manufacturers and models analysis
  2. 2. m-Commerce* With mobile commerce rapidly becoming a viable purchase channel for consumers, the SalesTracker module o ers a comprehensive solu- tion. The tools which are used to measure m-Commerce perform just as well as those which are used to measure e-Commerce, including: the measurements of conversions, conversion funnels and purchasing processes, campaign attribution, cart abandon, cross and up-sell, sales per category and per product etc. * Only available with the SalesTracker module Digital WorkSpaceNX AnalyzerNX is edited by AT Internet. Head o ce: 85 avenue JF Kennedy 337000 Mérignac France - RCS Bordeaux B 403 261 258 - [DE.CL.1-000000699 - v1.0 - 03/2010]. Non binding documents and informations being able to evolve without advance notice As is the case with all AT Internet solutions, AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition takes advantage of the fact that the marketing optimisation tools are pooled together; tools such as event logs, report builder and the lters which can be applied to graphs and tables, etc. SERVICES BENEFITS • Technical implementation (Tagging plan, Project Manage- • Modular o ering**: DataExplorer, SalesTracker (Ecommerce), ment pack, technical monitoring) Portal • Training and consulting • Reliability and certi cation** of measured data (OJD, KIA and • Customer Support ABCe Labels) • Support resources (manuals, helps, FAQ, support center...) • Optimal data security (dedicated technical infrastructure) • Studies and Benchmark • Open access technologies**: recovery of data history from • On Demand Integration your previous web analytics tool, implement on demand web services. * *Under conditions. AnalyzerNX comes in several editions to meet your business needs as closely as possible: AnalyzerNX Web Edition AnalyzerNX Intranet Edition websites open or closed intranets AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition AnalyzerNX Network Edition mobile sites site networks: mini-sites, blogs, etc. AT Internet - leader in Online Intelligence® systems AT Internet is a leading Independent web and mobile analytics solution provider, operating in 9 countries internationally. AT Internet prides itself on its data integrity and customer centric approach. Proud winner of the 2009 Platinum Distinction for European Seal of E-Excellence, AT Internet provides a robust and reliable best of breed SaaS analytics platform o ering a complete solution to enhance your marketing intelligence and business e ectiveness. Bordeaux (HQ) +33 (0)5 57 92 34 56 - London +44 (0)20 7681 4058 - Madrid +34 911 105 829 Montreal +1 514 928 7151 - Munich +49 (0)89/324927-0 - Paris + 33 (0)1 56 54 14 30