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This is the powerpoint I made to advertise my story on the Voice4Society Blog. Please DO NOT use without my permission.

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  1. 1. Starting Monday, April 2nd@12 PM EST & Running for 4-6 weeks
  2. 2. A Utopia In My Heart & Voice4Society BlogSimilar in what’s essentialThey both have a common theme, which is: Believing in Yourself
  3. 3. A Utopia in My HeartAuthor: Bayley PaharikMain Character: Alicia TaylorPlot: Alicia is a thirteen-year-oldAfrican American girl growing up inNew Orleans, LA. She sees herneighborhood being torn to piecesaround her. How will she cope withthe turmoil in her community? Findout by reading sections of thisbook on the Voice4Society Blog.Main Theme: Always believe inyourself no matter what!
  4. 4. “A Utopia In My Heart”Cont.Goal: Inspire teen readers andto educate them on how horribleracism is through a powerfulstoryGenre: Historical FictionTarget Audience: Young Adult
  5. 5. Voice4SocietyMotto: “Bridging the GapBetween The Youth, TheirPassions, & Their God”Goal: To encourage youngpeople to be responsiblethrough creative projectsand positivity
  6. 6. Voice4Society Channels of CommunicationFacebook: https:/www.facebook.comVoice4SocietyBlog: http://voice4society.wordpress.comTwitter:
  7. 7. Song Played During Presentation:“What A Wonderful World” Writtenby Louis Armstrong & Sung byIsrael Kamakawio’Ole