Social Media Presentation For Crisis Communication


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Slide deck from presentation given to Hoosier chapter of the Public Relation Society of America.

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Social Media Presentation For Crisis Communication

  1. 1. Basics of Social Media Erik Deckers
  2. 3. Los Angeles Fire Department
  3. 4. LA Fire Department TALK
  4. 6. LAFD Photos
  5. 7. Social Media for Crisis Comm.
  6. 8. But You Need to Be Quick
  7. 9. The social media landscape can be a little intimidating
  8. 10. But patterns start to emerge
  9. 11. And you can should focus on a few
  10. 13. <ul><li>Short for “web log” </li></ul><ul><li>Started out as hand-coded html </li></ul><ul><li>Short for “web log” </li></ul><ul><li>Started out as hand-coded html </li></ul>
  11. 16. Why blog?
  12. 17. To develop trust with existing clients and prospect for new business . to gather and refine my thoughts Self expression. It’s no different than scribbling on a cave wall. We’re sharing stories with the “tribe.” Build community, share ideas and best practices on personal growth/development Because I want to Get News Out About My Community peer pressure Create a knowledge base of things I encounter at work & share that knowledge w/ a community that gives me so much it gives my thoughts a place to go To write about mistakes I see our clients make. It's great &quot;venting&quot; and educating at the same time. I blog for search , to increase my audience for my business message. I write about small biz marketing, social media, lots of PR tips, biz planning, along with the occasional rambling, and samples of our work I enjoy sharing things I find with other people Blogging has made the bathroom stall bigger. Not only can we say ”For a good time, call Lori,&quot; we can now explain why .
  13. 18. Who blogs?
  14. 19. Small Business
  15. 20. Corporations
  16. 21. Newspapers
  17. 22. Citizen Journalists
  18. 23. Government
  19. 24. Personal Journal
  20. 25. Fuel a Passion
  21. 26. Share Stories
  22. 27. How Can I Promote My Blog?
  23. 30. Build Your Network
  24. 31. Find People
  25. 32. Monitor discussions
  26. 33. Create & Follow Groups
  27. 34. Follow Topics
  28. 35. Measure your Clicks
  29. 37. Create Pages For Your Organization or Topic
  30. 38. Gather Fans & Communicate
  31. 39. Just make sure you use it
  32. 40. Automate
  33. 41. But Don’t Go Nuts
  34. 42. Sometimes You Don’t Need to Do Anything
  35. 43. Thank you! Find me Any questions? Read me Tweet me [email_address] Reach me For a copy of this deck