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Essay about traveling experience to New York


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APA format essay about traveling experience to New York

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Essay about traveling experience to New York

  1. 1. RUNNING HEAD !1 Travel Experience [Author] [Institution]
  2. 2. RUNNING HEAD !2 Introduction I travelled to New York from California last year all alone to attend an event. I took a flight that was around 5-6 hours. When I left California in November, it was bright and sunny but when I landed in New York, it was cold. New York was cold, beautiful and crowded. I walked out of the airport and entered the New York City. Being from California, many things were new for me, the time zone was different, the culture, the roads, everything was very different. I was so tired by the flight that as I reached my hotel, I slept. Soon after I woke up, I decided to go out to explore the city. New York City was crowded and busy. There were people rushing to work, to colleges, and tourists looking here and there. Since I was hungry, the first thing I noticed was a road side vendor selling hot dogs. There were several vendors on every corner of the road with various different types of foods. It was a difficult choice but I chose hot dogs since they looked so fresh and tempting. I had the best hot dog ever with a taste that I can never forget. The next day I had to go for my event. I left my hotel and took a subway. The subway experience was new for me as well as sitting in the train. The people on the way were friendly and I got chatting with a woman sitting next to me. We talked about how the New York lifestyle is different than many other cities in America and also discussed politics. It was good to be talking to a New Yorker and she told me many things that would be useful for me in the next few days of my trip. I reached my event and after attending it, I decided to go to Central Park. I asked a few people and checked my map, it was walking distance. I started walking towards Central Park.
  3. 3. RUNNING HEAD !3 When I reached, it was almost time for sunset. The weather was getting chillier and windy. Central Park was beautiful. There were so many people there, children playing, kids walking, the elderly sitting reading evening papers, it was beautiful. The sceneries were pleasing to the eye. I took many photographs. Finally I returned to my hotel. The night that followed was cold and I almost felt difficult to manage. The hotel room was warm and comfortable. The next three days I went to several places, explored the tall city buildings, and talked to many people. I met my colleagues and travelled with them. It was a wonderful experience for me and one that I would never forget. It wasn’t long by the end of the three days trip that I had already adopted the accent that New Yorkers had and was almost comfortable in the cold weather. I tried many types of foods from the road side vendors that New York is famous for. I travelled back to California with many memories and a great experience.
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