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Personal statement sample for masters


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Personal statement for master's application, Subject: Accounting and Finance, Academic Level: Masters, Style: APA, Language: English (U.K)

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Personal statement sample for masters

  1. 1. Running head: Personal statement 1 Topic: Personal Statement Type: Memo Subject: Accounting and Finance Academic Level: Masters Style: APA Language: English (U.K) Number of pages: 2 (double-spaced, Times New Roman, Font 12) Number of sources: 0 
 This personal statement is for master application. I am currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Queen’s University Belfast in UK. I would like to pursue a Masters in Finance and Investment. I would like to apply for this chance, bearing in mind that the university entry requirement is 2:1. Provided by:
  2. 2. Personal statement of applying master 2 Personal Statement Currently, I am a student at Queen’s University Belfast, UK where I matriculated for a Bachelor of Science in Finance since September, 2012. My aim is to graduate with a Second class honours, upper division (2:1). The subjects I have covered are so fascinating and compel me to acquire extended knowledge and skills beyond my syllabus. These subjects include Investment Analysis, Corporate Finance, and Financial Econometrics. My thirst for expertise and the need to test my applied skills and fundamentals in this discipline makes me work as I continue my studies. This immensely improves my knowledge parallel to my studies as well as appreciating real life undertakings and application of theoretical course work. As from Oct, 2014 to Nov, 2014, I have been deployed at Santander bank where I am gaining valuable insight and knowledge into the world of banking. In Jul, 2014-Aug, 2014, I worked with PING’AN Bank, Shenzhen, China as an assistant to the Account Manager. From my well-developed communication skills, I managed to communicate effectively with customers on mortgage processes, services, and contract’s details. Besides my coursework related activities, I worked as a part-time staff at Tao Noodles Bar, Belfast, UK from Oct, 2012 to Jun, 2013 when I left for Zen Japanese Restaurant, Belfast, UK under the same capacity from Sep, 2013 to present. The two settings have immensely improved my communication skills, made me a team player and work under pressure. Additionally, I can deliver excellent customer services.
  3. 3. Personal statement of applying master 3 As a leader, I worked as a Liaison Department Vice-Minister in Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA), Queen’s University Belfast, UK from Oct, 2012 to Jun, 2013 where I created sponsorship plans and organized various events. In Aug, 2014 to Sep, 2014, I played the role of the students’ guide during new students’ enrollment and registration at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. I took part in the purchasing and sales activities in the 26th Universiade volunteers, Shenzhen, China in August, 2011 where I acquired knowledge of marketing strategies. My ambition to be an outstanding finance and investment expert, either as a manager or an analyst traces back from my childhood when I realized that investment revolves around timing, opportunities as well as choices. Consequently, the choices we make today greatly influence the goals we aspire to achieve. While surfing through your prestigious University’s website, I was amazed by its qualified professors as well as the rich curricula in Graduate program that will further complement my undergraduate degree in Finance. Embracing this opportunity to pursue my master degree at your University will heighten my career as a skilled finance and investment analyst and join the rapidly burgeoning community of finance and investment experts. Its location offers a serene and conducive environment and weather for learning. I believe that the course will provide me with a solid foundation in finance and investment-related theories and concepts, as well as quantitative skills to develop my individual capacity. I am, therefore, gladly applying to your university for my postgraduate degree in Finance and Investment because I feel that from its rich curricula, it has a strong international focus with
  4. 4. Personal statement of applying master 4 a developmental global perspective on business. The good reputation your institution enjoys for offering entirely relevant finance and investment degree courses, relevant to today’s business world will make future potential employers know that I possess a rigorous degree from a renowned university like yours. I am self-motivated with positive attitude and commitment, highly adaptable, active listener and a critical thinker that will make me succeed in finance and investment. I, therefore, look forward to joining your university and take opportunities it offers. Provided by: